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Immortal - Episode 10

"You're still not feeling better?" Yeon Seok looked at Sora who just came down from her room, still wearing a pajamas.

She shakes her head. "I'm taking a leave today.."

"Huh? Why" He's went closer to her. Sora never takes leave. Looking at her eyes, she seems better than yesterday.. "Are you still feeling sick anywhere?

"Anieya.. I promised Park Hoon to accompany him looking for a house.." She walk to the fridge to look for her breakfast.

He looked at Sora. "Is something happened last night?" He thought to himself.

"Yaa.. Looking at your progress now, I think you'll move to his house soon.." He's trying to pull her leg.

"You think so?" Sora faking a giggles to his words.

"For real?" He asked back. His eyes widened. It feels like a stab in his heart listening to Sora's words.

"Waeyo? Mok Jiwon would love to hear that I’m moving out. Isn't she?" Cynical.

"I've told you that I'll never agree with her request. We have our promise. But if this is your decision, then I don't have any reason to stop you." Yeon Seok toughen up. It will break his heart if Sora really decided to move out after all these years they're being together. He knew that. But he can’t just stop her using their promise as a reason all over again.

"That's right.. You don't have too. I'm still thinking about it concerning about you. But talking to you now.. I guess, moving out is not a bad decision after all. Isn't it?" Sora is still fishing out his feeling.

"Just do what your heart feels right.." Yeon Seok taking a look at her before walked out from the house with a heavy heart. Will he be okay living apart from her after all this while? He thought to himself.

Sora’s staring at the door soon as he left. "My heart are dying to stay. But your heart is closed.." Holding her tears well. The pain that build up is too much for her to bear. She needs a gateway. A way to escape from the feeling.

The door bell rings. Sora look at the wall clock. It’s already 10am. Taking a deep breath while slowly walks the door.

"Park Hoon shhi.. You're early.." trying hard to paint a smile on her face.

"You're still not ready? Our appointment is at 11am.." Looking at beautiful Sora even in her pajamas. Followed her into the house.

"I'm getting ready now. Can you wait for a little while?" She asked.

"Dae.." He answered as his eyes is following her climbing up the stairs to her room. Leaving him alone at the living room. He realized a slice of lean meat left on kitchen island. "She didn’t have breakfast yet?" Went to the kitchen and rolling up his sleeve.

"Sorry to keep you waiting.." Sora went down to the living room later to find Park Hoon is in the kitchen. "Oh? What are you doing Park Hoon shhi?"

"You must not have your breakfast yet. Right?" He come out to the dining table with a plate of cooked beefsteak. "I'm not sure your preference, but I make it medium rare. Will it be okay for you?"

"Of course it’s okay.." she smiled looking at that man's manner. Sitting down for her meal. "I'll enjoy it well.." Looked at Park Hoon before started digging her meal. Warm feeling filling up her heart.

"Eat it slowly.." Park Hoon satisfied.

"The apartment that you wanted to view.. How far is it from the hospital?" Sora asked after few while.

"Not that far.. Why?"

"I need to start looking for one too.." She said while taking a bite to another piece of meat.

"Eyy.. You have this beautiful condo why did you want to move to another house?" Trying to figure out behind her smiles.

"Just feels like living alone. I've been living with Yeon Seok for too long. And it’s not like we're married.. I need to learn to be independent"

Park hoon looked at her trying to remain her calmness. He still remembered what Sora has told him last night. He knows she has falls deeply in love with Yeon Seok after their years of living together. And he knows its not going to be easy to live separately at this stage. When you've become too attached to each other.

"Let’s just take a look at a few.. In case you really made up your mind." Park Hoon suggested. "Think it over carefully Sora. You've live together for so long. Depending on each other. I don’t think it’s easy to handle what's in here.." pointing to her heart.

Sora hold his pointing fingers. "This heart are frozen long time ago. Nothing that is too complicated to handle here." She's faking a smile again. She knows her love to Yeon Seok has been sealed in her heart before they became immortal. It is frozen with her heart. There’s no way to unsealed that. There's no way to undo it. She just kept liking and loving him from afar.


"Is this all that you're going to bring?" Park Hoon is helping Sora to packing up her things before moving. 

Sora nodded. Looking around her room. After 2 months thinking it through, she has decided. It’s the best for both her and Yeon Seok for now. They will always be in contact in supporting their life. In the end of the day, they will still need each other. They can't deny that.

"I'll bring this down first.." told Park Hoon taking a medium size bag with him. Seeing Sora in a dazed. She must have been in a deep thought. He thought to himself.

"Eo" She's short. Looking around her rooms and caressing her bed. "So this is really a goodbye now.." She whispered.

"Do you really need to say goodbye?" Yeon Seok came to her room.

"Yeon Seok ah.. You're home?" Someone that she didn't want to say goodbye to has appeared before her eyes now.

Yeon Seok taking a glance at her dresser. Most of her dress are now gone. "You really do it seriously this time around.." Yeon Seok looked at her. Its hard for him to let her go. 

"Should I really go?" Sora got up and face him. Wanted to hear the last bit of hope from him to hold her from moving out.

Yeon Seok frowned looking at her. Trying to read the meaning behind those words. What is it?

"This house really gotten emptier now.." Mok Jiwon came in her room, looking at that big empty room that she's going to leave behind.

Sora looked at Yeon Seok's girlfriend who's been trailing him anywhere lately. "No.. There's definitely no space for me in your heart.." Sora thought to herself. She sighed and looked down the floor. Trying hard to hold back her tears.

"I need to make my move now. Park Hoon is waiting for me.." Sora look at Yeon Seok again. Giving herself the last chance hoping for Yeon Seok to hold on to her.

Yeon Seok is staring at her eyes. It seems that those eyes are trying to communicate with him, but he couldn't decrypt the messages.

"Live well in your new home Kang Sora Shhi.." said Mok Jiwon. Now the obstacle between her and Yeon Seok are gone. Smiling.

Sora plainly smiled back to her. Slighly bow to them before walking out of the room..

"Sora.." Yeon Seok hold her hands before she walks further. "This room.. I'll keep it for you. Just come whenever you wanted to come.." He said to her, trying hard to accept the reality. Sora's decision has obviously given a big lump in his heart.

Sora looked at him. He is not letting her go. Neither has he held her from going. "See you around.." slowly pulling her hand off him with a smile on her face. A crafted smile to show that she’s okay with this decision.

Yeon Seok looked at her walking away. Leaving the empty room behind. Leaving his heart feeling empty too. That friend of his...

"I never thought it was this hard for you to let go of your good friend.." Jiwon is hugging her from behind.

Forgot that Jiwon is also in the room. Yeon Seok pulled her hands off his waist and turn to her. "I told you she's a family.." not really in the good mood now seeing the person that he wanted to hold so much leaving.

"Should we start our own real family now?" Jiwon looked at him. Informally proposing to him.

Yeon Seok frowned. Never expected a proposal from a woman. "We're still new with our relationship. Don't you think?" A year plus, of course it is considered new for him. Comparing his relationship with Sora.

"Don't you ever think of our future?" Jiwon pouts.

Yeon Seok smirked. No. He never think of one. He knows his relationship with any human is just temporary.

"Oppa!" Jiwon hits his shoulder. Looking at Yeon Seok face, its obvious that he didnt see any future with her.

"Isn't it fun like this?" Yeon Seok grabbed her waist.

"No it's not!" Jiwon let her go from Yeon Seok's hand. Storming out of the house. She thought Yeon Seok would have been head over heels about her right now. Especially when she saw he bid her good friend goodbye from his house. Obviously her expectation are too big.

Yeon Seok let Jiwon go with her emotion. He's not interested to chase after her right now. His head are still messed up with the fact that Sora is moving out from their house today.

He looked around the room. Sora's scent is still lingering in the room. Taking his deep breath. "I started to miss you Kang Sora.." He whispered.


Sora looked at the new apartment she’s moving in. It is complete with top notch furnitures. Bringing luxurious look to the house. A house that she carefully decides on the interior designs and fitting.

"You sure knows how to spend your money well.. why do you need this big house when you just plan to live here alone?" Park Hoon left her luggage in her new room and join her in the living room. A big spacious duplex condominium with spacious living room too.

Sora smiled not answering to the question. Money. It is something that never bothered her and Yeon Seok. They've been gaining and saving a lot from their past life.

"I need to change.." Sora got up from her couch heading to her room but stopped by Park Hoon.


"I'm going now. Please take your rest.."  He pats her shoulder. He knows Sora has been in a deep thought since leaving the house. She need her time alone to settle down her heart matters. It is that hard for her.

"Ae.." Sora slowly nodded. Looking at Park Hoon leaving the house.

She’s looks around her. Feeling empty. "Yoo Yeon Seok.. Do you miss me?  Cause I miss you badly.." Her tears eventually falls.


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