Friday, May 22, 2015

Chapter 30

It’s just a normal morning before she went for her schedule. Becoming a fiance to a big corporation CEO has definitely made her life full with schedules and activities.

She’s taking a sip of her morning coffee while reading the news from her twitter. She stops at an article and grab her phone to make a call to Dong Gun.

“Oppa.. You said that you will stop disturbing them?” Another cancellation of Super Junior’s concert was broadcasted throughout the twitter land.

“Anieya.. That wasn’t me. I have told my guys to stop it..” He's denying it. "What are you doing still checking on their news?"

“Hmm.. I just happen to read about them. Anyway, you better not have anything to do with this.” Immediately she hangs up on him.

Suddenly he called her again. “Are you free tonight? Let’s have a dinner together?”

“You know I have full schedule this month..”

"I can cancel it..” Showing off his power.

“No.. If people talk bad about me, it will do no good to you too. Let’s meet some other time... nae?” She tried to escape from him. She knows he is trying to prove that he is sincere with his feelings. Somehow, she is now believes that he is sincere. But she just can’t accept his love.

“Okay.. I just go to your filming set then..” He hang up. Frustrated.

Sora sneered. Both of them are hard headed. That's for sure. She's taking a look at the article again. Zooming in to Leeteuk's picture. "You've gotten skinnier oppa..." She thought to herself.


"What's wrong again?" Shindong is pissed. They have been spending a lot of their time for the concert but it's been called off again.
"I call it off.." Leeteuk entering the room with their lead manager.

"We are not ready... I'm not ready to face the world yet." Leeteuk calmly sit.

"Ya! Do you think this group is all about you??!!" Heechul came and grabbed Leeteuk's shirt. "Look how hard these kids has been practicing."

"Does that mean you can just ignore my feelings?!" Leeteuk is grabbing Heechul's shirt back.

"Hyung!" The other members are trying to stop both of them before the fight gets awry.

"Oppa stop it! What is wrong with you!" Yoona came from next door after hearing the noise from Super Junior's training room. "This is not like you.."

"Let me go.." Leeteuk snap his arm from her hand. Slowly walk to the door while she is following him.

"Ya.. don't you dare runaway like a girl. Be responsible with this group. You're supposed to be the leader of the group. Act like one!" Heechul shouted.

"You brats...." Leeteuk run towards Heechul holding a fist..

"Stop!" Kangin came in the middle of their fight. "Just stop it both of you.."

"What's with this mess?" BoA came to their training room hearing the fights.

"Bo-A noona.." Kangin looked at her.

"Leeteuk-ah.. You are better than this. What's with this attitude?"


"Not to me, but to them.. What heechul been upset about is right. This is a team effort. Please don't make it personal.."

Leeteuk silent. His ego and anger is eating him.

"Go home all of you and have a good rest. We have a project coming soon..."

"What is it noona?" Kyuhyun asked.

"Tomorrow.." Replied BoA while walking out of the room. "Teuk-ah, walk with me.."

Leeteuk nodded while walking her out of the room.

"The kids need somebody to guide them. Lead them. If you're like this, are you looking for SJ to go down the drain?" BoA talked one to one with Leeteuk. 

"I know you're frustrated, but love comes and go. Be strong.. We need you back.." She hold his hand. Giving him the trust and spirit that he needs.

Leeteuk nodded. He regrets for following his heart for just too much.


"Little more left!" The choreographer instructed bunch of man and women to follow his steps.

"Couple dance is much harder than solo. Damn it.." Eun Hyuk sighed.

"Only for this one song oppa.." Yoona smiled. Being partnered with Eun Hyuk is like two different world altogether. It is hard to catch up with Eun Hyuk's speed of learning the steps.

"Arasso.. Let's do this again.." Eun Hyuk tried to be patient.

"Don't you think this song can build up our relationship again oppa?" Taeyeon been smiling the whole day when she knows she's paired up with Leeteuk.

Leeteuk silent.

"Okay take a break for 10 minutes before we start with the full rehearsal for the song ya.." The choreographer instructed.

"Why do we need to have this partnering song?" Donghae is catching his breadth.

"With our current image, we do need each other.." Taeyeon referring to all the rumors that has been involving SJ and SNSD lately.

"Can't we just do our thing hyung.." Donghae looked at Leeteuk who has been silent all day long. Suddenly a glimpse of a woman in red seen from the room door.

"Sora..." Unconsciously Donghae mentioned that name.

"Don't tell me you are also crazy about her?" Taeyeon sick of listening to that name.

Leeteuk looked at the door that Donghae is staring. Somebody was definitely there. Slowly he walks to the door.

"Kang Sora stop right there..." He is sure that the figure who is just walking away from their room belongs to Sora. Her beautiful long leg paired with shiny red shoes. Matching the red mini-dress that she is wearing.

She turned around facing him. "I'm busted.." she giggles.

Leeteuk looked at her, didn't believe who is in front of him. After 3 months, he's now able to see her in front of him again. But the image is different from her before. She looks detested. Her giggles are asking for a slap in a face. This is not her. This is definitely not her.

"Hey woman, what are you doing her??" Taeyeon walking fast towards her, ready to pick a fight.

"Taeyeon stop!" Leeteuk grabbed her hand.

"Who are you again?" Sora is mocking Taeyeon.

"Ya! You slut!"

"I think you should take care of your girlfriend Leeteuk-shi. This is not a behavior expected from a super star" Taking off her sunglasses and look straight to Leeteuk.

"At least this ill-behavioured super star does not announce dating with someone and engaged with someone else the next day!" Taeyeon shouted.

Sora just smiled accepting the words. Turned away and walking out from the conversation. Hiding her emotion. Those are topics that she can never be tough on.

Leeteuk follow her to the parking lot. Calmly walks to her car.

"Didn't you came here to see me? Why did you walk out just like that?" Leeteuk grabbed her hands.

"You still wore the ring?" The shiny gold ring he used to proposed her claim his attention.

Sora take her deep breadth before facing him again. "I'm here to return this Leeteuk-shi" Sora take-off the ring from her ring-finger and handed it over to him with a bitter smile.


"I've been doing this for fun. But I guess you've gone too serious about it thus I need to pull-out.."

"Do you need to be this harsh? What have I done wrong to you?"

Sora move near him. Slowly caressing his slimmer cheek. "You're too naive Leeteuk-shi."

"Sora! What is wrong with you?!" Cupping her shoulder to wake her up. Couldn't believe that she changed so much.

"This is the real me.. Those innocent images are just an acting. I'm an actress Leeteuk-shi. Did you forget about that?"

"Look at me and tell me that you don't love me anymore..."

She laughed. "You're too hung up on being loved Leeteuk-shi. Believe me, in our world, love is artificial" She opens her car door. "After today there is no more relationship between us. Just think of it as one of your bad dream" she painfully smiled and entered the car.

Leeteuk looked at the car moving away from him while hardly squeezing the ring on his palm. "How could you do this to me.." his heart is broken to pieces for numerous time. His man-tears flowing down. 

"Hyung.." Siwon came.

"Siwon-ah.. Hyung being dumped again" he bitterly smiled and wiping off his tears. "I'm such a fool right?"

"Be strong hyung.. Maybe she got reasons behind it."

"What reason could it be? I'm just a person not worth to be loved." He looked down and slowly walking to back to their training room.


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