Thursday, July 9, 2015

Immortal - Episode 2

“That was really a good job team!” The neurosurgeon team are celebrating their success in operating a stage 3 tumor cancer. A success that hardly achieved.

“If not because of Kang Sora’s experience.. I bet we’re doomed!” Dr. Geun is complementing her. She might be a 30 years old woman, but her experience seems like she’s already 60 years old. There’s no hard task that she can’t complete.

“You’re complementing me too much..” She tucked her hair behind her ears. Felt shy whenever they over-complementing her works.

“Let’s have a gathering tonight.. My treat..” Professor Moon, their team leader is announcing a celebration.

“Thank you Leadernim!” The other team members seems happy with the announcement.

“Prof Moon.. I need to excuse myself. I have another planned activity tonight..” Sora feels troubled. She needs her time off tonight.

“Waeyo? We’re celebrating your success..”

“I’m sorry Prof..  I really can’t” Bowing for apologies.

“If that the case.. We’ll just party without you..” They surrendered. He knows Sora can’t be forced. She’s a gem to their team.

“Thank you..” She bowed and shaking her hands with the other team member before going off.

Park Hoon looked at her from afar.. The way she smiled and how similar her face features to Oh Soo Hyun is bothering him. He walks to her.

“Park Hoon shhi..” Kang Sora surprised seeing Park Hoon suddenly in front of her.

“Where are you going? You seems in a rushed.”

She smiled. “I have an appointment that I need to attend.” She looked at that new doctor again. “You’re not going home yet?”

“No.. We’re just finished our operation.” He explains. The first operation that he joined in this new hospital. “Oh.. I think Dr. Yoo is still around, waiting for you perhaps?” He remembered hearing that they promised for a coffee earlier. Maybe she’s rushing for their appointment.

“Really?” Sora looked for her hand phone and dialing Yeon Seok’s number. “Where are you? Are you waiting for me?” She made a call to Yeon Seok.

“Anie.. I’m still at the office. Are you done? Want to go back together?” Yeon Seok looked at his watch. It’s already 9:00pm.

“I need to see somebody for the medicine.. You can go back first..” Sora replied. Trying to be discreet with her answer.

“Somebody else with you?” Yeon Seok can read the language.

“Eo..” She’s short. Looking at Park Hoon in front of him.

Park Hoon look elsewhere while eavesdropping their conversation further. “Is she sick?” He thought to himself.

“Don’t go tonight.. We’ll go together tomorrow.” He asked. No. It’s more of an instruction.

“I can’t..” She’s short.

“I have some that I kept just in case.. Take those for tonight.” He’s trying to convince her. It’s dangerous for her to go out alone for her ‘medicine’.

She bite her lips. “Arasso..”

Park Hoon looked at her as she hang up her phone. "You're sick?" Looking at her face. It does look a little pale.

"Anieyo.. It’s the supply for my patient" Best excuse that she can come out now.

Park Hoon stared at her. They've already at the hospital so why does she need to look for medication supply elsewhere. He wonders.

"I need to go home now.. See you tomorrow.." Sora is excusing herself.

"Kang Sora shhi.." Park Hoon grabbed her hands to face him. "Mianhae.." he said before pulling her to his arms. Hugging her.

"What are you doing?!" Sora’s surprised with his sudden action.

"Do you know that everyone has their own heartbeat pattern?" he asked. And he still remember Oh Soo Hyun's heartbeat pattern. It always skip a beat against his.

Sora pushing her body off his hug "You crazy bastard!" a slap landed on Park Hoon's cheek.

Park Hoon looked at her, surprised. He can't be at fault. He's certain.

"You.." Park Hoon trying to grabbed her wrist again. He wanted make sure with what he just heard.

Sora pulls her hand and running away from him.

"Kang Sora!" Park Hoon started to chase after her but she runs faster heading to her car. Park Hoon look at her red Ferrari rumbled away through the hospital main gate.

Touching his chest, trying to remember the feeling of hugging her cold body. “I must have lost my mind..” He thought to himself. "How come a human lost their heart beat. It’s impossible... Only dead person doesn’t have a heartbeat..” He’s still thinking about it. “Only dead person..” Looking at the main gate. He’s having a goose bumps.


Anonymous said...

Good story, interesting characters..

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a week and I can't help but love it! Even this story, I can't wait for the update. Thank you for the past wonderful stories and FIGHTING for this one!!

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

Thanks a lot dearest reader. Hppe you enjoy it ;) i'll try to update weekly