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Chapter 21

"Oppaaa~~~" She grabs his hand tightly, trying to get his attention over the mirror in front of him; reflecting each and every dance steps that he is practicing.

"Oppaaaa" She insisted for him to look at her.

"What??" He stopped his moves. Her appearance is already destroying his practicing mood at the first place, let alone her slutty act.

"Lets get back together.." She looked at him with puppy eyes, hoping that that man heart will softened up seeing it.

"After what you've done?" he looked away; couldn't stand a glance at that woman's face.

"I was wrong, please forgive me..."

"If it was that easy..." Leeteuk continue with his practice, ignoring the person again.

"But you said you love me.."

"Used to.. But not anymore"

"Oppa.." She's trying to hug him from behind but Leeteuk avoided it fast. Thanks to the mirror in front him.

"Stop doing that" He turned his body towards her and looked at her with warning eyes.

"You love it before.."

"Can't you get a grip of yourself? Those are all in the past. Now I hate you. HATE!" He throws his body on the floor, leaning his body against the wall while reaching for the mineral water in the training bag near him.

"But I still love you.." she's kneeling in front of him, trying to look at Leeteuk eye to eye.

"Enough Taeyeon. Why you're making fun of yourself like this? Have a pride.." He got up again, moving afar from her.

"But that guy is a liar oppa.." She's asking for some empathy.

"And you are not?"


Leeteuk smiled cynically. "Look.. Save some of your pride and get lost from here.."

"Why you're so mean now?" Taeyeon look at him.

"Thanks to who?" He looked at her through the mirror. That is his barrier now. Not to let his heart melted by all those sweet words anymore.

"My last request… If its not working, I will give up on you" Taeyeon is out of reason. She's desperate to win him again.

"What now?"

"Let me kiss you.." Taeyeon moved in front of Leeteuk, look straight to his eyes. Trying to find some of his feeling towards her that is left.

"You're insane" Leeteuk pushed her to the side.

"Just once. Give me the assurance that we're really over.." She grabbed his hand.

"Stop with your nonsense!"

"I won't until I have you back!" She said before Leeteuk realized that her lips are already on his.

"Taeyeon!" He's using his man strength to let her off him.

"Hyung!" a man's voice heard from behind him.

"Donghae?" Leeteuk looked at his team member whom he thought have left the studio. He then realized the woman's figure besides him.

"I came at the wrong time. Sorry.." The woman bowed before turned away from them.

"Sora! Listen to me first!" Leeteuk try to catch her running away but Donghae stopped him from proceeding.

"What happened to both of you?" he looked at both Leeteuk and Taeyeon. The situation just now doesn't seem easy.

"I need to talk to Sora.." Leeteuk looked at his dongseang.

"I don't think she wants to talk to you now.. Let me do it." He is taking a glance at Taeyeon who stunned with what happened. 

Taeyeon look at Donghae and then Leeteuk. Somehow Leeteuk's harsh refusal for her kiss and unknown woman appeared in front of them acting jealous with the situation is making her to feel curious.

Leeteuk turned to Taeyeon with a sharp look. "Look what you have done.."

"Who's that girl? Is that your new lover?"

"Non of your concern.."

"You never protect me this way before.."

"Stop it Taeyeon.."

She looked at Leeteuk. He was still holding grudge over what happened. She won't blame him for that.

"Is there any space left for me in your life" After a few while, she's asking a question to him back.

"Taeyeon please. Leave me alone.."

"I'm better than that girl. You know it yourself.." She's trying to grab his hand again.

"Stop it!" Leeteuk pull his hand from her. "I don't want you here now! Go away!" Leeteuk started being harsh. 

"You're mean. You never shout at me before.."

"It will get worst if you didn't go away from my sight now. Get out!" Leeteuk pointed his hand towards the door. His anger is being tested tonight.

Taeyeon tears fall down the floor while she heads out from that place.


"Sora!" Donghae shouted while chasing for Sora.

"You don't need to yell at me. I can hear you from here" Sora turned around and look at Donghae whose running towards her.

"You're not mad?" 

"What for?" She continued with her steps heading to her car again.


"It is his right.. Why do I need to get mad at him?"

"Then why are you running away?" He asked while trying to keep up with her pace.

"This is walking, not running.." She's taking a glance at him. " And I thought maybe its a bad time for me to disturb him. So I'm heading home.. Can't I?" She's fast in coming up with reasons; reasons to deny why her heart feels so torn up seeing Leeteuk and his ex-girlfriend just now.

"Are you really okay?" Donghae is peeking Sora's expression in between the neon light.

"Ya! Be a grown up. That is his ex-lover there. He need his private time.." Sora's punching Donghae's shoulder.

"I thought you and hyung..."


"Working on some relationship together?" Donghae couldn't find a more proper word to structure his sentence.

"You're a kid. 'Working on relationship' doesn't mean 'in a relationship'. Whatever relationship that you're referring to might not happen after all." She answered without leaving any trace of heartbroken.

She turned to him. "And I thought you're a player. How come even a basic rule like this you couldn't live with?" Sora added.

"Your heart is colder that I thought.." Donghae looked at her. 

"This is what a guy like you make a girl like me turned to.."

"By any chance.. Are you referring to our director?" He is asking something that he is been suspecting all this while.

"What do you mean?" Sora stopped hearing that question and looked at him, waiting for his answer. Donghae seems to know something. "Don't tell me.." Suddenly something triggered to her mind.

"I... I overheard your conversation last time.." guiltily his trying to admit his wrong doings.

Sora stunned there for a few seconds. Remembering the instance where she stumbled upon Donghae after her argument with Dong Gun last time.

"I'm pretty sure you can save the secret well.." She sighed before continuing her steps heading to her car again. 

"I'm sorry.." said Donghae, but Sora is pretending as if she never listens the question from Donghae just now.

"Where are you going?" he changed the topic.

"For sure not here.." She opens up her sport car door.

Donghae fast in grabbing the passenger side door and open it.

"What are you doing?"

"Joining you.." He grinned. Sora can be seen tough to his bare eyes. But she's known with her good acting skill. His gut feels that she's trying to hide her feeling well.

"Don't try to be funny.."

"I'm not.." he hopped on the car immediately before she locked the car.

"What are you doing? Get out of there!"

"I won't... Just get in! Lets go have some fun.."

Sora slowly enters her car. She looked at Donghae who is sitting besides her buckling up his body to the seat.

"Let's go.."

"Where are we going?" She looked at the steering blankly.

He looked at her. "Are you basically planning to just come here?"

"Kind of.."

Donghae giggles. "And you're still claiming you're okay after seeing hyung just now.."

Sora looked at him. "I have no right to be mad at him.." She said. Her voice tones are lower than earlier. 

"Why not?"

"We are nothing.." her voice suddenly became shaky.

"The way hyung concerned about you just now, I don't see that as 'nothing'..."

"Stop with your interpretation... You're not him.."

"I know both of you are in a complicated relationship, but its okay for you to get jealous. Its okay for you to cry.. Here. My shoulder is for you…" Donghae sweeping his broad shoulder, make it presentable for her.

"I don't need your help" she toughens up her voice again.

"Stubborn girl. Stop pretending being so tough."

"You're the one who need to stop pretending being so caring"

"Are you afraid that you might fall for me?"

"Keep on dreaming.."

"If only you're not somebody special to Leeteuk hyung.." Donghae is caressing her cheek.

"What are you doing?" Sora frowned.

"You're beautiful.."

"Let go of your hand.." She slowly removes his hand from her cheek.

"You know if your relationship with hyung didn't happen you will always have me right?" he grabs her soft hand and cupped it with another.

Sora looked at him. "Are you here to help your brother or helping yourself?"

"Both. But it depends on which one you would prefer?" Donghae smiled.

"You're crazy.." Sora looked at him. Both went silence for a few moments making the situation to starts becoming awkward between them.

"Stop ignoring your feelings. Be honest with it.." Donghae is trying to give out some advice towards Sora.

Sora looked at him. "Even if its not you?"

"Even if its not me.." He nodded. "Go.. Before you're sorry"

"Thank you.." She said before getting off the car, heading back to the building.

"Remember to be honest with your feeling!" shouted Donghae while staring Sora to slowly moving further away from him.

"Now it just me and you.." Donghae smiled looking at the red colored sport car in front of him.......


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