Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chapter 22

She was standing in front of the door to the training room, taking a little more time while thinking about what she's going to say after entering the room. 

It's a little bit awkward for her to come back without talking about her feelings. It will become more awkward if she confessing her whole heart toward him first. She's having a deep thought about everything.

"What if he's still with her?" a second thought came to her.

She releases the door knob and take a step backward; thinking of running.. No, walking away again.

"Coward! You can't even being honest with your own feeling" her inner self is cussing her act.

She sighed hardly looking at the door. It's just a step away, but why it feels so far from her reach. 

"Sora?" Leeteuk came out from the door looking at Sora whom sharply staring at the door.

"Oh oppa.." replied her while awkwardly waving at him.

He drops his training bag from his shoulder and went straight to hug that woman in front of him.

"I'm glad that you came back.." he said while looking straight to her eyes.

"I didn't go anywhere.." she replied. She's trying to hide the awkward feelings after Leeteuk found her waiting at the front door.

"Thank you.." Leeteuk smiled. He knows Sora won't admit that she's there for him. That stubborn lady is all about her pride.

He is trying to look directly to her eyes but Sora keeps on looking somewhere else. "Stop moving.." Said Leeteuk while cupping her face and moving closely towards her lips.

"You stinks!" She pushed him away and laughed.

"You! Come here!" Leeteuk smiled while chasing her from running away.

"I won't! pffttt!!!" she stick her tongue out and continue with her run.

Leeteuk caught her from the back and pull her into his hug.

"No more running from me. Please.." he whispered.

"Depending on your behavior.." Sora smiled. 

He is tightening his hugs and sighing hardly.

"I'm sorry for earlier" he said. "It was never my intention to kiss her.."

Sora holds the hands on her waist. "I'm not that old-fashioned" She's enjoying the warm hugs more than the worries over his ex-girlfriend.

"What are you doing here anyway?" Leeteuk still couldn't let go of his hand from her.

"Because of things that happened the other day.." She's trying to let go from his arms but Leeteuk didn't let it to happen.  

"Just forget about it. It doesn’t matter anymore.." He kissed her cheek. He is frustrated with her the other day. The way Sora ignores him. The way Sora is keeping secrets from him. But if Sora can forgive him for what happened today, why can't him?  He thought to himself.

"Don't you want to know what had happened?"

"Anybody can have their bad day sometimes. " He replied to her. Nothing can ruin their beautiful moments now.

"Oppa.. This is your training studio" She hesitates to remain in his hug longer; afraid that people might see them together like this. Afraid that people might make an issue out of it.

"Everybody must have left by now. Don’t worry." The sweet fragrance from her body is like a pheromone to him. Making him feels relaxed and comfortable hugging her. Making him didn't want to let her go.


"Arasso arasso.." reluctantly he's letting her go from his arms.

He looked at the woman in front of him and tucking her hair to the back of her ears; want to fully enjoy the beautifulness of the woman that he loves.

"You're going to make a hole of my face.." Sora giggles when she realised Leeteuk is staring at her.

"I want this face to forever be mine.." He caressed beautiful hair. He is been missing her a lot lately.

"You sweet talker.."

"It's getting late, I'll send you home.."

"I drove here though.."

"I'll follow your car then. Let me take my training bag for a second. Wait up!" He said while running for the bag that he dropped in front of their training studio earlier.

"Lets go.." Leeteuk came back to Sora while breathing hardly after running back and forth in less than a minute.

"That was fast.." Sora giggles looking at him. 

"I can't leave you here alone for a long time.." he smiled. "Lets go.." He said while grabbing Sora's waist to walk with him towards the car.

"You know...."

"What?" Leeteuk looked at her. Guessing on what she's trying to say.

"I'm not kidding when I say you stinks earlier.."

"You!" Leeteuk started tickle her.

"Oppa! Oppa! Don'tttt!!" She's trying to let go from him. The ticklish feelings are killing her.

"Am I still stinks?" he stopped and looked at her who still couldn't stop laughing

"Yes.." she nodded. 

"Let this smell gets to you too then.." he said while lifting Sora up on her arms.

"What are you doing? Put me down!!" Sora tapped his shoulder asking for him to put her down the ground.

Leeteuk smiled while still carrying her towards the car park.

"Where did you park?" he asked when they arrived at the open car park in front of the building.

"Put me down.." She asked while looking around the place, there's no trace of her car anywhere.

"Lee Donghae..." she frowns. There's no other person who would do this other than that person.

"What's wrong?"

"He took my car.." Sora turned around looking at Leeteuk. Still couldn't believe the she was so dumb to leave the car to Donghae.

"Donghae? Wait..." He took out his phone and starts dialling Donghae's number.

"Hello? Donghae-ah, where.." Sora grabbed the phone from Leeteuk before he could finish with what he is saying.

"Yah you moron! Where did you take my car?"

Donghae is laughing hardly until Leeteuk can hear his laugh from the side. "At least now I know both of you are getting back together. Take care!" Donghae hang up.

"Ya!" Sora couldn't say anything more. She looked at the phone blankly. "He hang up on me.." Sora then looked at Leeteuk.

Leeteuk laughed. "I have my car with me. Let me take you home.."

"He's a moron.." She couldn't help from continue babbling about Donghae.

"He's like a kid sometimes, but his intention is genuine. Don't mad at him so much." Leeteuk is taking the chance to hold her hand comfortably; calming Sora from her temper.

"He'll be dead if anything happen to my precious car."

"I'll make sure it didn't happen. Arasso?" Leeteuk giggles. Funny thinking of what his dongseang had done for him.

"Let me send you home. At least we can spend longer time in the car." He pulls her toward his car.

She suddenly realized that their hands are tightly clasping with each other. Her heart is thumping harder and harder looking at it.

“I love you too..” she whispered to herself. She is more than confirm, her heart is his now.


pepichan said...

Finally she's honest to herself...really enjoy to read this.(ʃƪ´⌣`)♥(´⌣`ʃƪ)
Hopefully ur buzy days eased so u can update more often. Fighting author-nim^^

Unknown said...

hope u will continue this story..
i like it very very much!
everytime i read your ff i can imagine this like film or even like a life.

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

@pepichan. Thanks (though its late) ;)

@alina i will continue with this. For sure. Just that now I'm struggling with time and yeah, sometimes writer block hits me since my works used up lots of my brain capacity. haha.. I will come back with a new chapter soon. ^^