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Episode 32 - Finale

She blankly staring at the dressing room door through reflection of the mirror in front of her. "What am I hoping for?" She sighed hard.

"Sora shhi.. Let me finish up your make-up.." her makeup artist came to approach her with a veil to complete the dress that she's wearing.

Sora stopped the hands from touching her head. Looked at the beautiful dress that she's wearing and her face in that dress. There’s not even a slightest of happiness painted in it.

"What's wrong honey?" Donggun came complete in his tuxedo appealing his charismatic looks. He has heard that Sora is reluctant to finish of her make up for the appearance. Their wedding ceremony is starting soon.

Sora looked at him.."Can I have a minute alone with you?" She asked.

Donggun nodded and signalling other people to leave the room.

"What's wrong Sora? What's with your gloomy face? You should be happy on our wedding day...” Donggun came nearer and caressing her face. The woman that he claimed his.

"Donggun shhi.." Sora hold his hand and stand up looking at him. "I can't go on with this.. I know you love me. But I’m not... getting married like this will make us suffer more in the future...”

"Kang Sora.." He is shocked. All along he thought his authority has make a sense out of her.

"Please let me go.." she's now down on her knees. "I will forever disappeared before you. From here.." tears started to flow down her cheek.

Donggun looked at her speechless. As much as he wanted Sora to be his, but this is beyond his imagination. She's determined with her own feelings.

"Sora.." Donggun tried to bring up Sora again.

"Please Donggun shhi..." She's begging.


"Hyung.." Siwon came. Both he and Donghae been trying hard to look for Leeteuk. Didn't know he would be sleeping at the dorm at times like this.

"Oh Siwon-ah.. you came.." Leeteuk looked pale. He's been thinking about Sora since yesterday. Her words are coming to him one by one piercing his heart, trying to figure out what is her actual intention.

"Where's your phone? We've been trying to call you since earlier.."

"It ran out of battery.." he pointed his phone that's located on the side table of his bed. Not even bother to look at it.

A call from Donghae came.

"Donghae ya.. I’ve found.."

"Sora has left.." Donghae cutting Siwon's conversation.


"She left the hall.. Everybody is currently looking for her.." Donghae sounded out of breadth.

"Arasso.. I'll let Leeteuk hyung know."

"You've found him?"

"Eo.." he hang up the phone and blankly stared at Leeteuk.

"What is it?" Leeteuk asked looking at the speechless Siwon.

"I guess the worst case has come.." He half whisper.

"What are you saying?" Leeteuk didn't get it.

"Their wedding cancelled.. Sora has left her wedding.." Told siwon. Leaving Leeteuk speechless. No wonder she's been trying to talk to him yesterday. Now the pieces has come together.

"Hyung.. We need to go now. We need to look for her before it’s too late.."

Leeteuk immediately got up from his bed.. Getting his phone and car key. Driving his car to the hall later to find Dong Gun sitting blankly staring at Sora's wedding dress.

"Where is she? Where is Sora Dong Gun shi?" Leeteuk grabbed his tux's collar making Dung Gun's eyes facing him.

"Leeteuk shhi.." Dong Gun sneered looking at that guy in front of him. "In the end we both lost her.." he laugh. Insanely accepting the situation.

"Where is she??" Leeteuk asked again with a firmer tone.

"Gone.." he let himself go from Leeteuk's hand and sat on the chair. "She's gone..." hugging the dress on his hands. His eyes teared up. After all this years of caring her lightly, he regrets. Her hearts are too beautiful to be hurt by him anymore so he decided to let her go. Just like how she wishes to be.

Leeteuk went back to his car. Driving without any direction. His eyes are everywhere looking at Sora. Giving his last effort to save their relationship.

Donghae called.

"Where are you hyung?" Donghae sound panic.

"On the street. Heading nowhere. Sora isn't at the hall.."

"Head to the airport. Her manager told Siwon hyung that Sora is heading to airport."

"Where is she going??"

"I don't know.. Even her manager didn't know.. Let’s just head there. Me and siwon hyung are on our way too.." Donghae assuring. At least one of them will get to catch for Sora there. They hope.

The call ended. Leeteuk pressed the gas pedal of his car, changing his gear and speed up heading to the airport. "Don't leave Sora-ya" he talks to himself.

As they arrived at the airport, Leeteuk rushed to go to the counter to obtain passenger's details but was not available. "How are we to find through this thousands of people.." he sighed deeply. He looked around him, hopeless. "Where are you Sora-ya.." Hoping that she will got his telepathy.

"Let’s split up.." Siwon suggested. At least they can have a bigger chance to find her.
Leeteuk nodded agreeing. They split up as suggested.

"Kang Sora sshi.." a hands are holding Sora from stepping into the immigration border.

"Siwon shhi.." she surprised looking at that guy.

"Where are you going? Hyung is here.. Let’s meet him.." he grabs sora's hands but Sora is standing like a stone in front of the immigration counter.

She looked at him with a certain look.. "I'm not going.." she pulls he hands of him. "As much as I want to stay.. But I can't. I made a promise so we can be free..."

"Kang Sora.. Things can be different.. At least you should save your relationship with Leeteuk.."

"I tried. But I guess we never meant for each other. This is how things supposed to be Ma Si Won shhi.." She's taking her steps.

"Sora.." Siwon trying to stop her again.

"Take care.." Slowly letting her hand from him and look at him with an honest smile.

Siwon looked at that girl's walking away. "You stupid girl.. Why is your idea of solving problems always with running away.." he sighed hard. Slowly walking to find for Leeteuk.

"Did you find her?" He asked looking at Siwon.

He shakes his head. Lying. He looked at Leeteuk. If he knows that he met Sora earlier, he could be even more devastated.

"I'm sorry that I could not save your relationship hyung.." He thought to himself.

Leeteuk looked at the floor. The last piece of his hope are now gone.


"It’s been a while since we're having a concert in New York" Donghae hyped. He always get excited when there's activity in New York.

Leeteuk nodded. Packing his luggage for tomorrow.

"Cheer up hyung.. We're travelling now.." Kyuhyun came teasing his hyung. It’s hard to see Leeteuk having a good time with the team. He's spending time alone more often now.

"Arasso.." Nonchalantly he replied.

"What else do you want to bring? Let me help you.." Kyuhyun open up a drawer near to his bed.

"Not that drawer!" Leeteuk stopped him.

"What is there?" Kyuhyun surprised seeing Leeteuk suddenly jumped on him.

Slowly Leeteuk open the drawer and taking out a jewellery case. It’s been 3 years since he last looked at the item inside the case.

"The ring that you gave to Kang Sora before right?" Kyuhyun looked at that familiar ring. The ring that caused 50,000 people at their concert screams.

Slowly Leeteuk nodded. An item that he treasured the most. An item that he is holding on to for 3 years. 

"Are you still waiting for her to come back?" Donghae asked. Looking at how well Leeteuk is treasuring the ring, he must be hoping for their relationship still.

Leeteuk silent. He keep the ring back in its case and store it in the drawer. "Let's sleep. We need to get up early tomorrow.." He looked at the clock. It’s already 2am.

"Arasso.." Kyuhyun left the room, leaving Donghae and Leeteuk. They are roommates now.

"What if you meet her again one day hyung?" Donghae asked.

"What do you mean?" Leeteuk weird with the sudden question.

"Anie.. I'm just saying in case.." He said before snuggles to his comforter. Sleeping.


"You're not coming?" A beautiful tall blonde hair woman are waving from the convertible that she's driving. Leeteuk looked at that woman, it is certain that he didn't know her at the first place.

"Of course.." Another woman with brown wavy hair walk past him, heading fast to her friend’s car.

Leeteuk smiled. For a while he thought that the blonde woman is talking to him. He then stare at the brown hair woman. Her physique looks familiar. Wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans like someone he used to know.

"Hey! Sara! Wait up for me!" An english man came to chase the car that started moving.

"See you there Chris!" The woman with brown hair turned and waved at the pitiful man. 

"Kang Sora?" Leeteuk thought to himself. He scrubs his eyes. Her beautiful big eyes and stunning smiles that he has fallen into. He is sure that is Kang Sora that he knows.

"Damn it.." The English man throws a bulk of dresses that he's holding earlier. From the look, he seems like a stylist.

"Can I help you?" Leeteuk is giving a hand to help picking up the dresses that he thrown away.

"Thank you.." 

"Your friend earlier..."

"Those bitches are not my friend.." Seems that he is still fuming from being left.

Leeteuk gave the remaining dresses to him. "Are you okay to carry all this alone?"

"That's what I’m saying.. Why do I have selfish friends like them.." He sighed. "Anyway, thank you sir.."

"Not a big problem.. Can I ask you something?"


"The woman earlier, the one with Asian look.. What is her name?"

"Oh.. That’s Sara Kang. The top model of our magazines.." He said while taking a magazine from his bag for Leeteuk. "A gratitude.." He said before waving for a taxi.

Leeteuk look at the beautiful chic look model on the cover page of the magazine. She's definitely Kang Sora.

"Hyung, what are you doing here standing in front of our hotel?" The group members just came down for practice.

"I thought you leave for the practice long ago.." Siwon asked. He then take a look at the magazine that Leeteuk is holding. A familiar face is on the cover page.

"Kang Sora?" Eunhyuk blurt it first. "She's in New York all this while?"

Donghae also take a look at the magazine Leeteuk is holding. "At last, you get to know it on your own.." Donghae relieves. Being the only person who kept the secret are killing him. He has met Sora unintentionally last year when he visited New York for his personal vacation. Since then, he promised to keep the secret on Sora whereabouts until Leeteuk found it out himself. He sighed out of relieves.

"Go find her hyung.." Siwon is giving him a push.

"Yes.. You would not want to lose her again.. Don't you?" Donghae being the devil advocate.

"Just be back before our concert start though.." Eunhyuk reminded.

Leeteuk smiled. "I will.." He went to the street to look for a cab. Heading to find her.. "Kang Sora, wait for me.. Let's face the world together again.."

Message to all reader:-

Thank you so much for your patient in waiting and for reading my piece. It been 3 years (perhaps) for me to finish this up (I know its damn freaking long!). My work commitment sometimes killing me. I wish I could have wrote this better and not to make you guys to wait this long. This is the last chapter of "La Recontre". If time permits, I’ll be coming back with a new short fanfic soon. Staring Kang Sora, Yoo Yeon Seok (yes I love him in Warm & Cozy) and Park Hoon (Lee Jung Sok's character in Doctor Stranger). Please anticipate. Thank you *Deep Bow*


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