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Immortal - Episode 11

"Sora ya! It's already 830. You're not going to work?" Yeon Seok called for Sora while rushingly heading to her room as soon as he woke up. His head is feeling heavy over the alcohol that he drank last night.

"Ya Kang Sora!" He stormed in only to find her empty room. He look around it. "Ahh..." He flustered. Forgotten that Sora has move out from the house yesterday. "Babo.." He hit his head. Angry at himself for still not accepting the reality even after bottles of alcohol that went down his throats yesterday.

Slowly he walk down the stairs of their house. Flashes of memories with Sora surrounding their home came to his mind. Her bright smiles and her laugh listening to his stupid jokes. Everything came at once. "Sora ya.. What is this longing feeling..." he talks to himself. Sadness creeps in. Sighing hardly.


Yeon Seok blankly staring at his patient chart.. He just can't focus a thing today. Luckily there's no surgery scheduled.

"The reading won't be different by just staring at it.." Park Hoon came near to Yeon Seok. He's been out of it today. "Lets go for a coffee break?" He asked.

He sighed. "Sure.." Slowly he nodded. 

"You looks like a man without soul.. You’ve been out of it the whole day." Park Hoon sipping his americano.

"Have you been monitoring me?"

"I'm caring for my team member.." Park Hoon smiled. "Why don’t you talk to her? I know she must be feeling the same like you.." 

"She's the one who insisted on moving out.." Answered Yeon Seok. He knows Park Hoon is talking about their dear friend, Kang Sora.

"Well.. I don't think she can think of any other choice.." He smirked. Both of them are like birds of a feather flock together. Both are hard headed.

"What do you mean?" Trying to understand the meaning behind Park Hoon's words.

"Talk things out with her and then you'll know. I don’t want to become your middle man.." he laughed.

"She's stubborn. The hell she will come clean with me.." Yeon Seok sighed. Sipping his hot latte. He knows Sora well. She's good in hiding her feelings.

"Have you tried it before? Talk things seriously with her?"

Yeon Seok is shaking his head. Never in their life. He’s always insecure when talks about his feeling with Sora. He tried it once and he promised not to fool himself anymore.

Park Hoon sneered. "You.. Obviously need to come clean with you heart too.."

"Seriously.. What are you trying to say?" Agitated with Park Hoon's double meaning words.

"You know what I mean.." He's short.

"That's impossible" Yeon Seok laughed it off. "I'm just being used to having her around. Being alone make me feels lonely.. I’ll get used to it sooner or later.." Trying to deny his own feelings.

"Are you sure? It never bothers you that she might move out because of other man?" Facing him closer.

"Well.. I do think that way at first. But seeing you talk to me like this, I guess that is not actually the reason.." He talks with relieves. Yes, he does feels relieves a bit knowing that.

"So you does give it some thought.." Park Hoon is shaking is head while crossing his arms. He can see the insecurity in Yeon Seok's eyes, and yet he still trying to deny his feeling. Obviously that man need a wake-up call.

"Hmm?" Trying to understand Park Hoon metaphors talk once again.

"You know my feelings towards her.. Perhaps I should starts my aggressive moves?" Park Hoon threaten.

"Aggressive?" Yeon Seok frowned.

Park Hoon sneered. "Don’t pretend like you’re that innocent.." He left their conversation leaving Yeon Seok to starts reeling his feeling. 

"What exactly is this.." He's confused. 


He looked at Sora from outside of the room. She seems indulged with the book it front of her. Staring at it as if she's going to eat it. Her and books are friends that can never separated.

"Ehem.." Yeon seok approaching her but she didn’t budge.

"EHEM!" Stronger and louder.

Surprised seeing Yeon Seok is besides her, Sora turned to wipe off her wet eyes. Removing any balance of tears.

"Ya.. Why are you.." Yeon Seok looked at her eyes..

"What are you doing here?" Sora cut him off. Want to divert the topic.

"Just came here to see you.." He dragged a chair and sits in front of her. “How’s your new house?"

"It's fine.." Sora short. Not comfortable when Yeon Seok keep staring at her.

"Do you need anything for your house? I'll buy it for you.." Trying to keep their conversation without any awkwardness.

"It’s okay.. The house is complete. No need to buy me anything.." She's faking a smile.

"When are you going to invite me to your house then?" Asked Yeon Seok.

Sora looked at him with a questioned look.

"Housewarming.. Aren’t you going to do that?" Explaining his intention.

"No I'm not.. I don’t think we ever do that.." Sora looked at him pouting his lips

"Are you going to be okay alone in that house?" Question after question thrown. None hooked for long. What is happening to their relationship. He thought to himself.

"I'll be fine. Park Hoon live near to my house.."

Yeon Seok sneered listening to Park Hoon's name. "You must be lucky to have a friend like him right? Why don't you just move in together with him? Why bother living in a different house?" He's being cynical again.

"Should I?" Sora's rubbing more salt.

"Why not.. Just move in his house already. Aggressively.." he said before storm out of the room. 

"Aggressively?" She frowned. Leaving her to wonder what had happened. Where does the words came from?

Yeon Seok went to his room and started flipping his documents. "Park Hoon.. You parasite!"

He look at those scattered documents in front him. "What is this feeling?" He sat on his desk. "Am I being jealous?" Thinking through about his feeling. Its a feeling that he believed he has buried a long time ago.

"Come clean with your feelings too.." Park Hoon's words suddenly came to his mind.

"Nah.. That can't be.." debating with his inner self. He took his stethoscope and went for a walk. Taking a breather.

"Sunbaenim! You look handsome today!" Kim Min Guk came to greet his senior.

"What is it?" Yeon Seok sneered. There must be something else on his junior mind. He never gives out compliment for free. He must be fishing for something.

"I heard Kang Sora sunbaenim and that new guy.." He pauses, looking at Yeon Seok first. Checking the weather.


"They have something going on right?" Throwing the rumors as he heard. 

Yeon Seok looked at him. "Why don't you asked her yourself?" Cold.

"Eyyy.. You know Sora sunbaenim can be scary at times."

"And I’m not?"

"You're cooler.." He chuckles.

"I don't know about them.." Continue his walk. Not a question that he want to pay much attention with.

"I thought you're her best friend..?"

"We didn’t share those sort of things.." he said. Throughout the years they are together, now he realized that Sora never shared her heart matters with him while she always listen to his. And lately it seems that Sora is been all weird and keeping her feeling to herself too much. Making him to give a distance in their friendship too.

"Speaking of the devil.." Min Guk looked at Kang Sora busy checking her patient in a room across them.

Yeon Seok looked at where his juniir is looking at. Sora looks occupied with her job. Doesn't seems to even bothered with their bickering earlier.

"Sora ya~" Park Hoon came with his aegyo. "You’re not going home yet?" He asked.

Sora looked at him. Smiled looking at his behavior. "I have another floor to round. You can go back first.." she suggested.

"Should I wait? I can join you too.." Park Hoon is taking a glance at Yeon Seok. He is watching. He knows.

"Anieya.. I could be late. Just go back first.."

"Okay then.. " He pouts. “Let me know when you’re going home later ya!" Patting her hair.

"Arasso..” She smiled looking Park Hoon walking away and started her walk to her other patient.

"Kang Sora sunbaenim.." Min Guk entering the room, walk nearer to her.

"Oh.. Min Guk shhi.." She looked at him. Realized Yeon Seok is standing near the door. "I heard you were looking for me?" She asked.

"Oh? Eo.." he scratches his head.


"Emm.. I heard you were looking to fill in an ER tonight? I have a personal matter that I need to attend to. Can you replace me?" Hoping for her to agree.

Yeon Seok walks nearer to them. "Why did you ask to fill in for an ER?" He asked. Those jobs are normally for juniors unless it is scheduled.

"Oh.. That.." pretending to check her phone. Ignoring Yeon Seok's question " Min Guk, can I call you later about this? I have to attend to my patient first. Urgent.." She's signaling with her phone and rush for her not-so-real-call. She didn’t want to talk about it in front of Yeon Seok. She knows Yeon Seok would be wondering the reason for her to ask to work extra hours.

"She's asking for it?" Yeon Seok turned at Min Guk after his question ignored by Sora.

"Eo.. I heard so. I thought of having some times off with my fiancĂ©.." He sighed. Seems like he can’t go for his date tonight.

Yeon Seok looked at Sora who's walking far away from them. Leaving him to worries about her again.


Yeon Seok walk to Sora's office to found her having a nap on her table. He went closer. "Sora ya.." softly touches her long wavy hair.

Slowly she open her eyes.. Looking up to Yeon Seok. "What are you doing here?"

Grabbing a chair to seat near her. "What’s happening? I heard that you're filling up for ER for the whole two weeks. Are you okay?"

"I am.. Don’t worry..“ She tried to smile. But her head are too heavy to stay awake. Being able to sleep only 2 hours a day for 2 weeks in a row has now impacted her.

He take a look at her eyes. "You know what about being a vampire? You can't lie when you get sick.."

Sora turn away from him. "I'm okay.. You don’t have to worry about me" still insisting that she's okay. She got up from her seat.

Yeon Seok grabbed her hands making her facing him again.  "We have been taking care of each other for a decade. Why are you behaving like this now? First you're moving out from the house. Now you want to distance yourself from me? Did I do something wrong Sora ya?"

"No you’re not.."

"Then what is it? Tell me.." 

 "I feel suffocated.." Sora trying to brush off his hand off her wrist but he grab it tighter.

"What do you mean? What is happening? Let me know.." Yeon Seok looked at her teary eyes. He went closer. What exactly going on with her. He really didn't have any clue.

“Stop coming to me carelessly..” She pushes him.

“Ya Kang Sora.. Why are you keeping me in the dark? Can you let me know so that I can understand this situation better?” Yeon Seok grabbed her shoulder, forcing her to face him again.

She looked straight to his eyes. "I told you to stop coming to me carelessly." She tried pushes him away but his big built stand firm. Sora sighed. "What if I said I feel suffocated because I like you too much? From the time when we are still mortals, I like you. How are you going to react with it?"

"Ya Kang Sora.. what... what are you saying?" Yeon Seok stuttering. He looked at her. Wondering if that is a question or a confession.

Slowly Yeon Seok sat on the table. What exactly Sora is trying to say? All along he thought Sora never love him. All along he thought that Sora is falling for Park Hoon. Not him. Confused with what he just heard.

Sora sneered looking at his expression. "I knew it.." she said as she's taking her steps out from the room. Tearing up as she walks further. No, it’s not easy to contain those feelings anymore. She has reached her limit.

"Sora ya.. I didn't.." he lift up his head, wanted to talk things through with her but she has left the room. "Kang Sora!" He's running to look for her. He searched every possible place but Sora wasn't there.

"What happened?" Park Hoon bumped onto Yeon Seok with his worried face. Searching for something.

"Sora.. I'm looking for Sora.."

"I thought she’s going home? I saw her heading to the car park earlier. What happened?" He concerned. Yeon Seok worried face seems like a storm just came.

"I'll talk to you later.." Says Yeon Seok while running to the car park getting his car.

"Her car is still here.." Yeon Seok realized that her red Ferrari is still at the parking lot. "Where die she go?" He thought as he walks nearer to her car.

"Sora ya.." he looked at her burying her face in her knee hug.

She closes her eyes and wipe off her tears. Agitated that Yeon Seok found her here. She just want to hide and be alone now. Her head is too heavy to drive.

She got up and open her car door.

"Kang Sora.." He hold her door. "We need to talk.."

"There's nothing more to talk about. You expression tells it all. Just pretend that you didn't listen to it.." Sora didn’t even face him. No, she can't face him.

"I can't.." He grabbed her from the car door and close it. "I can't pretend to unheard it.." 

Slowly her vision is getting blurry. The world is spinning fast. Suddenly it felt like her body swung.

"Sora ya!" Yeon Seok catches her from falling. Hold her up on his arms and take her into the car. "You stupid girl.." He looked at her. Worried.

Slowly she open up her eyes looking at her surrounding. A room that she's familiar with. Its her old room.

"You woke up?" Yeon Seok relieved looking at her now. She's been sleeping well for the past 5 hours.

"Mm..” slowly she got up and lean against the headboard. Her heads feels lighter.

"Why do you have to torture your body just because you can't sort out your feelings?" Yeon Seok mocked her behavior. She always good at making him worried.

Sora frowned. "I'm doing just fine. Why do you have to worry about me?" She stared at him. Pissed off.

"Of course I have to worry about you.." Yeon Seok cupped her hands. "Sora ya.. Please don't do this again. I feel bad seeing you like this.." he knows she turned like this because of him.

"I'm okay.. so you can just stop worrying about me" she tried to pull her hands but Yeon Seok hold it tighter.

"How can I do that? How can I not worried about the person that I cared the most.." Yeon Seok pulled her hands nearer to his chest.

Sora frowned. Trying to digest his words.

"About earlier.." Yeon Seok looked at her.

Sora cringed her teeth. "Lets not talk about it anymore.." She didn't want to hear to any of his words.

"Anie.. we need to talk about it.." He moved closer to her and cupping her cheek. "Cause I been in love with you too.."

Sora's eyes widened. Shocked. Did she hear it correctly?

"I've been in denial all this while. I've been too comfortable securing you by my side. I realized that I can’t live without you. I realized that my love for you was always there... I just kept it deep inside.. Somewhere that is safe enough so that it won't hurt me again.."

"Yeon Seok ah.." she touches his hand on her cheek. How foolish they are to suffered all this while because of their ego. Her tears falls down.

Yeon Seok move closer to her and give her a hug. "If only we opened up about our feelings earlier.."

"After this.. Please do not keep anything to ourself. Let’s face everything together. Lets share all our feelings together"

Sora nodded. She’s lost her words. Can't help to tear up over her happiness.

Yeon Seok looked at her and wipe off her tears. "I'm sorry that this eyes are tearing because of me.." he kissed her eyes and continue to embrace her in his hug.

Sora tightens her arms around his waist. Enjoying the embrace. Suddenly she pushed him remembering about something.

"Hmm?" Yeon Seok wonders.

"What are you going to do with Mok Ji Won?" She is sure they haven't break up.. Yet.

"Oh?" He scratches his head. He forgot about that one. "I'll break up with her soon. Just stay together with me.." he extended his hug again but Sora avoid it.

"I'm not buying that.." She’s getting off the bed.

Yeon Seok hugged her from behind. "Give me time to handle this one. Okay?" He kisses her temple. 

Sora turned to look at him. 

“Do you trust me?” Yeon Seok looked deeply into her eyes.

Sora smiled.

Yeon Seok relieved looking at that smile. It’s the smile that he hasn’t seen for long. The smile that he missed. He hugs her again. "I love you Kang Sora.." he whispered to her ears.

“I love you too... Yoo Yeon Seok..” Sora tightens her arms around his waist.


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