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Chapter 27

She takes out the key to her old apartment. Glimmering of lights are seen through the door holes. She knows the one that she's looking for is inside. Slowly she opens it up.. 

She browse around looking for that someone.

"Long time I didn't see you.." a voice suddenly heard from behind her, making her heart raced like a horse.

"Dong Gun Shi.." She looked at him. Carrying glasses and a bottle of red wine with both of his hand. "Are you expecting somebody?"

"You.." he smiled. "Let's sit in the living room.." leading her to her not-so-unfamiliar place.

"Nothing changed right? I reserved this place especially for you to come back anytime. .." 

Sora pretended not to hear what he had said. Fixing her long hairs and ignoring everything else.

Dong Gun is filling up the glass carefully. "Drink up.." He said while taking a glass for him and sits next to her.

She moved her body a little bit farther. Avoiding any physical contact in this kind of situation.

"Did I disgust you that much?" He sneered.

"Dong Gun shi.. I came here with a request.."

"I know.. I have one too. But let's not talk about it first. Enjoy the drink.." Taking a sip and look at Sora's face. 

"You've gotten prettier.." He caressing her cheek. As soft as baby's skin.

Sora moved her face away. The touch is making her having a goosebumps. She bit her lips. She can just hope that she didn't make a wrong move coming here today. Her manager's warning suddenly came to her.

"The house has been too quiet since you're gone.." He catches her eyes and look deeply into it.

She scratch her neck and look the other way around, taking a sip of her red wine. Everything he said or do, seems like purposely trying to make her feel uncomfortable.

"I think I still have a few things left here right..?" she got up and heading to the room that used to be hers. Changing the focus of their conversation.

Dong Gun look at her while she is walking to her reserved space.

"You can just leave it there though.. you'll be coming back here afterall.." Dong Gun approaching her.

She put down the dress that she's holding. Looking directly to his eyes.

"Dong Gun-shi.. I'm getting married.."

"It's all over the news my darling. Its not something that I didn't know" He's walking out of the room. Controlling his mood.

"You're genius.. you know that don't you?" He took the wine glass again and lean on the couch looking directly at Sora who's coming out of the room, following him. 

"You jumped from one tree to the other. That benefited you.." he added.

"He is not a mere tree... I love him.." She's trying to explain. It is different with Leeteuk. Totally different feeling than what she felt when she's with Dong Gun.

"How romantic... Thats a story that you can sell to a media reporter dear. You know i've known you better than that.." He smirked.

"If not there's no reason for you to be here today.. Don't you think?"

Sora looked at him, clenching her teeth. Trying to hold her feeling. She need to bear with this once. At least once. She whispered to herself.

"I needed your help.."

"You know my help didn't come for free. Especially at time like this" Mockingly he giggled. He knows her intention well.

"I know its all your doing.. Please.. Stop messing with my projects."

Dong Gun laughed. He looked at her. "Why are you worried over those few projects? You'll be good being a housewife. Don't you think?"

"Dong Gun Shi..." She's looking at him. Intensed.

"What? Am I wrong somewhere? Didnt you said you love him?" He sneered.

She sighed. "Its a waste of time being here.." She pick up her handbag and walk to the door. She should have listened to her manager and moved on.

Dong Gun grabbed her hand. "I can give back all those to you with just one call. Just come back to me.. that's all I requested for"

"Dong Gun-shi.. You know that will never happened." She tried to pull her hand off.

"Listen.." He hold her hand tighter and harder. Moved his lips near to her ears. "Once you leave this door, I promise that I'll make you suffer more than what you've felt now. I'll make people around you suffer. Just remember that nobody can have you but me.." He looked at her. Pleasurely smiled after giving his mean threats.

She bit her tongue and hold her breadth. Thats stares is a scary one. "What have I done.." She thought to herself.

"Come to me when you're ready with your decision.." He laughed. He knows nothing can beat the power that he had. Nothing..


Slowly Sora strode across the road heading to her home. There's a lot to think about. Suddenly a hand grabbed her shoulder, waking her up from her deep thoughts.

"Oppa.." Leeteuk's face is in front of her. She look at her surrounding, seems like she's already arrive at the precint without knowing.

"What happened? Didn't you heard I'm calling for you?" 

"I don't.. Something is in my mind.. Sorry" She just being honest.

"Are you okay? You look pale. Where have you been?" softly caressing the face of his woman. She's getting thinner lately. Something doesn't seems right. But Sora is known with her mystery attitude as always. Guarding and hiding things pretty well from his knowledge.

Sora hold the manly hand on her cheek. Its warm and nice. "Lets have a stroll somewhere shall we? Its been a while since our last date.." 

He looked at her. Her face is full with hope. He can't let her down just because of one public announcement that their company is still working on for weeks now.

He grabbed her hands and heading to his car. "Lets go to Han River. You love there don't you?"

Sora nodded. Happy with his decision. At least something that is not letting her down tonight. A smile came to her face.

She tightly holding to his hand while strolling down the path along the Han River bridge. The superb strolling place with the views of lights from the buildings near the river. 

"I actually have something to tell you oppa.." she ultimately saying her intention after making up her mind. Its time for her to come clean with Leeteuk and handle the situations together. If Leeteuk able to accept it then their relationship will holds stronger. She believes..

"What is it dear?" He smiled. Didn't suspect anything.

"Promise me that you will not get mad with whatever that I will tell you. Promise that your feelings towards me wont change after this.. nae?"

Leeteuk looked at her. Trying the understand the situation. Why suddenly the promise and such.. He just can't get it.

"Oppa.. promise me.."

"But why? I didnt get this.." he scratched his head.

"Promise me first.. then I'll explain everything." Looking at him with her shining eyes. Its not easy for her to be honest about everything when she can just choose to hide it until the end.

"Ara.. I promise.." he kissed her forehead. That cute eyes are hard to be ignored.

Sora smiled. Taking a deep breath before dropping the bomb.

"That's Leeteuk!  That's Kang Sora!" Suddenly a group of tourist approaching and greeting them.

"Hi!" Nicely they are smiling and greeting them. Must be their fans from afar.

"Both of you are so beautiful. You look good together!" one of the older one complementing.

"Thank you.." Leeteuk smiled at looked at Sora. Sora smiled at him replying.

"What a perfect moment.." she sighed secretly. Looking at those tourist, there's no way that they can hide. More of to proceed with her plan to be open with her secret.

"You must be very proud!" One of them looking Leeteuk with his proud face.

"Who won't? She's not someone that is easy to woo.." he looked at her. 

"Oppa.." she slightly hits his shoulder. Embarrased with the comments.

"Be happy both of you. From the infinity and beyond!" A cheerful young lady cheered for them.

Leeteuk and Sora smiled looking at each other. "From the infinity and beyond!" Leeteuk grabbed her shoulders and hug her in front of them.

The tourist smiled and slowly leaving them when they got the pictures and autographs that they're asking for. Didn't want to disturb them too long.

Sora looked at Leeteuk. "At last!" She smiled. Feeling a bit at ease when their fans are now gone.

"I never know they can be this positive accepting our public announcement!" 

"I know.." she grabs his hand and continue their walks again.

"Right! We're in the middle of conversation earlier didn't we?" Leeteuk looked at her. He needs to know what's the thing that Sora wanted to tell him.

Sora smiled. "I forgot. Must have surprised with them.." she lied.

"You short memory." Leeteuk is shaking his head and smiled. "Nevermind honey. Just tell me when you remember ya.." he gave her a backhug and enjoying the scenery by the river they are at. 

Sora closed her eyes. Seems like she still wasn't ready with the truth. Maybe not now. Maybe not forever. She sighed over hee coward self.

"Why did you sighed?"

"This view.. This moment with you. Is something to die for.." she turned and facing him.

"I love you forever Kang Sora" he tighthens his hug and brings her body to him.

"Don't you ever forget that."

"Never will.." He kissed her. Their soft lips are intertwined. Their hearts are filled with flowers. May every night will always be like tonight. Their hearts are praying for longlasting happiness.


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