Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bridesmaid - Chapter 1

“Another round?" Hyun Jin offers as he opened another bottle of Soju.

Yeon Seok took away his glass. "I had enough.. I have an important meeting tomorrow.." he replied. It’s not that he didn't want to spend more time with his longtime friend, but he had a responsibilities towards his company. A company that he built for 5 years now.

"You're a CEO. Why do you have to work that hard?" Hyun Jin smirked. Pouring the soju in his glass instead.

"I didn’t earn big bucks salary like you do on monthly basis Hyun Jin ah. You're simply paid millions even during your vacation season..” Yeon Seok smiled. He's not jealous. Not even whining. Everybody's future are unpredictable. That's life. 

"My young CEO.." He grabbed Yeon Seok shoulder. "You worth millions more than me.."

Yeon Seok laughed. “That are from those hundreds who are under me. Do you know the stress to make sure that they have their monthly salary?" Even he claims the title as the most promising construction company for 2014, he knows his company has a long way to go in the industry.

"You should have pursued this career instead. I know you are a better pitcher than me.." Ryun Jin pour in another glass. The soju went down his throat like a plain water but there's no hint of being drunk yet.

"Ya.. Who can defeat our pitcher monster Ryu Hyun Jin? I'm not even your level." He proud of Hyun Jin’s achievement becoming the great player with LA Dodgers. Becoming an international players at major league. Those were their dreams before. But only Hyun Jin sticks to it.

"What a bluff.." he sneered. "I would have to retire early if you're with us.."

"Eyyy.. You're exxagerating too much.." He laughed. Hyun Jin used to really hates him for quitting baseballs. Now they are open to laughed about their decisions. "Hyun Jin, mianhae. Its getting late now. I need to take a raincheck.."

"Arasso. Let me know when you are free again. You owe me another round.." Hyun Jin taps Yeon Seok's shoulder. Since college, his friend is always been hardworking even though he comes from a well off family. He just does everything well. In baseballs or even in his study.

"Dae dae.." Yeon Seok smiled as he gets up from his seat. He's wanted to visit Hyun Jin during the baseball season in LA, but his company need his attention more at the current moment.

Hyun Jin smiled looking at Audi A8 which stopped in front of them. A driver went out of the car to open the door for Yeon Seok. "At least you know how to have fun with your money.."

Yeon Seok smiled before entering the car. "I'll contact you.." 


"What are you doing?" Eu Jin looked at her roommate. Intensely browsing through the advertisement section for today’s newspaper.

"Looking for a part time job.." Sora answered as she’s biting the highlighter on her hand. Circling a few numbers for her to call tomorrow.

"You're already had one at night.. Isn’t that enough?" Eu Jin worried that Sora might overworked herself again. She frequently fainted due to fatigue. "Take care of your health Sora ya.."

"I need another one.. The final semester study fee is really expensive.." Sora sighed. Eu Jin has helped her a lot by paying the house rent on her own. She need to stand on her own for her study.

Eu Jin shakes her head. She wish she can helped her friend better, but she had her limit too. "Why don't you ask from your parents?" She asked.

"No.." she answered. Short. Sora always get annoyed when her parents got mentioned.

"Aigoo you fool!" Eu Jin hits her. Sora is hard headed. She knew it well.


Yeon Seok throws his tired body on the L-shaped sofa in the living room. Looking around his messy house. "I need to hire a domestic-helper.." he whispered to himself. Didn't have time to manage his home lately through his busy schedules.

A call made to his secretary.

"Hello?" Eu Jin, his secretary answering the call after one ring. Weird that Yeon Seok is calling her late at night.

"Did I disturb you?" Carefully he asked her.

"Anieyo.. I'm preparing the document for tomorrow's meeting. Anything sir?"

"Sorry for the late night call. Just asking in case you know any domestic-helper agency?"

"Domestic-helper agency?" She's weird. Is she now his personal assistant too?

"Yes.. I need a part time maid who can clean my house for a few hours during weekdays.." he answered. He didn't need a full time maid. That's for sure. He need his privacy after works.

"I'll look for it.." immediately she answered. “Don’t worry about it..” The only one that she thought would be suitable for the job is Sora.

"Okay.. Have a good rest then. Don't sleep too late." He said before terminating the call.

"I hope she could get it soon.." Yeon Seok smiled as he's putting his head on the sofa. Sleeping there for the night.

Eu Jin looked at her phone. "What is this? Did he like me?" Her boss never called her after working hours before. "Don't sleep too late? Did he really mean that?" She frowned.

"Wagurae? You're phone is cracking.." Sora looked Eu Jin who has been staring at her phone after the call.

"Huh?" She looked at sora still looking at the newspaper. "Yah.. I've got something good for you!" Eu Jin came nearer to her. Rubbing her shoulder with Sora.

"What is it?" She moved a little bit further. Didn't like it when Eu Jin is acting like that.

"You said you're looking for a part time job right?" Staring directly to her round eyes.

"Eo.. wagurae? You're suspicious." Taking her eyes off Eu Jin. The way she's been staring is freaking her out.

"What do you think about becoming a maid at my sajangnim’s house..?" Pulling her cute face.


"It’s just a 2-3 hours job and you'll earn big bucks. Enough to pay your fee and some other things" Eu Jin trying to convinced her. She need Sora to agree as it will help her task and Sora's financial problem at the same time.

"Are you sure it's just a 2-3 hours job?" Thinking it through.

"Eo.. Sajangnim live alone, so I don't think there's much to do in a bachelor's house. You just need to go there after your classes is done in the morning. Isn't it great?"

Sora thought about it for a while. "Let’s give it a try.." she said.

"Assa!" Eu Jin excited as she texted Yeon Seok to asked for the details of the arrangement.

"Maid.." Sora biting her nails, looking through the walls. She's really pushing her limit.

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