Sunday, April 21, 2013

Chapter 24

"Next!" The manager is steering a group of people that is waiting on the line to move forward while limiting the interaction time for the person in front; giving equal opportunity for these people to meet their idol.

"Your signature oppa." a woman approaching, holding a blue sapphire balloon.

"Your name?" Leeteuk is ready with his portrait and a marker pen on his hand.

She bent down and whispered "Kang Sora."

"Huh?" He stunned there for a while looking at the woman in front of him.

"W.. What are you doing here??" He whispered. He then looked at the person besides and behind her. Devastated.

"Getting your signature. I'm a fan." She lowered down her knee, bringing her face at the same level with his. "Don't be too nervous. You'll make people curious.." She smiled.

"Its.. Dangerous here.." Leeteuk whispered again.

"Relax.." She got up to her normal posture again.

Leeteuk looked at her. Amazed of how she can disguise herself so well in the middle of this big crowd.

"I can give you my signature anytime you want.." Leeteuk eventually smiled thinking of the support that she's meaning to give by appearing at an event like this. He feels like holding that beautiful slander hands in front of him but he reminding himself again that they are at the public.

"Its different.." she giggles. "Its fun. Being a fan.." she took off her sunglasses and winked towards him.

He smiles and shaking his head. Sora loves to tease him a lot lately.

"Do you miss me?" he said unwittingly while his hands are busy signing the poster.

"More than you know.." she replied.

Leeteuk looked at her for a while and smiled. "Lets meet tonight.." It’s been a while since their last date.

She shakes her head. "Can't you escape now?"

"I'm in the middle of fan-signing dear."

"Well then." She pouts.

He looked at her. If only he had the guts to go off now. "I'll pick you up later okay?" He grabs her hand pretending as if it’s a handshake.

Sora nodded and slowly putting a smile on her face again. "See you later.."

His eyes are trailing the woman's shadow, swiftly passing through the heavy crowd unnoticeable.

Kyuhyun leaning on Leeteuk. "Is that who I think she is?" he whispered near to Leeteuk's ears.


"Eyyy.. You know who I meant"

Leeteuk smiled. Not answering.

"Tell me.." Kyuhyun persistent.



"Focus. Fans are looking at us.." Leeteuk is putting a stop to the conversation.

"Mean" Kyuhyun pouts and move his gazed towards his fans that are waiting in front of him.

Leeteuk laughed.


"You don't have schedule today?" Slowly they are walking through the cherry blossom tree park, enjoying the air of spring.

"Not much." She replied. A few of her activity has been put on halt lately making her to have a bit of free time.

Leeteuk stretched his hand looking for Sora's. The atmosphere surrounding them is too romantic to be wasted without holding hands.

"Oe?" Sora surprised.

"Let’s hold hands" he said while cupping her hand with the other.

"Won't you afraid if there are any paparazzi around?" 

"Emm.." Leeteuk contemplated to say what’s in his mind.

"What is it?"

"What do you think about having our relationship open to the public?" He asked.

She looked at him for a long time.

"You don't like it?"

"What make you wanted to do so? I thought you don't want this to be out to the public?" replied Sora. She's been comfortable with the decision to hide it, especially now when there are somebody that monitoring her closely.

"I love you." he tightens his clasp. "I want the world to know that I love you." 

Sora looked at him, thinking that Leeteuk must be crazy. He is gambling with his future just for his love.

She sighed while pulling her hand off him. Finding a bench near the tree for her to seat and thinking through about what Leeteuk has just said.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know.." she paused. "Isn't this too much? Over a few months of our relationship?" She looked at Leeteuk, standing in front of her.

"If possible I want to marry you sooner. But I know you won't agree to it." He smiled.

Sora is crossing her arms and her leg. Thinking through on how to overcome the situation.

She looked up at him. "Are you sure about this? Have you thought exhaustively about this?"

Leeteuk nodded. He had already put in a lot of thoughts to it. Looking through the pro and cons for this decision. Today he’s firmed with his decision.

"You don't know what's coming do you?” Whispered to herself. She sighed again, harder this time.

"Are you worried?" Leeteuk sat beside her. Looking at how Sora keeps on sighing, she must be having a very deep concern with his idea.

Slowly Sora nodded. 

"It’s not just worried. I'm anxious of what Dong Gun will do.. I’m anxious of what’s waiting for us if we were really to announce this." Again she whispered to herself.

She looked at Leeteuk, praying that he will understand her body language even though she's not saying 'no' to his idea.

"Just believe in me okay?" Leeteuk pulling her hand towards his chest.

Sora looked at him, not replying. She knows Leeteuk will not understand her concern without her telling it clearly. But she also knows that she can’t tell whatever is in her heart right now.

"What do I have to do to avoid this?" She thought to herself...


pepichan said...

Just agree with ur oppa's idea sora-shi...^^ everythings gonna be alright.
Make it public author-nim
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I love this authornim, but why two latest chapter of this story just to short??
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