Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chapter 23

Leeteuk is looking out of his room window while enjoying the cold breeze from the last few days of winter. The city seems so calm at this hour. Everybody must be sleeping quietly on their bed now. He looked at the watch besides his bed, it’s almost 4am.. But why his body and mind are still wide awake.

He sighed. He is definitely missing somebody right now. A person's image that has been haunting his mind for the whole day. It is bothering him further when that person is also been silent from him today. "She must be very busy" he thought to himself.

He looked at his mobile phone again, a series of number were typed but the dial button is left un-dialed.

"Its 4am Jungsu ya.. She must have fallen asleep" he monologues with his own self, trying to have his mind to calm down and stop being obsessed with it.

He opened up his Mac and surfing the internet, killing some time while waiting for his eyes to get tired. Or worst, for the sun to rise. He's not sleepy and his head is still active with a particular person in mind.

He sighed. 100 days celebration shouldn't be spent in front of computer with loneliness like this. 

"She must have a strong reason to have forgotten about today" Leeteuk is trying to make his heart feel a bit relieves with the situation. The situation of which he is not in favor with.

Eventually Leeteuk closed his Mac too. Nothing that can keep his interest with. He lay on his bed while looking up the ceiling, trying to bring himself to sleep. Counting the virtual sheep as he goes.

Suddenly a sound from the apartment door reaches his eardrums. "Who just come back?" He thinks to himself. He gets up from his bed and heading to the door.

"Hyung! You're not sleeping yet?" Donghae surprised seeing him standing in front of him.

"Where are you from? Its late.."

"Just finish my schedule.." answered Donghae. "I'm going to sleep now. It’s so tiring" he said while yawning. Heading straight to his room without Leeteuk being able to ask further.

"What schedule did he had tonight?" he thought to himself while trying to recall his group's and group member's schedule. He normally remembers all those, but he can't seem to remember this particular one; especially when it is Donghae’s, a member who has fewer schedules among all other.

A message suddenly came in. He looked at the phone for a long time before decided to open it up.

I totally forgot about today. Mianhae..
You must have fallen asleep now.
Let’s meet up tomorrow ^^

A short message from Sora that draws a smile on his face. But somehow he can't help to relates with Donghae who just arrived home.

"I'm thinking too much.." he said while leaving the phone on the bedside table. Leaving the message unreplied. The day are longer tomorrow.


"Where are we going?" Sora is looking at the road taken by Leeteuk.

"It’s a surprise" He replied with a face full of smile. 

"Where?" She insisted to know. The road is familiar, but she couldn't get a hint of where they are heading.

"We're almost there.. Wait for a while.." He said as he turn the steering wheel to a area where there's a lot of old-left-behind buildings.

"This is..."

"Your Sunny movie location. I know this place is special for you. So I wanted to bring you here again.." Leeteuk looked at Sora. Her eyes widened looking at all angles of the place. One of the most memorable filming site along her career development.

"You're so considerate!" Sora's rushing out of the car, heading to the place of their first filming. "It’s a memorable place.."

"I know.." He smiled. Satisfied seeing her happy. Like a kid who just gotten her favorite toys.

"Even the air smells the same.." Said Sora while closing down her eyes and breathe in the musty smells air to her lungs. She is missing that moment. The moment of her glory. Her hardworks.

"What makes you bring me here?" Sora turned to Leeteuk who's looking at her every movement.

"I just wanna be somebody inside your memory with some of your lovely others.."

"You already are.." She smiled. She can't thank him enough to actually do this; something that she never expects.

"But you forgot about yesterday though.."

"I'm replacing it with today didn't I? Don't be sad about it." naively she replied.

"But yesterday and today is different..." He pouts.

"Different?" looked at him with big question mark on her head.

"You must have not remembered it right?"

"What is it?"

"Our 100 days.. From the day you acknowledge my feeling.. The day of our first kiss." Referring to their first kiss in Busan, one of the unexpected events in their relationship. The one that pushes Leeteuk to brace up with his feeling.

"Oh..." Sora went speechless. She didn't register any of those dates inside her memory.

"That's why I want today to be our official first kiss." Leeteuk said while moving closer to her.

"What are you trying to do?" She's surprised. Both with his action and his words.

"Kissing you."

"What if i don't let you too?"

"Who asked for your permission?" Leeteuk smirked.

"But, I'm not.."

"Syyhhhhh.." Leeteuk is stopping her from proceed further with her words and kissed her.

Slowly he let go of the lips and looking straight to her eyes. "You're behaving well today.." He said.

"What???" her eyes widened.

"You did not reject me. Like last time.." He smiled.

"I.. I.. I was... shocked..." She stammered. "You're not supposed to..."

Another kiss landed on her lips.

"I love you..." He said before kissing her forehead next. "I know you might not be ready for this, but I really love you." He pulled her into his hug. The woman that he planned to marry is in front of him now.

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