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Immortal - Episode 6

"Dr. Kang! Do you have a minute?" Dr. Geun, her senior is running towards her.

"Yes sunbaenim. Anything?"

"I'm looking for a 1st assistant for my tumor surgery tomorrow. Dr. Lee have other emergency appointment. Are you perhaps free?"

"Wait for a while.." Sora looked at her smartphones for her schedule. "I have one surgery in the evening. Will it be long?"

"It should finish by noon.. It's not that complicated.." Thinking through his case. "So I booked your time okay?" He smiled.

"Dae.." she agrees. Immediately adding the schedule to her smartphone calendar.

"Oh Dr. Yoo and Dr. Park! Its a pleasure to see our handsome doctor sometimes! Its living up the environment.." Dr. Guen saying his greetings to Yeon Seok and Park Hoon who just finish their surgery. The two handsome man from thoracic department which causes big crush war in the hospital.

"You're complementing too much.." Park Hoon scratching his head. Smiling to the compliment.

"Sora ya.." Yeon Seok headed to his friends who seems to be busy with her phone.

"Oh.. Yeon Seok ah.." She looked at him. And then she saw Park Hoon tailing him behind.

"We're going for lunch.. You're joining?"

"Anieyo.. I'm not hungry.." She restraining her eyes to look at Park Hoon. "I need to go. I'll meet you later ok?" Sora leave without  even glancing at Park Hoon.

Yeon Seok looked at her. "Why is she acting weird?" Yeon Seok curious. Then he looked at Park Hoon. "Is there anything happened between both of you?"

Park Hoon smiled. "You're being overly sensitive.." he tapped his shoulder and moving forward to the cafeteria.


Park Hoon looked at Yeon Seok who's enjoying his beefsteak. "I think I need to ask you this again.." he said.

"Hmm?" Raising his eyebrows.

"Do you really know about Sora's sickness?"

"More or less.. why?" He looked at Park Hoon. Something seems odd. Did he sense something?

"Hmm.. Her sickness.. I've stumbled into one of the symptom before. And its freaking me out.."

"What are you saying?" Yeon Seok surprised.

"She got cut when a patient went beserk at the ER few days ago.. but the wound healed back after few minutes. Like the cut never happened. We normal human don't have the capacity to heal back that fast.."

"She got cut? She never told me that.." he puts down his cutlery. Kang Sora, what is happening to you? He thought to himself.

"I guess she's hiding it. But that's not my concern. I'm concerning about her sickness.. She doesn't seem normal.." Park Hoon looked at Yeon Seok's worried face. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"I need to go first.. See you later.." without finishing his lunch, Yeon Seok went for Sora.


"What wrong?" Sora blankly dragged by Yeon Seok to his car. Taking her somewhere safe for them to have a conversation.

"I heard you got injured.. Did Park Hoon saw it?" He's nervous. This is going to be messy to handled once there's a witness.

"Eo.." Sora short.

Yeon Seok pulled his car to the road side. "So that's why you've been avoiding him?"

Sora nodded. Keeping her head low.

"Why did you always keeping this kind of things from me?" He bang his hand on the stereng. He's frustrated. 

"Yeon Seok ah.." Sora looked at him with his furious behaviour. He's a person that is hard to show his anger, but once he's really angry he can be really scary.

"You don't even told me that you're injured. Are you trying to solve this alone again? Do you know how worried I am? Do you know how messy this will become??"

"Stop yelling at me! You were busy with your new girlfriend. How can I disturb you with my little problem?" She storm out of the car. Yes, she has her reservation to Yeon Seok's behaviour too. But she just kept it to herself until now.

"Sora ya.." he follows. Feeling guilty listening to her side of view. Didn't realize that he's becoming ignorance with his friend's surrounding.

"I'm sick of this. I can't even decide anything on my own. Who am I to you?!" Letting out her frustration.

"Sora ya.." he went and hugged her. "How many time I've told you that this is OUR problem. Never distance your life with mine. We've promised to stand by each other."

Sora pulled herself go from Yeon Seok's embrace. Wiping off the uninvited tears.

"Why are you crying?" Yeon Seok looked at those tears.

Sora shakes her head. Its a complicated feelings to explain.

Yeon Seok thought of Park Hoon. "I guess we need to bury this problem like we used to do.." Their secret need to be protected.

Sora looked at him surprised. "You can’t be serious?" Not that way. She’s against it.

"How else?"

Sora sighed deeply. "I'm not sure if it will work. But should we talk it over with him?" Hoping that Park Hoon can accept the truth.

"And you'll freak him out.." Yeon Seok sneered. Its not that they never tried that before. People would scares away when they listen the word 'vampire'. The creature with sucking blood image are in their mind.

"Lets try it first.. If its not working then we take the extreme way as you suggested.." Sora hold Yeon Seok's hand. Try to get him to agree with her idea.

"Hmm.." Yeon Seok looked at her. "You like him don't you?"

Sora stared at him. "Are we getting to that conversation now? Seriously?"

"Arasso.. Let's settle this first.." Yeon Seok sighed. That hard headed woman.


"Why are you requesting to meet here? Its so chilly out here." Park Hoon looked around the empty roof car park that Yeon Seok requested to meet. He has been feeling that they are trying to converse about Sora's sickness.

"We need to talk.." Yeon Seok looked at Sora. Sighing hard thinking whether this is a right decision.

"What is it? Spill it.." Park Hoon look at both of them acting strangely. 

"About my 'sickness'.." Sora paused. Looking at Yeon Seok. Gathering her courage.

Park Hoon walked to her instead and grabbed her wrist, trying to find her pulse again. "You has no pulse.. meaning you heart doesn't beat. And that means you're supposed to be dead. But you're still alive.. In front of me now. What kind of sickness is this?" Never in the world he heard of this symptom.

"My heart is alive. But its frozen. Thats why it doesn't has any beat.." She looked at Park Hoon. "And the cut.. was healed by my vampire protective regenerative tissue."

"V..Vamp..Vampire??!" Park Hoon surprised.

"Yes.. I am.." she took out her contact lenses and shows her ginger colored eyes.

Park Hoon stepped back. He has been wondering what kind of weird sickness that she's having. But he never thought about those fiction reality.

"That's impossible. Those only exist in a fiction film. Are you trying to pull my leg?"

"She's telling the truth.. I'm one them too.." Yeon Seok said to him while taking out his contact lenses as well. 

Park Hoon stumbled on the floor. He was surprised with the  revealation. This can’t be true.

"Park Hoon.." Yeon Seok approach him to give him a hand.

"No.. don't come to me.." No.. he's not just surprised. He's scared. He looked at them.

Yeon Seok take back his hand and look at Sora. "I've told you.." he said to her. He expected this. There's no normal human can accept that fact.

Sora looked at Park Hoon with a painful feeling. She was hoping that Park Hoon would understand. "I guess I'm hoping for a ridiculous thing.." she walks away from them.

Yeon Seok follows her from behind.

"Kang Sora.." Park Hoon called her.

She looked at him slowly standing up.

"I'm sorry.. I was surprised.." he walked closely to them. For a few second, he thought to himself about them. Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok.. Doctors who has been saving many lives in this hospital despite the fact that they are vampires. Its shows their true self. Their true instinct.

Yeon Seok crossed his arms looking at Park Hoon reaction. That was unpredicted. "Don't you get scared with us?" He asked.

"I do.. for a few seconds. But my senses came back. You wouldn't confront me like this if you were to kill me.. It's easier to just destroy the evidence about your existance.. right?"

Yeon Seok looked at Sora over Park Hoon's words. He thought  about that at first.

"But.. instead of going the easier way, both of you came here to convinced me.. So that give me some thought." Park Hoon smiled. 

Sora looked at him. Can't believe with what she just heard.

"I'll keep this secret safely.."

Sora then looked at Yeon Seok. "I guess we made the right choice.." she smiled. Now that Park Hoon is accepting the secret well, she feels relieved.

Yeon Seok nodded and smiled back. He looked at Park Hoon. "You better keep the secret well.."

"What kind of person do you think I am?" Park Hoon smiled. He came in between them and wrap his hands around their shoulders. "I guess you both need to bare with me following you all the time after this since i've learn about your secret now.." 

"Don't you have other friends?" Yeon Seok asked.

"Both of you are.." he smiled. 

"What if suddenly we demanded your blood?" Yeon Seok teased. Now that they are open with their secret. Their heart feels lighter.

"Ya! Don't make those scary jokes. Its not funny.." Park Hoon let go of his arms. Looking at both of them.

"Ya!" Sora hits Yeon Seok's shoulder. "Don't worry.. we won't.." Sora giggled looking at scared Park Hoon.

"That giggles and smiles.. Keep it there. Be cheerful again Sora ya.." Yeon Seok relieved seeing Sora's bright image came back. He misses the cheerful Sora to be honest. Seeing her spacing out a lot lately bothers him.

"Cut it off you lovebirds... I'm getting jealous.." said Park Hoon getting in between them again.

"What lovebirds.." whispered Sora. She glance at both Yeon Seok and Park Hoon. Thankful for being able to have these friends. She smiled.

Note: I wrote this episode while listening to Taeyeon - Love, The only word. Somehow it kept my idea running even i don't understand the meaning of the song. So i suggest you read this chapter listening to it too. ;)

I'll be taking a little break for Raya festive. So for Muslim out there. Have a blessing Eid and festive holiday.

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