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Immortal - Episode 4

"You said you've been friend with Kang Sora shhi for a long time right?" Park Hoon handing over an americano to his new breakfast partner, Dr. Yoo.

"Eo.. wae?"

"I heard she's talking about some medicine last time. Is she somehow sick?"

Yeon Seok looked at him. So he's the one with Sora that day. "Sort of.. But a unique one.." He answered.

"Unique?" Park Hoon trying to understand better.

"Hmm.. its kind of hard to explain. I think its better for you not to know in detail. Sora didn't like the others to know about it too.." Sipping his americano. Its a secret that should not made not to anybody for the matter of fact. "Anyway.. why did you asked? Are you.. perhaps.. Interested in her?"

"There's something about her that makes me ponder.." Resting his chin on his palm. Looking outside the cafe. "And.. She looks like someone I used to know.. a lot.."

"Someone you used to know? Your girlfriend?"

Park Hoon looked at him. "I wish that was true.." softly smiled. There's a long story behind that one.

Yeon Seok been noticing his body language. Seems that Park Hoon has some interest toward Sora. His body language and the way he answered to his questions suggest so.


"So you're operating a dandy-walker today?" Yeon Seok came to Sora looking at her studying a book in front of her. A book about Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy procedure.

Sora nodded. Her eyes stuck on the book. She's always like that when come to study. Being hardworking is her natural self.

"Stop studying too much. Its not like you've never done it before.." Yeon Seok looked at her still with her eyes on the book. Hopeless.

"Anyway.. When did the last time you're taking your 'medicine'?" Changing the topic.

"Last week I think? Not really remember.." nonchalantly she replied.

"The boxes are untouched.. are you sure you're taking them last week?"

"Mmm.." Sora's not interested to talk about it. She knows Yeon Seok will start his lecture soon.

"You need to do it gradually.. tell me if you happen to have any symptoms okay?"

"Dae.." She's short. Never think that anything serious would happen because of it.

"Park Hoon asked me about your 'sickness' earlier.." Yeon Seok looked at her.

"Huh?" Her eyes widened. Forget the book. Her eyes now on Yeon Seok.

"He seems interested in you.."

"Interested?" Sora surprised. Suddenly remembered the instance when he hug her before.

"Yes.. he has 'this' look for you." Yeon Seok looked at her. "Oh well.. You're pretty. People get attracted to you easily if they didn't know about your temper.."

"Ya!" She hits his shoulder. 

"See that.. Be more feminine Sora ya." He taps her shoulder before leaving her room.

"Hfff..." she looked at him. Pissed. "You're the one who always mocking my patience."


"Who's the leader here? Let me see him!" A group of guy wearing black lether jacket and white shirts bombarding the emergency room.

"Sir.. this is a hospital. Please keep you voice down.." Eun Jae, the trainee doctor on duty approaching the bunch of guys looking like gangsters. Calming them down.

"Send me your leader. We need him to treat our leader.." They brought in a guy in suit, covered with blood on his hands.

Eun Jae bring him a wheelchair for him to sit and tentatively look at his wound. A cut half of cm deep which need a few stitches. She then checked on the bones, nothing's broken.

"There is nothing serious. Mister, please wait here first. Our team will come to stitch the wound soon." She said.

"Why don’t you stay here and keep me company.. pretty doctor?" The patient suddenly dragged her nearer to him.

"Hey.. what are you doing?!" Eun Jae tries to let go of her hands.

"Why did they let a female doctor this pretty being on duty late at night..?" His hands started moving inappropriately.

"This pretty fine hands, should I break it?" Suddenly a cold hand stopped him from proceeding.

"Kang Sora sunbaenim!" Eun Jae run to hide behind Sora. Scared with the situation.

"This ignorance jerk.. Have you gone insane?" The man pulled his hand from her. "I demand to see your leader! How come a doctor treat their patient like this??"

"I'm the leader.. Tell me what is your problem.. sir?" She's being cynicle. Walk closer to him and staring him directly to his eyes.

The gang leader flinched with her stare. It was scary. Giving him shivering feeling to his bone.

"Hey woman! How dare you treat our leader like that!" Suddenly another man came taking out his knife and swing it towards her. 

Sora looked at it and move fast avoiding it. "You're too slow" she sneered.

"You bitch!" He attacked again but she's fast in avoiding it with her hands.

"Hey! You better go before I call the police.." Out of nowhere Park Hoon appeared and standing besides the gang leader with a surgery knife placed near to his throat.

"Leadernim!" The whole gang looked at Park Hoon and their leader.

"You jerk! Let our leader go!" The man who's attacking Sora earlier getting beserk again.

"I will.. once you left the hospital. You know how sharp this is. Right?" Wobbling the knife near their leader's throat. 

"Just leave you bastard!" The leader gang's voice shivers. Asking the gang to leave the hospital. Asking to spare his life.

Park Hoon smiled looking at them running away from the room. "And you.. don't you ever showed up your face here again.." he kick the gangster leader's butt out of the room too.

"Are you okay?" Park Hoon immediately looked at Sora and Eun Jae.

They slowly nodded. Surprised with extreme measures taken by him.

"You shouldn't act tough in front of people like that. How come a woman can become this harsh?" He look at Sora. Her temper are somewhat scarier than Oh Soo Hyun's. "Don't you know when to retreat?" He added.

"Speak for yourself.. Don't you know that they can sue you by doing that?" Sora is ignoring Park Hoon's advise. Those incident can be handled perfectly if Park Hoon didn't appear either. She thought.

"Sunbaenim.. your arms!" Eun Jae pointed out the blood came out from the cut in Sora's arms.

"Hey.. you're hurt!" Immediately Park Hoon grabbed her arms looking at the cut. 

"Its not that deep.. so its okay" Sora take a look at the wound. Its just a scratch.

"This need a stitch. You need to treat it.." He hold her arms and wrap his hand around her shoulder. Securely bring her to the treatment room. Bewitched by his gesture, Sora followed him to the treatment room.

Sora look at him moving everywhere looking for things to treat her wound. "Do you always carelessly touching woman?" She asked.

Park Hoon stopped and looked at her. "You mean?"

"The hand grabbings, hug and now wrapping your hand on some woman's shoulder whom you barely known.. You seems comfortable with woman. Don't you?"

"Not just any woman.." he bring over the treatment tray near her. "You looks like somebody that I used to know. So yes.. I do feel a little bit comfortable with you thinking that you might be her.." He smiled.

Again, the resemblance conversation. "But I'm not her.. right?" She asked.

Park Hoon nodded. He has the proof that she's not. "But your resemblence is just too much.. So I can't get rid of that thought easily.." He scratched his head.

"Let's see your wound.." He approached her.

"Anieyo.. Its going to be fine. So don't worry." Sora pull her arm and hid it. "No, he should not look at it." She tought to herself while getting up from her seat.

"Where are you going?" He stopped her. "You need to treat it first. You can't leave your wound out open like that. You'll get infection easily.." Park Hoon scroll up her sleeves and look for the cut.

"Huh?" He surprised. The cut was no longer there. The skin has successfully generating the layer to protect the wound back... over few minutes? He looked at her. "What are you?" First the non beating heart and now a wound that heal itself over minutes time frame. She’s not a normal human being. That is what he can conclude.

Sora pulled her arm again. "Why am I being too careless lately.." she thought to herself while running away from the room. This going to be hard to explain. She and Yeon Seok might need to live somewhere else again because of her carelessness.

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