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Immortal - Episode 8

"How's your date last night?" Asked sora while sipping her blood wine for breakfast.

He's taking a glance at her. "Stop drinking that.. You need to adapt to human food too." Yeon Seok is giving her a piece of grilled red meat from his plate. "Eat normal breakfast."

Sora ignored him. She’s not into those food. She tried it, but she end up throwing it up. She reach her glass again but Yeon Seok grab it off her hand and pour the wine out in the sink.

"What are you doing? Are you insane?!" Sora pissed. Obviously Yeon Seok purposely trying to pick up a fight with her.

"You should only take this when you wanted to overcome your addiction. Not as your daily meal. If you continue like this, it’s the same as having addiction to blood.." Yeon Seok look at her. Serious. "How can I leave you alone like this?"

"So that was it?" Sora hissed over him becoming all fussy ill-behaviored this morning. Sharply glare at him. "Did Jiwon get jealous?" From their conversation last night, she can sense that something is coming.

"O.. Eo.." He can't look at Sora's eyes. Burdened. He doesn't want Sora to live somewhere else. That's for sure.

"What to do.. I don't think that I'm able to leave this house though.." Sora glanced at him. At least she won't leave until she knows in detail what Mok Jiwon is scheming.

"Ya! Its not like I agreed for you to leave this house. You’re staying here! You're staying with me. We've promised!" Yeon Seok determined. A decade of friendship won't be swayed over a year of relationship between him and his girlfriend. They've promised to standby each other through sunny or stormy days.

"Its good that you know.." Sora getting up from their dining table. Heading to her room.

He grabbed her hand.. "I'm serious about earlier.. Your diet. You need to stop drinking too much." He's worried. Even though she didn’t show any symptom of withdrawal lately but he's still worried about her.

"I'll try.." Sora short. Looking at his worried eyes. It would be wonderful if their relationship is not only about taking care of each other. She walked up the stairs to her room.

Yeon Seok looked at her. A promised that they sealed long time ago is the promised that they've been holding on all this while. It's a promised that should never be broken. Yes. He would never let her go. He thought to himself.

*** Flashback ***

"Sora ya.. you're here?" Yeon Seok entered the lab. The light was switched on as he can see from the outside. Nobody would work until this late except for Sora. The ever hardworking lady.

"Yeon Seok ah.." a weak shivering voice heard from the back room. 

Panic, he went to look for her voice and later found her on the floor. Hugging her knees. "Kang Sora! What happened to you??" He goes near to her. She seems afraid of something.

"The blood for our research... There's something odd with it.." She tried to avoid any eye contact with Yeon Seok.

"What's happening?" He's now on his knees. Facing Kang Sora and looking directly to her red retinas. "Ya! What is wrong with you?!" He turned her to face him. Surprised looking at the change in her eye color.

Sora lift up her hands and show it to him. "I carelessly injured my hand and the blood got infected into my vein."

"You're hurt?" Yeon Seok looked at her palm. There's traces of blood, but there's no injury found on it. He frowned. Trying to understand what Sora is trying to say.

"The blood is curing me.. fast enough. Without any scarce left"

"Ya! That's great! That's mean we are on the right track right?!" Yeon Seok happy. Now their path to the Nobel prize wouldn't be far away. Their research for cell regeneration is going well. That's what he thought.

He then looked at her. "Why you're not happy with this achievement?"

"This.. has turn me into something else.." she clenched her teeth.

She grabs his hand and put it on her chest. "I.. have no heartbeat.." 
Pulled his hand to her head. "My body is stone-cold.." Looked at the blood on her palm and lick it "and I crave for blood.."

"Kang Sora!" He's lost of words. Looking at her, worried. "What's happening?"

She then slowly showing her fangs. "I'm turning into a monster Yeon Seok ah. I'm not a normal human.. I'll harm everybody else surrounds me. Including you." Her tears started to flows down. She couldn't accept the situation. "Yeon Seok ah.. I'm not dying right?"

Yeon Seok didn't know how to react to the situation. He's still confused. He hugged her. "You won't harm me.. You're not dying.."

Suddenly Sora's body shivers. She hold on to his arms tightly before pushing him back. "You need to stay away from me.." The smell of Yeon Seok fresh blood is tempting her.

"No I won't.. we are in this together. We will solve it together. I will never leave you alone.. I'll stay with you forever." Yeon Seok stared deep into her eyes.

Suddenly the doorbell rang snapping him out from his thought. 

"Nugu?" Sora came out from her room looking at Yeon Seok still sitting at the dining table. She walks slowly to get the door.

Yeon Seok thinking through. Didn’t think that he has any scheduled appointment this morning. It can't be Jiwon. He thought to himself.

"Park Hoon shhi.." Sora surprised seeing her drunk colleague standing in front of their house now.

"Oh! Kang Sora shhi.. anneyong!" Park Hoon is trying hard to stand straight on his own. Losing his balance over liquor.

"Who is that?" Yeon Seok came right after.

"Park Hoon.. He’s drunk.." She reach his arms, trying to hold him from falling.

"Let’s bring him to my room" Yeon Seok is offering a hand too.

Sora nodded. Agreeing to the proposal.

"What's wrong with him?" He asked as he landed Park Hoon on his bed. 

"I'm not sure either.. I've never seen him like this.." she take a pillow and put it on Park Hoon's head. 

The half awake Park Hoon is grabbing her hands and pulled her towards him. Mumbling her names.

Surprised with it Sora immediately pulled back her hand and get up from the bed. "This person drinking behavior is weird.." She laugh awkwardly. Scratching her neck.

"I'll leave first.." Yeon Seok said. Pretending not to be bothered with it. He is taking a glance at Sora before leaving the room. Looking at her been staring deeply at Park Hoon making him feels unease. "Why is this feeling here again?" He thought to himself. Holding up his chest while walking out to the living room.

"Why suddenly you become this drunk.." Sora worried looking at Park Hoon.

"Sora ya.. Why does human have to die.." Park Hoon mumbles again in his half-awake state.

Sora looked at him. He must be having a table death last night. It is that hard for him. It is hard for any doctor. Even for her. She caresses his check. "Dying is a privilege given to a human.. How I wish I have that privilege too.." She stopped. Sighed hardly thinking of her life.

"He's sleeping?" Yeon Seok saw Sora coming out from his room. She nodded.

"What's wrong with you?" Yeon Seok asked. Her mood changes instantly.

"It’s been a while since I understand how important it is to live.."

Yeon Seok looked at her. What make she said that now.

"I understand why you always wanted to be in love with those humans. It keeps you feeling alive.. Isn’t it?" Sora looked at him. It is her fault to begin with for Yeon Seok to become like this now. 

"It keeps my heart warm.. Like we're used to be mortal once.." Yeon Seok looked at her eyes. Don't know what makes her to bring up this topic suddenly. Seems that she is in a deep thoughts again.

Sora stared at him. Feeling pain over his words. She knows she can't give him a warm heart as he needed. 

"Does anything happened?" He asked looking at her seems in dazed.

"Nothing.." She went to the kitchen and making a warm tea for Park Hoon to sober up.

Yeon Seok stares at her. Following her steps one by one. Wondering what is in her mind currently. He then looked at his bedroom door where Park Hoon is sleeping. He knows Park Hoon been keeping a feeling towards Sora all this while. He knows the reason Park Hoon been hanging out with her and keeping the secret perfectly. Its all because of his feeling towards her.

"You're boring a hole through me" Sora noticed how Yeon Seok been staring at her.

"When did i.." Yeon Seok moved his eyes to look at his watch. "I'm going for my shift soon.." It’s about time for him to get ready for work.

"I'll go once Park Hoon sober up.. You may go first.." She said while walking to Yeon Seok's room.

Yeon Seok looked at her again.. "Are you falling for him?" He whispered. Suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart thinking about it.


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