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Immortal - Episode 7

"You can't be serious right?" Sora frowned listening to what Yeon Seok just told her.

"I'm dead serious.. I know it short noticed.." He's feeling guilty.

"You've never done that before though.." she stared at him. Even from his previous relationships, Yeon Seok never brought his girlfriend home. They always respect their house as their personal space. But today, his request is a suprise to her. "Are you really serious with her?" 

"Anieya.. It’s not because of that.." trying to compose the right words. "Jiwon has been asking about it for multiple  times. I can't always say no. It would be weird if I do.."

He looked at Sora. She still seems reluctant. He knows it would be a concern to Sora. It is somehow bothering him too a little bit. But he felt cornered whenever Jiwon make those kind of request. "Furthermore, things are a bit different from before." he bit his lips. 


"Yes. Now you are a vegetarian too. Like me.. I have nothing to worry now" Sora seems to be doing fine lately without any prominent symptoms. "You've been doing well right?" He asked. After a year of trial time she should contain her addiction now.

"Hmm.. well.." she looks at Yeon Seok. Waiting for her to say yes. "It’s going to be awkward if I’m around so I'll stay out.." She’s giving it some thought. Give it a go for Yeon Seok this time around.

"Why? Just be clear that we're living together. She should understand that.." 

"Ya! Do you think its normal to live like this without a close relationship? Living together is an intimate things for human" she looked at him. Obviously Yeon Seok still didnt understand woman's jealousy.

"Well..." He scrathed his head. Somehow they do have a close relationship. But Sora is also right.. It is not something that normal people would understand.

"Furthermore I always felt like a third wheel whenever I followed you out dating those womans." She sighed. Honest with what she felt. "I think I need to excuse myself this time around.."

"Hmm.. Where are you going then?" Still couldn't let her go on her own. He is obliged to take care of her.

"I have no plan yet.. but perhaps asking Park Hoon out for a dinner?" Sora lied. She knows Park Hoon is having a surgery tonight. She can't be disturbing him.

Yeon Seok stared at her. Seeing how close Sora is with Park Hoon after Park Hoon had learnt about their secret makes him think that they're progressing into something. As much as he was supposed to be relieved knowing that there is somebody else who can look after Sora.. But he's not.

"Why?" Sora asked looking at Yeon Seok spacing out.

"You're going for a date with him?"

"What date? Its just a normal dinner. Like me and you" For her Park Hoon is a friend that she can hope for. A blessing in disguise that always help her when she feels down and emotionally unstable.

She pick up her handbag and car key. 

"You're going out already?" Yeon Seok looked at her getting ready to leave the house.

"I shouldn't let Mok Jiwon saw me here.." she smiled and leave the house.

Yeon Seok not feeling great with their progress. He sighed hard.

Sora sits in her red ferrari. Trying to locate her handphone to make a call to her colleague at work.

"Eo.. I'm heading to his house now.. have you check the things that I've asked you before?" a woman is talking on the phone passing Sora's car. The way she walks seems familiar.

"What? Is that for real?! A doctor with personal worth of billion dollars?? Is he somehow a chaebol's son?" The woman turned her face facing Sora's car.

Squinting her eyes. "Isn't that Mok Ji Won?" Sora asked herself.

"I'll hold onto him no matter what.. You don't have to worry about that.." that woman is still on the phone. Sora was drown to their interesting conversation. Wanted to hear further. 

"What is her intention?" Something doesn't feel right.

"Sorry.. I left my handphone at home.." After a while, Sora came back to the house purposely looking for her phone.

"Oh? Kang Sora shhi.." Jiwon looked at her. Surprised seeing a woman whom she knows as Yeon Seok's best friend coming into his house freely.

Yeon Seok looked at her. Also surprised seeing her back.

"Oh, Jiwon shhi.. You're already here.." she lied. Pretending to scratched her head. She can just ignored the phone. But her curiousity over Jiwon's conversation is topping her judgement. "Ottoke Yeon Seok ah.. I'm truly sorry to disturb. I'll be brief.." She slightly bowed before went upstairs to her room. Purposely saying so.

"Kang Sora shhi is living here too?" Asked Jiwon. Seeing how comfortable she entered the house suggest that idea to her.

"Oh? eo.." Yeon Seok looks dumbfounded. Not sure how to handle this situation. Suddenly he remembered something and went upstairs to look for Sora.

"Your phone is with me.." Yeon Seok shows the phone in his hand.

"Thank god. I thought I've lost it.." reaching for the phone but Yeon Seok is pulling it back.

"Park Hoon is having a surgery tonight. Where will you be going?"


"He called earlier and I pick it up.." Yeon Seok looked at her. He can't let her wandering anywhere just for his sake. He is not that ignorance towards his friend's feeling even though he know Sora will do anything for him. "You can just stay here.. Join us." He added.

“How can I.." Sora fakingly trying to refuse.

"Anie.. It’s okay.. Jiwon has found out that you live here anyway" Yeon Seok insist. As much as he worries about Mok Jiwon's feeling seeing Sora in his house, Sora is a person that he cares a lot too. A person that has sacrificed a lot for him.

She pauses before agreeing to the idea. Her plan worked well thanks to Park Hoon's call.

"How long have you been living together?" Jiwon looked at Sora who's joining them for dinner. She's been curious about their close relationship a lot. Seeing both of them always together at the hospitals, during weekends and now knowing that they lived together. She feels intimidated.

"Since college.. we're like siblings since then.." Yeon Seok smiled and looked at Sora. Remembering their college days when they first know each other. He remembered how beautiful she were capturing his eyes during introduction week. They've been friend since then. A girl that once captured his heart and broken lot more others. She's a legendary heartbreaker in college.

Sora looked at him "Sibling.." she whispered to herself. She painfully smiled back at him.

"Don't you have a boyfriend Sora shhi?.." Jiwon asked. Its impossible for a girl as beautiful as her to not have a boyfriend.

Sora looked at her, sneered. Understand where the question is going. Its not her first time answering either.

"Don't worry Jiwon shhi.. I'm a person with conscience. I won't be bothering Yeon Seok's relationship as long as the relationship is true" Sora's giving a subtle warning. Smiling at her.

Jiwon looked at Sora's sarcastic smiles. Not comfortable. She knows that there are other meaning behind those words. "What did she knows.." she whisper to herself.

Yeon Seok awkwardly laugh listening to Sora's words.. He knows Sora has always been protective about him.

"This can't do Yeon Seok ah.. I don't think it’s appropriate for me to further disturb both of you like this.. Its uncomfortable for Jiwon shhi too.." Sora gets up from the dining table.

"Where are you going?" He didn't want to let her go. "Park Hoon is finishing late.."

"Lab perhaps.. Or else I’ll just fill in for ER shift. Let’s see how.." she smiled. "Please enjoy your remaining date Jiwon shhi.." Slightly bowed towards both of them and leave the house.

Jiwon stared at her walking out of the house. It seems that every words that came out from Sora's mouth is a mock to her.

"Are you always that considerate to her?" Jiwon asked.

"She's already like my family.."

"Really? Why does it looks like that you love her. And same as her.." Jiwon looked at Yeon Seok.

Yeon Seok paused. "That’s impossible.. Our relationship was built with respect." The love that he has trade it off with friendship long ago. 

Yeon Seok went nearer to her. "What's wrong Jiwon ah?"

"I don't feel comfortable for you living with her.. it feels like I came to disturb your relationship.."

"What nonsense that you're talking about? She has her own life. I have mine.."

"Man and woman.. Living in a house together is not a norm Yeon Seok shhi.."

"But we are not normal man and woman.." Yeon Seok whispered to himself. It’s a thing that he can never explain to anybody without exposing their secret. Living together with Sora is the reason that make him able to surpass the hindrance they faced all this while.

"I'm jealous.. Can't you live separately? I understand your friendship.. But I don't understand the need for living under one roof.." Jiwon trying to convince Yeon Seok to be considerate of her jealousy.

"Give me time.." Yeon Seok asked. He need to think about it carefully. Perhaps the decision to bring Jiwon home today is a wrong one. He sighed.

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