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Immortal - Episode 9

Sora is taking a look at her patient’s vital reading. "You're getting better now In Ha shhi. You'll be discharged by tomorrow.." she smiled. Her patient recovery after each surgery always give her happiness. Another life is spared.

"Thank you so much doctor. I can't repay you enough.." the husband of the patient is thanking her.

"You have a very good husband.." she said to her patient.

She smiled hearing to Sora's compliment.

"I can't live without her. I'd rather my life being taken instead.." tears gathers in his eyes. Still holding it up from falling down. His tears of happiness.

"Aigoo.. Why are you saying that? I'm not going anywhere yeobo. I live a long life thanks to our doctor.." she said while cupping her husband's hands.

Sora smiled looking at their lovely interaction. Slowly leaving them in the room. Their conversation makes her remember what Yeon Seok has done because of her.


"Turn me into a vampire too.. Here... bit me." Yeon Seok closed his eyes and showing his long neck. Tempting Sora.

"You're insane..." She looked away. No. She can't simply take away that man's precious life just because she can't live alone in her new world.

"Sora ya.. I've promised that I'll stay together with you whatever it takes. I can't stay with you unless I've become like you too...”

"This is not a joke Yeon Seok ah... Stop talking nonsense. Enough that I suffer alone...”

"Why don’t you understand this? I'd do anything for you. Just let me be by your side.."

"Yoo Yeon Seok stop it! Enough with this. I've decided." She said while walking away from him.

"I decide with my own life. Not you.." he said as he take a knife and cut his palm and make a cut on Sora's palm too. He grabbed her injured hands with his.

"Yoo Yeon Seok!!!" She pulled off her hands as her eyes widen looking at him.

He hold his palm in pain. The virus started to spread to his body system fast.

"Kang Sora.." his voice is getting weaker. Trying to grab something on his side to prevent him from falling.

"What are you doing??!" She take a look at his palm. His body started to produce cold sweat. The phase happened too fast just like how she was infected before. "No this can't be.." The injury in his hand slowly healed by itself. "You stupid.." Sora stumbled on the floor. No. This can't be happening.

Yeon Seok sat on the floor facing her. Gritting his teeth fighting the pain. "Sora ya.. I've promised to go through this together with you.. Promised me that you'll stay with me too.." he hugged her.

She hit his arms. "You stupid! How can you treat your life carelessly.." she cried. She just can't believe what Yeon Seok has done for her sake. She can never look at him without any guilty feeling anymore. This is all happening because of her.

"What are you doing here?" Park Hoon who just came back from seeing his patient bumped into Sora in front of their department.

"Oh?" She surprised looking at Park Hoon and then realized she's standing in front of Thoracic Department, the department where both Yeon Seok and Park Hoon is located. "Why did my leg bring me here?" She whispered.

"What is it?" Park Hoon couldn’t hear clearly what she said.

"Anieya.. I'm just passing by.." she smiled while taking a glance at Yeon Seok's room. It's empty. Perhaps he went to check for his patient too. She thought to herself.

"Want to grab a coffee? I need some break.." Asked Park Hoon. Massaging his stiff neck. Thoracic department is having heavy case this month. It’s hard for them to take even a day break.

"Sure.." Sora agreed. Following Park Hoon to the coffee house. She needs her morning break too.

"Oppa.. Stop bothering me. Just eat yours!" Jiwon is securing her meal from being stole by Yeon Seok.

"Ahh wae.. Yours is good.." he teases. "Should we swap?" He giggles.

"Andwae! Eat yours.." Jiwon pouts.

"Arasso.. I won't steal your food again.." pinching her cute cheek.

"Oh.. Yeon Seok is here too.." Park Hoon looked at the two lovely couple having some fun at the corner seat of the cafe.

She looked at them.

"Should we sit with them? Park Hoon asked. Sora is shaking her head.

"Why?" He asked.

"I.." she stopped. Feeling unbalance.

"Are you okay?" Park Hoon hold her arms.

"Let’s just seat here.." she suggested. Immediately taking a seat nearest to her. Closing her eyes for a bit.

"You doesn’t seems well..?" Park Hoon worried. He knew well about her 'sickness'. But he never sees her getting sick.

"I'm okay.. Maybe because I didn't have my breakfast yet." she plainly smiled.

After stop taking the bloodwine as Yeon Seok asked her to, she occasionally having a mild headache. Perhaps her body is trying to re-adjust with her new diet again.

"Let’s order then.." Without further due, he is looking for the waitress. "Here please.."

Yeon Seok looked at the familiar voice. He's right that it's Park Hoon. He then looked at the woman in front him. He sighed.

"Oh.. Its Kang Sora shhi.." Jiwon realized Sora’s presence in the coffee house. "Who's the handsome doctor in front of her? Is he her boyfriend?" She asked.

Yeon Seok pretending like he just saw her. "Is he?" He thought to himself. It's a question that he himself wasn't sure of the answer.

"He's so handsome. They look good together.." Jiwon taking a glance at Yeon Seok who's been ignoring her words and stuffing himself with foods again. "She's busy with her boyfriend now. No wonder she rarely join us recently.."

Yeon Seok looked at his watch. "Jiwon ah.. It’s time for me to get back to work."

"Ok oppa.. I'll go meet dad first before going home." She look for her phone. Calling her dad.

Yeon Seok looked at her as she's calling her dad - Mok Ji Hwan who is the head of orthopaedic specialist at the hospital Yeon Seok work at. Taking a glance at Sora.

"Tell me when you're not feeling well. You're pale.." Park Hoon put up his hand on Sora's forehead.

Sora is avoiding it. Not comfortable. "I'm okay.."

Park Hoon sighed. Sora is being Sora. Trying to show that she’s strong in overcoming everything.

"Kang Sora shhi.. Nice to meet you here." Jiwon approaching.

"Hi Jiwon shhi.." She looked at Yeon Seok walking slowly towards them too.

"Having a break?" Yeon Seok asked.

"Eo.." She's short.

"I asked her to accompany me since you wasn't around.." Park Hoon added. His coffee buddy seems to be busy with his girlfriend today.

"I didn't know you have such a handsome boyfriend Sora shhi.. I guess our handsome Yeon Seok oppa has a new competitor now at the hospital" She cutely patting Yeon Seok's cheek. Acting proud with her boyfriend.

"Kamsahamnida.." Park Hoon says. Smiling to the compliment.

Sora looked at Jiwon. Didn’t even bother to deny her claim. And then she’s taking a glance at Yeon Seok again. "Going back to work?" She asked.

"Yes.. I'll be going first. Enjoy the coffee both of you.." Yeon Seok replied as his hand grabbed Jiwon waist. Leading her leaving the coffee house.

Sora's eyes trailing the couple with hard sigh.

"Are you jealous?" Park Hoon asked.

"Why should I?" She sneered.

Park Hoon lifted his shoulder. "It just seems so.." he smiled while sipping his coffee.


Sora looked at a bag of blood in front of her. Trying to restrain herself. The after effect of those blood wine is taking its effect now. Yeon Seok is right. She's still addicted after all.

She dialed Yeon Seok's number but he didn’t pick up. "He must be having an operation now.." She sat in front of her desk. Looking at her blood veins turning blue. Traces of cold sweat felt on her forehead.

"Sora.." a hand reaching her shoulder.

"Park Hoon.." Her voice shivers.

Park Hoon looked a bag of blood in front of her and her pale-white skin "What happened?"

"It’s better for you not to be here.." Hiding her shivering hands. She's been noticing her symptom during the surgery that she performed earlier. Barely manage to get out of the operation room. Now, the smell of Park Hoon's fresh blood is giving her harder time.

"I'm going crazy.." She whispered while get up from her chair. Thinking of getting home.

"Sora.. You need to fight it.." Park Hoon hold her arms.

She turned to him with a fiery red eyes.. "Should I just quench my thirst with yours?" Moving her nose near his neck. Sniffing his bloodfume.

Clenching his teeth. "Do as you please.." He replied.

Sora looked at him. Smirk. "You stupid human.." She whispered. Moving her fangs near his blood veins.

"I love you Kang Sora.." Park Hoon whispered back, making her to stop. She looked at his eyes. No, he's not lying.

"I love you.. Do as you please.." Park Hoon is saying it again.

"Stop it.." Sora pushes him. "How can you love a monster.." Gripping the table side hardly. Fighting her instinct.

"Deep inside you are a human.. A lovely woman whom I fall in love with.." Park Hoon came near her.

Park Hoon looked at her. "Sora.. You are better than this.." He looked at her face is turning blue.

"Don't.." Sora grabbed his hand before stumbled on the floor.

"Sora!" Park Hoon fast in catching her ice cold body. She fainted.

"What happened?" Yeon Seok who just finish his surgery went to look for Sora after seeing her missed calls later to find Park Hoon is holding her on the floor.

"She's turning into ice" Park Hoon answered.

Yeon Seok run to Sora checking her eyes. It’s a color that he never seen before. He then looked at Park Hoon's neck. There's a scratch of fang marks on him.

"You let her bit you?" Yeon Seok asked.


"There's blood marks on your neck.." Yeon Seok look at it again. It’s definitely a fresh marks caused by a fang. "Don’t you feel any pain?" Yeon Seok asked again. He's been suspecting one thing.

Park Hoon put his hand on his neck. A trace of blood is there. But he didn't feel any pain. "No.." He answered.

Yeon Seok sighed. It means Sora is sucking back the venom before it effect Park Hoon. Explains the color of her eyes. Explained the reason why she fainted.

"I need to bring her home immediately.." Yeon Seok lift her up, heading to his Lamborghini with Park Hoon trailing him behind.

Slowly Sora is opening her eyes to see a bag of transfused blood on her one side, and Park Hoon sleeping on the other side. Watching around. Seems that she’s home.

She look for a fang mark on his neck. She almost done the worst thing to that guy. Checking his temperature and it seems normal. She sighed out of relieves.

"You woke up.." a voice heard from the door.

"Eo.." Sora looked at Yeon Seok came in to her room.

"You're fast in taking out your venom. It didn’t give him a slightest pain.." He went nearer to her and look for her eyes. "Are you feeling better now?" Checking her temperature. It’s not as cold as before.

Slowly Sora nodded. "Why is he still here?" Referring to Park Hoon.

"He wanted to wait until you wake up.." Yeon Seok taking the transfusion line off her hand vein. "What had happened?"

"I was in surgery and my body started to shivers looking at blood.." she turn to Yeon Seok with guilty look. "I guess, I am not over my addiction yet.."

"See.. I've told you before. You need to tackle it the right way if you wanted to become a 'vegetarian' like me. I knew it well." He sit on her bedside. He hates to say that he always right. But Sora can be really stubborn sometimes.

"Mianhae.. I'm taking it too lightly.." she looked at her hands. Seems like its gaining some color now after the blood transfusion. Her veins are no longer blue. "I've lost it for a while.. I almost kill him" she looked at Park Hoon who are still in a deep sleep besides her.

"It’s not easy to think straight once you've lost it.." Somehow Yeon Seok impressed with her quick action to take out the venom from Park Hoon.

"I guess my sense woke up over his senseless confession.." she smirked. Park Hoon words are stuck on her head.

"Confession?" Yeon Seok looked at her.

Sora nodded. "I never thought that I'd received such confession from a human.."

Surprised with what he just heard. "I don't think it’s a senseless confession though.." he said to her. Park Hoon has started his move.

"It’s impossible.." Sora looking at Park Hoon again. He can't be in love with a monster like her. No.. That’s totally impossible. She thought to herself.

"Why not?.. You’re falling for it too. Don't you?" Yeon Seok sneered. A complex vampire instinct won’t just stop over a senseless confession as she said. She definitely felt something else.

"No.. It’s impossible. I knew my heart well.." She bit her lips. She knows, for a decade she has been keeping her unrequited love for Yeon Seok. It won't change over one confession. She's sure with that.

Yeon Seok stares at her. "Sora ya.. The last time you decided to become a 'vegetarian', I know there are other reason behind it. Is it because of Park Hoon?" He wanted to know in detail. Somehow he feels curious about the reason behind Sora's decision. He feels curious about the level of their relationship too lately.

Sora looked at him. "This unrequited love.. Should I be open about it now?" She thought to herself.

"Hmm?" Yeon Seok is waiting for her answer.

"Anie.. It’s because of you.." Sora's trying to be honest.

"I'm not kidding now.." he frowned. Shoving the words which he think it's just a joke.

"You're dying to hear my answer right?" Sora smirked.

"Do you think I'm that desperate?" He sneered back.

"Neither am I.." She stuck her tongue out. "No.. I will never let you know my real feelings.." she thought to herself.

"Never mind.. Even though you didn't say it. I know well the reason behind your decision.." He stared at the guy besides her.

"Why bother asking then.. Are you hoping for a different answer?" She looked at him looking at Park Hoon. She knows he must misunderstand something. But she didn't want to correct all those misunderstanding. Perhaps it is better for Yeon Seok to keep thinking that way.

"Whatever.. I'm off to my room now that you're feeling better." He pissed off.

Sora looked at him walking away from her room. "Since we were mortals, until today. I've kept my unrequited love well. I know that I have a cold heart. I know I can’t keep your heart warm as what those mortals offered.." She whispered. A tears went down her eyes.

"Sora.." Park Hoon woke up by cold water which falls on his hand. Surprised seeing those tears on Sora's eyes.

Instantly Sora wipe off her tears.

"Are you sick anywhere?" He asked.

She shakes her head. "It’s just my heart.. It suffocates like hell.." She hold her chest.

"What's wrong Sora ya.." He sits on her bed and cupping her hands.

"It’s so painful to love someone who don't love you.. Isn’t it?" tears started to flow down her cheek again. "I want to die Park Hoon ah.." She look at Park Hoon. Been keeping her unrequited love for so long makes her feeling suffocated.

"I know that feeling well.." Park Hoon pulls her to his arm. He knows Sora wasn't talking about him. He can feel her heart looking at the way she's staring at Yeon Seok every time. "Don't cry.." Trying to calm her down.

Sora push off her body from Park Hoon. "Mianhae.. I guess becoming a 'vegetarian' eventually turning me to a human.." she look at Park Hoon. "It would be nice if I can turn back becoming mortals for real.."

"Syhh.. Don't say that. You're one tough vampire. Why did you talk like a fragile human now.." Caressing her cheek. He has always been admiring Sora's tough image. An image that make he falls for her. Just like how Oh Soo Hyun's image has left an impression to his heart.

"Being those fragile human are more beneficial than being an immortal like me. Human kept their feeling until they die, but for me... There seems no end to it.."

"Don't think about those ridiculous thought anymore.. I love you like this and I will continue to love you the way you are." He kissed her forehead.

"Park Hoon.." She looked at his eyes. It’s the same eyes that she saw that make her instinct stopped earlier. Those genuine eyes.


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Aishhhh...they love each other... why they cannot see long it will take they to realize it? Author nim pls don't torture our heart...hehehe

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Hehehe.. wait a lil bit more. It wont be fun if they realize it right away isnt it? Don't worry. You won't wait too long ^^