Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chapter 28

"A call from Japan came today." The Head Manager came to their practice room. Their dance steps stopped. All eyes are on him. His appearance has always been complicated. 

"The concert has been cancelled." He added.

"I knew it!" Ryeowook is throwing his sweat towel to the floor. Others sat down on floor. Can't say much. Things have becoming more frustrating lately.

"What now? First the album, then my show and now the concert?" Heechul went near to the Head Manager. Previous instance was shut-off by mere excuses. Now he demanded a real answer from him.

"Calm down. Our company will surely negotiate this again with our sponsor." Leeteuk is calming Heechul down. He must be really frustrated. All things are happening all at once.

Their manager looked down. "We have talked to them and renegotiated, but the answers are the same."

Leeteuk went silent. Something seems not right. Japan market has always been dominated by them, but why suddenly the sponsor pulls out without proper details.

"What about Beijing?"

"The sponsors are indicating to pull out as well. But they have not confirm it with us.."

Leeteuk bumped on the floor. "I'm sorry guys. My selfish act has brought us to this." Nothing could cause this stir except for his recent action. He thought. 

"Don't be kidding. That tiny little confession won't cause all of this. How many idols have confessed on their love relationship? None that kills them.." Heechul replied. Looking at other members who lost their faith is hurting him.

Suddenly Siwon grabbed his winter coat and rushing outside.

"Where are you going?" Leeteuk's eyes are on him.

"Some business I need to settle." He replied. Short.

"What made you came here?" Sora looked at that tall man, standing in front of her door, straight looking at her. Furious.

He pushes the door and came inside without being invited.

"Ma Si Won!"

"I came with a request.." He looked at her.

"Do Oppa know you're here?" Cut Sora before he can say further.

"No. He shouldn't.." His eyes are sharp.

"What's happening?" Sora looked at him. He seems determined.

He's taking a deep breath. This is hard for him to say and it would be harder for her to accept it.

"Please break-up with Leeteuk hyung." He went on his knee. Begging. He can't look at Sora's eyes while saying it.  

"What is.." Sora shocked.

"Our team is suffering right now. The team represent our passion, our love. It is much bigger than just you and hyung." He stopped and looked at her eyes. "I know Dong Gun is behind things that are happening to us now. I'm begging you. Please break up with Leeteuk-hyung."

Sora is as silent as a stone, looking straight through Siwon. Things that she expects are happening, and now it’s not affecting just the two of them but also the people surround them.

"Please get up.." Said Sora.

Slowly Siwon is getting up from his knees. "Why didn't you say anything?" Siwon looked at her. She seems to know what's coming. 

"There's nothing more to say. You've said everything.." She's forcing a smile.

"Did you know this is happening?" Siwon looked at her.

Sora nodded. Earlier than everybody else.

"What are the trade?"

"Just like what you say..." Her voice started to shake up. "He's doing this purposely to make me suffer.."

"I'm sorry.." He holds her shoulder. Suddenly he looked at one big luggage behind the sofa. "You're leaving soon?" Siwon surprised. This is beyond his expectation. Suddenly a guilty feeling towards her and his hyung kicks in.

"No need for you to know.." Sora headed to the door and opens it up for him.

"Sora..." He looked at her calm face. Even from before, she's good with hiding her true feelings.

"I will break up with your hyung.. Don't worry. But I need your help, please take care of him. He might not able to take this blow.." She’s asking his favour.

Siwon nodded. Slowly leaving the house as the door shut. "I'm so sorry Sora.." he whispered.


Things went blurry. The sounds of the noise around her became her favourite. Her hands and hip started to dance according to the song. She's in the middle of the dance floor, dancing to the club music that's played.

"Sora! Are you drunk???" A man came near her, stopping her from continue with her dance.

"Oh! Donghae-ah.. Nice to see you! Let’s dance!" She's letting herself go from Donghae's hand.

"Ya.. What’s wrong with you? Follow me now!" Donghae grabbed her to his car. With her current reputation, it’s not good for people to see her in a club, behaving like that.

"What's wrong with you? I've never seen you this drunk.."

"Let me out.. I want to dance.." The half sober Sora is trying to find the car lock.

"Stay right here." Donghae hold her.

"Let me go. I'm tired of people controlling my life." Tears started to fall off her cheek.

"What are you saying? What is happening? Is there something happened between you and hyung?"

Sora went silent. Her eyes close. Must have fallen asleep. 

Donghae looked at her, puzzled. "What really happened?" He thought to himself.

"Sora, should I send you home?" Donghae try to wake her up again.

"Please" she pauses. "To the old one"

"Old one?" Donghae have no idea about it. He only knows the one she's living with Leeteuk.

It triggers her half-awake mind. Sora started to look for her handphone in her jeans pocket. "Come pick me up.. You know where I am." She seems like instructing somebody through a phone call.

"Who did you call?" Donghae’s weird. Sora is still half awake. It must be worrying just to let her go to anybody.

"My Chauffeur.." she replied while getting off the car and wait by the road side.

Donghae stand by the road watching her. Suddenly a luxury Mercedes S Class stopped in front of her and her red Audi R8 stopped besides it. A man came out to open the door for her and then transferring a big luggage from R8's trunk to Merc. 

"Who is she?" His mind started to ponder. It seems like she's not just a regular female artist that he expected all this while.


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omo, you update authornim?? this is not a dream right??
I hate if Teuk and Sora must suffer again, it really heart broken, but that is a great story. I am really exited now, what will happen?? will Donghae become a spyman and help TeukSo?? thanks for come back.. ^^

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Hi dear. Thanks for waiting my update. I'm pretty busy now. Hardly spent time on my fanfic. So sorry for the long wait. I will come once in a while, but I cant promise it to be soon. Now my job is taking most of my time :(( mianhae...

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Okay never mean authornim.. i will always waiting, just count some day for teuk oppa comeback... I am too exited, hehehe..