Friday, May 22, 2015

Episode 31

"So this is where you've been..."

Sora shocked hearing the voice from behind her.

"Are you following me?" She looked at Donghae standing there.

"I'm curious over what had happened. You left unannounced.."

"I thought my engagement announcement was clear enough."

Donghae looked at her top to bottom. "You've changed. A lot... or should I say I’ve finally found the real you?" Sarcasm hits at his best.

Sora sneered. "It would be the later.."


Sora looked at him. Wondering why is he here.

"There's something else in your eyes. I can feel it." Donghae moved nearer to her.

Sora laughed. "Don't behave like you know me that well.."

"Eyes don't lies Sora shhi." He softly caressing her cheek.

"Donghae shhi!"

"Mian.." he stepped back a little knowing he has crossed his boundaries. Those eyes are so pitiful that makes him drown into it. "I don’t know what your actual feeling is. But if you need a sounding wall. I'll will always available to become one." He's honest.

"It's okay Donghae shhi. I don’t need your sympathy."

"Sora-ya.. What are you doing here?" Dong Gun came out from his car. Looking straight to the man standing near to his fiancée, Donghae.

"Just saying hi to a friend..." She gave Donghae a look to leave the place soon. "You're early.." Sora walked to Dong Gun.

"Nice meeting you here.. Donghae shhi." Dong Gun stretch out his hands.

"You too Dong Gun shhi. Congratulations on your engagement." He smiled. "I need to go now. Let’s have a coffee some time Sora shhi." Donghae looked at Sora.

Sora nodded. "Let’s get up to my apartment shall we?" She holds Dong Gun's arm. Wanted to drag him out of there.

"Seems like you’re connected with Super Junior boys quite closely...” he looked at Donghae's car driving out of the parking lot.

Sora silently walk to the elevator. Not a topic that she wants to talk with Dong Gun knowing how he hates them.


“Let’s go hyung… please accompany me meeting with them” Donghae trying to get Leeteuk to accompany him for his newest drama casting.

“Can’t you get Kangin or Heechul to accompany you instead? I’m not in the mood to go out from the dorm...”

“You can’t stay here forever. It’s time for you to come out and meet the world...” He’s pulling Leeteuk up from the bed. “And shave your beard too... You looked like a caveman!”

“I like this new image. Don’t you think?” Leeteuk trying to make fun of his new image.

“Andwae.. You can’t get out like this.”

“Who says anything about getting out?”

“Ah hyung…..” like a child, Donghae trying to convinced him to come.

“Arasso.. Let me wash up first” Lazily he wakes up from his bed.


“How is it going? Hyung is still waiting for you at the room next door...” Leeteuk received a call from Donghae after half an hour of waiting.

“It’s finishing soon. Can you wait a little bit more?”

“Sure.. Hyung will be here...” He sighed. Spending time on his bed is more precious than having to wait blankly like this. He looked at his phone and browsing through all his instagram pictures. Some pictures with Sora is still there. Contemplating to delete those pictures.

“Are you going to delete that?” Suddenly a familiar voice greeted him.

He looked up. “Sora?” His eyes can’t believe who is in front of him now. She looks stunning as always with white blouse and jeans on her perfect body.

“Why you looked so shocked as if you’re seeing a ghost? It’s not like I’m dead yet...” She giggles.

“Anie…” He lost his choice of words. He never expect to see her again.

She looked at every details of that namja face. A trace of fresh aftershave cut is on his left chin. She smiled by herself looking at it.

“What are you doing here?” He tentatively get up and giving his seat to her and looking for another seat for himself.

“Looking for you...” She smiled again. She’s relieved that Leeteuk agreed to came out of his hiding today.

Leeteuk stared at her. It’s been a long time since he last looked at those genuine smile. "Are you okay?" Seeing her here after the last hurtful meeting is not a norm. It seems like this girl is having two personality within herself.

“Never been better...” She move her seat nearer to Leeteuk making him taken aback with Sora’s bold moves.

She smiles looking at Leeteuk’s action. “You’ve lost lots of weight...” She touches his cheek.

Leeteuk stopped her hands from touching his face further. “You can say that I have suffered enough...” He said.

Sora pulled her hand from his. Frustrated over Leeteuk action.

“You’re different from before. What make you come here now? I thought we’re over?” His clear voice shows how frustrated he is with her. Who wouldn’t?

“I’m just missing you.. Missing myself when I’m with you..” She hold his hands.

“Kang Sora stop it..” He snapped his hand from hers. “This is absurd. After 8 months I’m trying to get rid of my regret knowing you. I won’t let you ruined me again...” Leeteuk begged. He wouldn’t want to go through those painful experience again.

Sora looked to his face deeply. Maybe it was the wrong decision to meet him today hoping that the love is still there.

“Hyung.. Please hear her side of stories first..” Donghae who has been watching their meeting came out.
Leeteuk looked at Donghae who walked towards them, wondering… “So you know she’s coming?”

“I help her setup this meeting.. You need to properly talk this over..” His intention is noble. He wanted to help his hyung and Sora to sort out their feelings well.

“It’s okay Donghae shhi...” She gets up from her chair and walked to the door.

“Sora.. What is this?” Leeteuk hold her from walking away. He didn’t understand the situation that they are in now.

She smiled with a teary eyes. “You deserve to be happy with your life Leeteuk shhi.. I won't joke with your feeling anymore..” A warm kiss landed to his lips.

He looked at her walked away from the room. “What is this?” He turned to Donghae. Somehow he feels like he has been rejected for the 2nd time.

“You’re going to regret this big time hyung.. Big time...” Donghae run to catch for Sora.


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Oh no.. This needs an update soon. Heartbreaking ....

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I just hope Leeteuk chases after her.. Thank you for the update!