Monday, September 16, 2013

Chapter 26

"Come to my room now.." a husky voice instructed. Jun Jin looked up and saw Dong Gun passing his desk, walking to his room with furious steps.

"What now?" He thought to himself. Looking at the way he walks, it screams bad mood right away. "Be prepared Jun Jin, be prepared" he said to himself while picking up his memo book and a good pen before facing his boss. Being Dong Gun's assistant for more than 5 years now makes him good with Dong Gun's body language.

"Sir..." Jun Jin entered the room and slightly bowing to his superior, anticipating a blow in a few seconds.

"What did I paid you for huh??! Why didn't you tell me about this?!" A folded newspaper flying exactly hitting his right shinbone.

He hunkered, touching the pain on his leg while biting his lips. "I need to withstand this.." he whispered while looking the piece of folded newspaper next to his feet.

He pick it up and open it.  A whole page with picture of Sora and Leeteuk. Strategically located at the first page. He sighed. The breaking news that take a wrong day to appear. The day when he decided not to look at the newspaper among all the other days that he never skipped one.

Slowly he's getting up, facing his boss. "I'm sorry. I couldn't have the opportunity to read the paper yet.." He bowed 90 degree. There's no other excuses. It is his own ignorance. His ignorance that pick a bad day to shows up.

"Find out what happened and where is she now.." Dong Gun instructed. He's not interested in his assistant words. He's interested more about Sora.

"Will do sir.." Slowly moving backwards reaching the door.

"Genius Kang Sora. She know ways to maintained her status well.." He sneered. Locked arms, ready for battle. Somehow, that girl's thinking is beyond his expectation.

"Get me Kang Sora's company president too!" He shouted. Making sure his assistant is listening to every bit of his request. 

"I will sir.." Jun Jin peeked through the small opening of the door and eventually close it. Dong Gun is known with his temperament but he never seen him this mad.

"Kang Sora... you must have forgotten. If I can't have you, nobody else will.." Dong Gun laughed.


"The news filled with ours.." Leeteuk is showing the newspaper that he reads. Staying hidden in Sora's house after the big fuss that he created is a blessing in disguise. They are spending their whole night conversing about everything. Even their plan for kids.She wanted a pair while Leeteuk asking for four. So in the end they ended up with 3. Of any gender that God gives them. 3 beautiful child that will bring their future together.

"Are you that happy?" Sora looked at him sitting on the sofa while crossing his legs, reading the newspaper leisurely. Page by page. While she.. with her normal morning routine. Having her morning coffee at the kitchen island, facing directly to the living room where Leeteuk is sitting.

"Of course.." he got up from the couch heading towards her. "I must be crazy if I'm not happy when a beautiful girl like you agreeing to marry a guy like me.." he kissed her cheek.

"You're not just an ordinary guy.." smiled. Softly caressing her cheek. "So we cant go anywhere today?"

"Nope.." wrapping his arms around her shoulder. 

"What about my schedules then?"

He loosen up his arms and sit in front of her. "Asked your manager to manage it." Grabbing Sora's hands. "You can't be outside yet. The medias are looking for both of us for coverage.." he looked at her, sulking. She must be frustrated with that situation.

"Lets wait for a day or two until my company manage the media conference for us. After that we can go out freely. Dating like other people. No more hiding. No more secret dating.. okay dear?" He continued. Seeing how frustrated Sora is, he feels accountable.

Sora nodded. "It's not like I have other choice.." in a tone of disappointment.

"Sorry for this.." Leeteuk kissed her warm hands. Thanking her for understanding the situation. The situation that he created. "Smile please..." he pinched her cheek. Urgently need to see her smile, to release him from the guilty feeling.

"Oppa...." smiled from the tease.

The house door bell suddenly rang, surprising both of them.

"Who is it?" He looked at her.

"Must be my manager.." Slowly she gets up, heading towards the front door, snooping through the door hole.

"Oppa! Just about time!" She smiled seeing him here. Like a telepathy, her manager knows she's asking for him now.

"Is Leeteuk inside?" He whispered.

"Eo.." She nodded.

"Let's go to your office then.. We need to talk privately.." He's in an urgent tone. Sora looked at him, wondering what's wrong.

"Hmm.. You go the office first oppa. I'll go and see Leeteuk oppa for a while.."" She leaves him heading towards the office while she's getting Leeteuk.

"My manager is here. There's something that he needs to discuss with me. I'll be in my office okay?" Sora looked at him playing around with the television remote. Selecting the channels that he wanted to see.

"Okay.." Leeteuk didn't question much. They must have need to plan for their conference, he thought to himself.

"Oppa, what's wrong?" She enters the room and locked the door from the inside. His facial expression tells something had happened. Something not favorable.

"Sora, listen to me.."

"What's wrong?" The tone he used, the selection of words, making her more curious.

"Something bad had happened. Your name... It was taken out from the drama project.." he looked at her.

"Oh..." She speechless. Nothing else to say. Nothing much that surprised her too.

"You're not surprised?"

Sora is shaking her head. She expected this.

"Did Mr. President said anything?" She looked at him.

"To be careful.."

"Hmm..." Another paused. Thoughts came to her mind. Thinking ways to get out of this situation.

"Sora, I think Dong Gun is serious now. Especially with the proposal last night. You have awaken his dark side.."

Sora still keeping her silence. Listening to everything that her manager oppa is saying.

"Please be extra careful. You can never expect what he's going to do next.."

"Maybe its time for me to face him and talk over it.." She's taking a seat on the sofa inside the study room. Trying to calm her mind and think.

"I don't think its a good idea."

"Then how to solve this?"

"Hiding.. Leeteuk has proposed to you. Marry him and have a good life as his wife. No more entertainment industry.." He sits near her. He loves Sora as much as he loves his own sister. He couldn't see her suffering from her past mistakes.

"I don't think it would be that easy.."

"Just don't ever think of meeting him Sora. He's a demon. A living demon." He cup her hands, asking for an understanding with his worry.

"I've made deal with a demon before, I need to end it.."

"Do you think he will let you go easily? Please, listen to me on this one.." He looks at her. He knows Dong Gun greed more than anyone else. 

"If you know that, don't you think hiding as Leeteuk's wife won't solve my problem either?"


"Let me give it a try to deal with him oppa. Just one try won't kill..." she smiled. Assuring her ideas.

"Hmm.." He's carefully assessing to the proposal. Looking at the girl in front of her, trying to build up a new life.

"Let me know when you're meeting him. I'll accompany you..."

Sora's shaking her head.

"Okay.. from far. Will it do?"

"Thank you oppa!" She nodded. Agreeing to the idea.

"Just be careful okay. I can't see you hurt anymore.. Please be careful.."

"Arasso.. I will.. Don't worry" Looking at the bright side. Maybe her effort will worth it this time.. She smiled with hope.


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