Thursday, July 9, 2015

Immortal - Episode 1

“Oh Soo Hyun!” Suddenly her hand was grabbed by unknown man. She stared at his face and then takes a look at the logo on his doctor’s robe. It’s the logo of their hospital.

“Excuse me?” She frowned looking him. It’s a face that she never met before.

“Ya Quack.. Don’t you remember me?” That man is still holding her wrist and looking at her face intensely. “It’s not that long since I left Seoul” He stand tall in front of her. That tall handsome man.

She pulled her hands off his. “Do I know you?” Trying to remember all of her previous acquaintance but that man’s face doesn’t seems to remind her of anybody.

“Sora.. What’s wrong?” Another doctor came near them seeing the earlier fuss.

Sora shrugged her shoulder. Looking at that man again with a questioned look.

“I’m sorry.. I must have mistaken you with somebody else.” The man scratching his head. Looking at the name on her doctor’s robe. “Kang Sora..” He whispered.

“Who are you? Are you new here?” Sora asked him. She never saw him before.

“Eo.. I just reported for duty today..” He scratches his head. “Park Hoon. Thoracic Surgeon” He extends his hands.

“Kang Sora.. Neurosurgeon” Properly accepting his hands this time. “This is Dr. Yoo Yeon Seok. Our Thoracic Specialist. I bet both of you will be working together a lot after this.” She smiled looking at Yeon Seok. His skills in Thoracic are among the best in South Korea.

“Please take care of me..” He extended his hands to Yeon Seok. A tall good looking doctor. He seems closed with Kang Sora, the woman he mistakenly thought as Oh Soo Hyun.

“So you are the new surgeon our director told us about.” Looking at Park Hoon. His hand is soft and strong. A good features of thoracic surgeon with handsome face too.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I really thought you were someone else..” Park Hoon turned to Sora with a deep bow. Another apology.

“I must have a common face.” She smiled. With soft pink colored lipstick shining her beautiful smiles.

Doctor Kang Sora, please report yourself at Ward Number 6.

A general announcement is breaking their introduction meeting.

“That’s for me.. I need to go first.” She bowed before leaving.

Yeon Seok stopped her for a while. “Call me once you’re done.. Let’s have some coffee”

“Dae..” she said and running for her call.

Park Hoon is staring at her running for her job. Her face and her determination is definitely the same as Oh Soo Hyun. A woman who has a crush on him before. A woman that somehow giving a hole in his heart for rejecting her. “But there’s some coldness in her action. It’s not the same as warm Oh Soo Hyun is. Maybe it’s just a person with the same facial features.” He thought to himself. Trying to accept the fact.

“Your girlfriend?” Park Hoon looked at Yeon Seok who also staring at that woman.

He laughed. He heard that a lot. People sometimes mistaken their closeness with having a lover relationship. “She’s a friend. My best friend..” He answered.

“So you’ve known her for long?” Park Hoon asked again. A little voice on his head still wanted to think that woman is Oh Soo Hyun.

“Long enough to know her inside and out.” He smiled. “Let’s go to our department.. I’ll let you meet the team..” Invites Yeon Seok to his new teammate.

“Sure..” Park Hoon follows.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the new story. I dunno which pairing is your lead...i'm expecting for yeonseok...but it is up to you as the author..I still will read your story till the end....

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

Hi anonymous.. thanks for reading this new fanfic of mine. The real pairing will be revealed as the story goes deeper. But i love to keep it open to your imagination for the time being. hehe..

Which pairing you love more?? Should we get votes? :p

Anonymous said...

Of course I love Sora-Yeonseok more... I have read till chapter 6... Cannot wait for more chapter...

noukina said...

Please tell me this is Park/Oh story!