Thursday, July 9, 2015

Immortal - Episode 3

“What are you thinking about?” Yeon Seok flick Sora’s forehead looking at how she’s been spacing out since she's back from the hospital earlier.

“Anieyo..” She lied. Park Hoon action has been bothering her a lot.

She's stealing a glance at the thing on Yeon Seok’s hand.

“My emergency supply.. Last one. We’ll go look for it together tomorrow. Don’t ever went there alone.” He put it in front of her. It’s dangerous even for him to go there alone.

“I can’t always depends on you. I should learn to become independent sometimes..”

“Why do you need to become independent when I’m here with you?” He hates it whenever Sora mention about those ridiculous thought.

Sora looked down to the floor. Not answering. She knows they will start a fight if she continue.

Yeon Seok looked at her. Reading her expression. “Do you have sometime tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow is weekend.. and i dont have any planned schedule thus far. Wae?”

“I want you to meet my new girlfriend..” He smiled.

“Huh? Already?” Sora surprised. It’s not that long since his last breakup, now he’s in another relationship.

“Why you’re so surprised. It’s been 2 years since I’m single..”

“It’s just 2 years..” Sora rephrasing the ‘should be’ words. “What’s with you and having relationship anyway? It’s not that you don’t know that you’ll breakup with them in the end of the day..” Their issues is restraining them from having a long term relationship.

“Being in love just keep me living the nature that I want to be in..” His eyes suddenly looks pitiful. “Even though in actual fact I’m not..” Painfully smiled to the fact.

Sora looked at him. He surely keep a lot of his inner feelings to himself. Just like her.

“Furthermore you said you will never like me! How can I keep living without being love? It’s just pathetic don’t you think?” Yeon Seok is pulling a joke with their past. He has playfully proposed to her once. But Sora’s attention is always to her study. Not love life. Since then, he choose to forget the feeling and continue with their good friendship. A friendship that is stronger than any other relationship.

Sora looked at him, remembering the event when they are still a college student.


“Don’t you think we would make great couple together?” Yeon Seok looked at Sora whose attention are on her textbooks.

“What do you mean?” Sora frowned. Her attention are disturbed.

“Both of us are class genius.. And we have the looks too..” He winked. Trying to be playful with his confession. Sora has always been the most beautiful intelligence girl in their class. But her attention to her study restricting her from enjoying her life as teenager.

“Eyyy.. People won’t go into the relationship just because of that..” She resume her attention at the textbook. Searching the last paragraph that she's reading earlier.

“Don’t you ever fall in love with me?” Yeon Seok pull away her text book and moved nearer to her face.

“Ya! What are you doing?” Sora flinched. Surprised with Yeon Seok’s action. His handsome face just a few centimeters away from her. Her heart started to pound hard.

“You.. Secretly like me don’t you?” He keep his tone low. Playfully teasing.

“Ya!” She pushed him away. “I will never like you! Never! Ever!” Out of spite, she rejected him.

Yeon Seok surprised. He sighed. “Did I disgust you that much?” He slowly walked away from her. Hurt with her rejection.

“Yeon Seok ah..” Sora called but he ignored her. 

“What have I done..” She touched her chest. A painful tingling feeling struck her when she looks at Yeon Seok's his frustrated face. “I love you more than you can imagine..” She regrets of how stupid she had done to turn the confession to a tragedy.


“Hey.. you're zoning out again?” Yeon Seok snapped his fingers when he realized Sora’s not paying attention to what they were conversing earlier.

“Just remembering some old stuff..” Awkwardly she smiled. Those painful memory has become a joke to him now.

“So.. You’re free tomorrow right?”

Slowly Sora nodded. Of course she need to meet all his girlfriend. They promised to let each other knows when they are in a relationship.

“Why don’t you drink those?” Yeon Seok looked at Sora playing with her glass. She surely spacing out a lot lately.

“This.. Should I give it up?” She asked.

“What do you mean? You wanted to become a vegetarian too?”

“What do you think?” Looking for his honest answer.

“It’s going to be tough though. You need to do it gradually..” He stared at her. She needs strong determination to do it of course. It’s not as easy as being on a food diet.

“You were fine with it.. So can I. Right?” She’s being positive.

“Why suddenly you wanted to do it?” He looked at her. Something seems odd.

“I want to enjoy living too.. Like you..” She winked. Trying not to drag the conversation from being too serious.

Yeon Seok stared at her, wondering the reason of change in her behavior suddenly. “Are you in love?” He spit the question that is played in his mind.

Sora laughed. “Ya Yoo Yeon Seok! Don’t you think that you’re too hung up with this love idea? Aigoo..” She pat his cheek.

“It came out of sudden.. So it does seems odd..” Yeon Sook hold her hands. “Tell me.. Is there anything bothering your mind?”

Sora sneered. Pulling her hands off his. “I just feels like it.. Who knows later I might open up my heart for love?”

“See! I’m right! You must have somebody in mind don’t you?” Yeon Seok sneered. “Your intention are beaming out from your eyes..” He curiously glance at her. “Tell me.. Who is it? Is he from our hospital?”

“I told you that’s not it..”

“I’m not buying..” Still couldn’t believe her words.

“Up to you then..” She took her glass and went to the living room. Its time for her favorite drama.

“Ya Kang Sora!” Yeon Seok look at her walking away, ignoring him. He can’t help to think that Sora is eyeing on somebody now. But nobody that came to his mind looking at her interaction with her colleague. “Is it the guy we met earlier today?” He started to think of the good looking guy that joined his department today. He ponders.

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