Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chapter 25

"You have to come today okay?" she remembered Leeteuk's reminder about his invitation to the concert today. Their final concert day for this season. Her hands are fidgeting, still thinking through about the idea. Whether to really shows up or not. She knows people will recognize her once she entered the stadium. The netizen will start to talked about it for sure. She also knows this must be one of step that Leeteuk wanted to take for announcing their relationship.
"Just believe in me okay?" another words from Leeteuk appeared in her head. His hopeful yet calm face is making her heart to starts wavering.
She looked at the car watch. Its almost 4pm. The concert will be starting soon.
"Oppa.. Lets go to Jamsil Stadium.." she told her manager.
"You're going?" Confirming.
Slowly she nodded. Closing down her eyes. Praying that she is making the right move.
"Kang Sora is already in the stadium" Leeteuk's manager approaching him delivering the news.
Leeteuk smiled. "We'll proceed with our plan then.."
"Arasso.." his manager went to the technical team confirming the plan to them too. Everything will fall nicely into order.
"Hyung. Why are you postponing your personal performance towards the end of our concert?" Eunhyuk rushingly came over to meet Leeteuk after he heard about the new arrangement.
"I've prepared a new surprised performance for today.." He smirk.
"New performance?"
"Just wait and see.." he said while getting up from his dressing table. "Lets prepare for our opening!" Pushing Eunhyuk to the waiting lounge.  Getting prepared for their final day of the concert tour.
Sora looked at the massive crowd chanting over every songs that the group performed. Feeling proud with their excellent work.
The lights suddenly being turned off. The stadium were light up with only the blue lightsticks creating an amazing blue sea panaromics.
A spotlight appeared pointing at one man, sitting peacefully in front of a white grand piano. Taking a deep breath before making a que to start.
He looked at the note sheet, playing the piano from a key to another, leading him to the beautifully arranged song by Charles Aznavour and Herbert Kretzmer, She.
"Leeteuk sarangae!!" A fan shouted from behind making Sora to smiled over it. Must be his personal fan sitting there. Looking at how beautiful he's performing, she can't help but to feel amazed too. If possible, she would have shouted the same thing.
The romantic guy image that he is portraying is making her to fall deeply in love. Who won't be smitten with that kind of look. Sora smiled to herself.
As the song reached the instrumental solo, leeteuk is getting off from his piano and leave the minus-one to take turn.
He walks slowly heading towards the crowd making the crowd excited and started to scream for the one and only precious item in his hand. A rose.
Gracefully, his waved towards his fan and continue walking nearer to the VVIP area. The area where Sora seated.
Sora looked at him for along time, figuring out of where he's heading. Butterfly started to fill up her stomach looking at Leeteuk getting nearer and nearer to her place.
"It can't be..." she thought to herself. Trying to deny her unease feelings.
Leeteuk still smiling and bravely moving nearer to her and eventually extended his hand towards her, asking for hers.
Sora looked at him, surprised. And at the same time trying to understand what he's going to do.
She knows Leeteuk been talking about making their relationship public, but not in front of 50, 000 fans of his like this. She's not a scene stealer for this beautiful event. She never want to be one.
Leeteuk grabs her hand from her lap looking at how she's in an awe with his action and drag her to the centre of the stage.
"What are you doing?" Sora whispered as she's stealing a glance at the huge crowd surrounding her. Shouting and screaming from the moment leeteuk grabbed her hand. She can feel that those voices are the voice of disagreement. Voice of opposing his action. She frightened.
Leeteuk smiled hearing to her shaky voice. She must be in a quite surprise with his event. The rose that his holding changed hands as he continued with the remaining of his song. Dedicating the song to the woman standing in front of him. The one that he love the most.
Right after Leeteuk finished singing his last para, his eyes looking straight to her eyes, giving a signs of assurance while taking out something from his pocket. He has more than one event today.
"Sora-ya, sorry for this surprise. I've been putting a lot of planning into this." He kneeled in front of her.
"Will you marry me?" Leeteuk take out the couple ring, wanting to put the ring onto sora's hand.
"Oppa what are you doing?" She's panicked.
Sora looked at him. He is serious about whatever that he said before. No doubt about it. But marriage was never in her expectation. Maybe not just yet.
She looked at the beautiful ring stone in front of her, and then she looked at him, who is looking at her hopingly. The face that is making her harder to say anything else but yes.
But this is a marriage proposal Sora ya, its your whole life decision. She's talking with her inner self. Somehow she contemplates. Everything seems so fast.
"Answer me my dear.." he smiled.
Sora looked at him and eventually smiled back. Giving her hand to him as a sign of agreement. She decided. Its time for a real commitment.
Leeteuk sighed with relief. Making such stunts in front of this big crowd bringing in lots of risk to his reputation of course.
He got up from his knee and put the ring on her finger. "It looks good on you" he whispered while pulling her tightly into his arm.
"World. She's mine." he whispered near to her ears while accompanied by greater screams from the crowd.
He looked for her hand again and lead her towards the backstage. Holding her hands tightly.
"You're shivering" he said as they are already at the back stage. Waking her up from the event that feels like a dream to her.
"I still can't believe this is happening.." her soul was still in shocked.
"I'm sorry.. for this surprise.." he smiled. She must be in a great surprise to shivers that much. Nobody would imagine a proposal in front of 50000 people of course.
"You should have told me first!" Softly hitting his chest. Her eyes teared up. The tears of happiness.
"It won't be a surprise if I told you dear.." he smiled "I love you Sora. I want the world to know that.." wiping off her tears. Her beautiful wet eyes looks stunning.
"Thank you for accepting my proposal.. my future wife.." he kissed her forehead. Embracing her with love. Loving her worth everything that he is risking for.
The night ended with the beautiful proposal becoming major topic being talked about.
Leeteuk is now a man with an owner, says the news. The pictures of the beautiful proposal spreaded to the whole world making the fan base excited. Their idol group leader is getting married soon.


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