Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chapter 29

Calls after calls made, but none went through. The apartment was left empty from her stuff. Her makeups. Her wardrobes. All are gone overnight.

"Pick up Sora. Where are you?" He is worried. He had a bad feeling over this. But just he doesn’t know where he can go to find her. He's confused.

The doorbell rings. Slowly he walks to the door, getting Donghae and Kangin who is coming for him.

"Hyung, are you okay?" Donghae asked. Leeteuk called them in a panic tone earlier. They looked around the house. Sora’s presence is missing.


"She's gone" Cut Leeteuk. He knows what they want to ask. 

"Have you tried calling her?" Kangin sit beside him while Donghae went around the house looking for something.

"I have. But it’s off. I can't make it through" He's touching his head. Dizzy over things that's happening currently. The group’s problem and now Sora. It just too much for him to handle at once.

"That explains...” Donghae paused.

"Explain what?" Kangin asked.

"Actually... I’ve met her last night" Donghae came near them and sat in front of Leeteuk.

"What did you say?" His eyes wide open looking straight to Donghae, asking for more explanation.

"I went to the club that I normally visit and I found her there."

Leeteuk cringed. He never knows that Sora is the type that visits the club.

"I don’t get to ask why she is there though. She's too drunk and there's a driver who pick her up."

"Driver?" He frowned. Another thing that he never knew of… Seems that Sora is keeping lots of secret from him.

"Is she some kind of chaebol daughter or something? Have you seen her parents?" Donghae asked. He would always think that either she is a chaebol daughter or she got a really rich sponsor behind her. It's always between the two.

"No. We never met yet... "

"I thought you're marrying her soon?" Kangin shocked looking at how blurry of Leeteuk with Sora's background. How can he get married to somebody he barely knew... He thought to himself. 

"I don't even have any clue where to find her at times like this...” Leeteuk sighed. Kangin’s point is right. It makes him wonder if he really is someone special in her heart.

Suddenly he got up and dragging his feet to the room.

“Hyung…” Donghae try to stop him. He must be really frustrated with the situation now.

“I need to clear my mind...” His shoulders are down and his mind is somewhere else. Whatever reason for what’s happening today, he can’t figure it out.


"You're pretty in this colour unnie...” The make-up artist is complementing her beauty in maroon coloured engagement dress.

Sora just gives her a bitter smile. She doesn’t need those complement. She doesn't want to be in that dress if she was given the choice.

"We're starting the conference in half an hour Sora-Shi." An event assistant came in. The make-up artist nodded and giving the last touch up to make sure Sora is glam up for the day.

"It’s enough... This is fine...” Sora stopped her. "I need some time alone." 

"Dae...” she packs up her things and leaves her in the room.

She looked at the reflection of herself in the mirror. The dress that she's wearing this evening sickens her. The thought of living under the same roof with Dong Gun is not what she's looking forward to. She’s stealing a glance to her switched-off phone. Her eyes got teary.

"Honey... Why did you cry?" Dong Gun came in and saw Sora’s crying. He goes near her and wipe off her tears.

"I know you love him. But I love you more...” He speaks from his heart. It is true that he's trying to change his old self for her sake. His fight for her love not just because of some childish jealousy.

He tightly hugs her... “Please give me one more chance to prove myself”.

Sora silent. After what had happened for the last 3 years, she just can't believe whatever he said yet.

He cupped her face. “I love you and I will never let you go.. That’s my promise to you” A kiss landed on her forehead.

"Hyung..." Donghae knocked.

Slowly walk to door. "You both can get back to the dorm. I'm staying here for a while...”

"You need to see this...” Donghae dragged him out to the living room.

"What is it?" Reluctantly he follows.

Donghae shows the latest news that spread over the internet.

Leeteuk surprised looking at the news title. He just can’t believe his eyes.

"Exclusive announcement: Top Star Kang Sora and K-Entertainment Giant company CEO Jang Dong Gun Engaged. Getting married end of the year"

His heart stops beating for a few second. He feels like the world is spinning on his head "What is happening?" He is confused.

He looked at the picture of the girl that supposed to be engaged with him. Somehow she’s standing beside another man, announcing their engagement and marriage.

Suddenly, he grabbed his car key and heading outside.

"Hyung where are you going?" Donghae tried to stop him.
"I want to see her. This cannot be happening…” 

"It’s useless hyung." Kangin hold him with his strength.

"No!! This can't be true. It’s just yesterday that we're together. Happily. This cannot be true...” Leeteuk’s screaming out to Kangin. His tears are falling, half insane.

"Hyung!" A slap got on his face. A hard one. Leeteuk stunned. He is now on the floor. Looking down and helpless.

Kangin is helping him getting up to the couch again. "I'm sorry... But you need to wake up. There's no use in chasing her. Obviously she had made her decision." Kangin reminded Leeteuk with the empty apartment that Sora left.

“What did I do wrong…? Why did she do this to me…?” He cried. His sadness cannot be hidden anymore. What had happened feels too absurd for him to accept. It’s just surreal.


dimple11 said...

so sad and heartbreaking! i hope it's not too late and they can find a way to be together.. for sora to break away from her plight.. ugh! so complicated.. thank you for updating.. will wait patiently for the next chapter/s..

Anonymous said...

oh in tears...hope dimple couple could get time to talk...please update soon authornim.