Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Immortal - Episode 5

"Miss.. May I buy you a drink?" A handsome tall man looked at the Kang Sora who is sitting alone at the bar counter bench. She looks gorgeous with her maroon mini dress matched with reddish make up giving her a seductive looks. 

She ignored him. Her eyes are fixed on certain someone on the dance floor.

"This girl is playing hard to get I guess" The man said to his friends who’s coming along with him. Leaving her alone again.

She sneered. Grab her red wine and sipping it slowly. "Why does human loves this.." Not much to her taste.

"Why won't you have fun Sora-ya" Yeon Seok came near her sipping his beer after having some fun at the dance floor. He always knows how to enjoy his life at his best.

"Not in the mood.." she's short while following her eyes is Yeon Seok's new girlfriend. Mok Ji Won. A girlfriend he dated for few weeks now.

"You seems not well Sora shhi.." She looked a little bit pale to Mok Ji Won despite her makeup.

Yeon Seok looked at her, confirming Jiwon's words. "You didn't take your 'medicine' again is it?" He looked at her eyes. It’s turning brownish now.

Sora looked away. "I'm okay.." she took her clutch and get up from her seat. "Sorry Jiwon shhi, I need to go now. Enjoy the rest of the night both of you.." she walked out of the club.

Yeon Seok looked at her walking away, worried. She seems weird lately. He knows she's not been taking her medicine.

"This can't do.. Jiwon ah. I need to follow Sora. She's not in a very good condition.."

"Is she sick?" She’s curious to know.

"Sort of.. Make sure to call me once you're home okay." He leaves a 100 dollar bill on the table and left the club, following Sora.

"That woman always come in the middle of us.." Jiwon hissed to herself. It’s not that long since they dated, but Sora seems to be joining them every weekend break. Giving them no time on their own.

"Kang Sora.." Yeon Seok found her walking alone at the park near their house. "You're walking again?" He's been seeing Sora with her thoughts a lot this past few weeks, especially after she decided to become a 'vegetarian'.

"It helps clear up my thoughts.." She's hugging her arms.

"I told you that you can't stopped immediately.. You need to do it gradually." He turned Sora towards him. "Look at those eyes.. You're getting sick Sora-ya."

"But you did it well.. Why can't I.."

"You need a strong determination.. I have stages when I faced difficulties too.."

"I will.. so don't worry.." she sighed. Continuing her walk.

Yeon Seok take off his jacket and put it over her shoulder. "Its cold out here.." He looked at Sora. "You.. have something else bothering your mind.. Don’t you?"

Slowly Sora is shaking her head. Denying the fact.

"I've known you well enough.. I knew you have something else.. Tell me.." Walking along with her. Taking a deep breath of the night air. Refreshing.

"I've been feeling empty lately.." She stopped and looked at him. "Are you happy with Mok Ji Won now?"

Yeon Seok looked at her eyes.. There's certain longing feeling in there. "What exactly you wanted to tell me Sora ya? He thought to himself.

Slowly Yeon Seok nodded.

Sora sighed harder "I want to have that feeling too.. I want the taste of being loved too" She continued her walks. "Keeping this unrequited love all this while is killing me" She whispered.

Yeon Seok looked at her from behind. "So it's true that you're doing this because of Park Hoon.." He thought to himself. He knows Sora has been closed with Park Hoon lately. He has been thinking that Park Hoon is having certain feelings towards her too. Her decision to become vegetarian is almost the same time when Park Hoon came into their life.

"You always brush me off when I talk about love. Its weird hearing you talks about it lately.." Yeon Seok stares at her. A decade. 100 Years. That topic never came out until recently. "Do you really love him?" He asked.

"Him?" Sora looked at Yeon Seok's expression. He seems to refer “Him” as for somebody else.

"Anieya.. Forget about it." he takes back his word. Perhaps its still not a good time to ask about it.

Sora sighed. "You know how I always seen human for blood. Not for love. But seeing how you've been able to love them sincerely despite they are supposed to be your food, amazed me."

"Are you jealous with how I live my life?"

"I want to move on. I want to fell in love like you do.." She's honest. Being living with him for hundred years, seeing him dating humans, jealousy seems underrated. She’s used to it.

Yeon Seok sighed. Seems that he has been ignoring Sora's feeling for too long. She has always been his friends and cares for his ups and downs. But in return, he never cared for her feeling. After all she’s still a woman. A woman vampire.

Sora walks stumbled suddenly. 

"Are you okay?" Yeon Seok fast in catching her to stand straight.

"Dizzy.." She's short. Those are a feelings that she didn't felt for a long time. A feeling that she usually felt when she's once a mortal.

"When you stop taking blood, your body will become weak. Extremely weak like how human body used to be. Once you manage to adjust to this situation, you'll be okay." Yeon Seok advised. He's been through that for years. Fighting the desires for human blood is not that easy.

"Let me take you home." Yeon Seok lift her up on his arms.

"I'm okay.. I still can walk.." Sora trying to get down from him but Yeon Seok didn't allow it to happen.

"You'll burden me more if you passed out here." he's strict. Sharply stared at her eyes.

She obeyed the strong gaze and take away her eyes from him. Yeon Seok can be scary at times.

Yeon Seok lay her down on the couch and headed to the wine cellar. "Drink this.." Yeon Seok bring over a glass of wine to her.

"Wine?" She looked at it. The color is thick as blood with a certain pleasure smell with it.

"It’s blood wine.. Artificial blood mixed with special wine. This.. helped me to overcome my addiction sometimes." Yeon Seok being honest with his secret. "But you can't take it always though. Its only to fight your addiction.."

"So this is it.." she's taking a sip and closed her eyes. It surely tasted like blood with a fragrance of exclusive wine. She smiled. Feeling the blood rushes through her vein making her happy.

"Are you feeling giddy still?" After a while. Yeon Seok asked her.

She shakes her head. The drink is surprisingly curing her addiction.

Yeon Seok went closer to her, cupping her cheek and stared at her eyes. "You color's getting better now." he knows she would adapt well to that.

"Wh.. What..?" Sora stunned with his action.

"You're okay now.." he smiled. Relieved.

"I'm up to my room then.." Sora slowly getting up from the couch heading to her room.

Yeon Seok grabbed her waist and lift her up in his arms again.

"What are you doing again?" Sora surprised.

"I’ll take you to your room.. Your legs are still weak." Slowly walking upstairs where Sora room is located. They are living in a duplex condominium. Exclusively designed for them so that the upper floor will become her area and lower floor will become his.

"You don't have to do this.." Said Sora as Yeon Seok putting her down on to her bed.

"Of course I have to take care of you.. We have been living together for ages. We've promised to take care of each other.." Yeon Seok cupped her hand. "I'm worried about you lately. I know you wanted to change. But please do it gradually. Let’s do it together. Let me know when you're feeling unwell. I'll be supporting you.." He smiled. "Ok?"

Sora nodded understanding.

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