Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chapter 20

"Anneyong!" Greet Sungmin towards all the staff as he arrived at the filming site. He is excited with their final shooting. He is excited to see his very first movie project successful.

"Morning.." A staff came approaching the happy Sungmin; giving the script for today's filming and explaining a few last minute arrangements changed before the camera start rolling. "We're going to start the filming a bit late though" He said before gradually move away from Sungmin.


"Sora hasn't arrived..." The staff replied while continue heading toward the other staff member who are busy trying to get hold of Sora.

"Where is Kang Sora?" The director asked while looking at his wrist watch. They are an hour late from the schedule.

"Has anybody tried to contact her and asked what is happening?" He started to get anxious. 

"We are trying to get hold of her director-nim" His assistant is replying. She recognized her director's anxious tone pretty well.

"Go go! Just try to call anybody from her side, even if you need to call her company" He instructed. He is desperate to finish today's filming to meet his dateline which he had promised his broadcasting company.

"Sungmin! Your makeup artist waited in the caravan" Leeteuk is approaching Sungmin as he is busy with his mobile phone.

"I'll come shortly" he replied.

"What's wrong?" asked Leeteuk seeing Sungmin with his worried face.

"They said Sora hasn't arrived.. They are trying to get hold of her now.."

"Hasn't arrived? Whats wrong?" 

"I don't really understand what is happening.." Sungmin is shrugging his shoulder. 
"Something doesn't seem right. She's normally a responsible actress" he sighed. 

"You were with her last night don't you? What had happened?" Sungmin looked at Leeteuk. He just remembered that Leeteuk went out with Sora last night.

"Weird..." Leeteuk said while giving himself a deep thought. He is sure that he sent her until her front gate safely.

"I've sent her back safely. I am sure of that." Leeteuk replied.

"Hmm.. This is truly weird. Something must have happened to her." Sungmin said.

"Don't say that. You're making me uneasy." Leeteuk started to get worried. If only he's brave enough to volunteer to send her right to her door, at least he won't be feeling this worried.

Leeteuk took out his mobile phone and trying his luck to reach for Sora.

"She's here! Kang Sora is here!" A staff shouted when he saw Kang Sora's car arrived at the filming site.

Leeteuk's eyes are looking directly at the woman with big sunglasses who is getting out from the car, heading straight to the director.

"I'm sorry for being late Director-nim" Bowed Sora a few times asking for an apology from the director for her lateness.

"What happened? You're normally not like this." The director asked. This is not the first project that he works with Sora, he knows pretty well that Sora is not the type to come late. 

"I'm sorry.." she said again; not giving any answer to director's question.

"We will start in few minutes. Get ready." He instructed after seeing Sora seems to refuse to tell him any reason for her lateness. "It’s our last shooting, so do your best. Forget whatever your problem is for a while." He's giving a piece of advice to her.

Sora nodded understanding his concerns. 

"What's the concept for today unnie?" 
She heads to her makeup artist for a touch up before the filming starts.

"Natural looking?"

"Sounds okay." she took a seat in front of her makeup artist and let her start her work.

"Your skin complexion doesn't seems good today.. Is something bothering you?" Her make-up artist asked.


"Come on, you can share your problem with me.."

"I said nothing unnie.." Sora looked at her with wider eyes.

"Arasso.." She replied while continuing her work. Sora is definitely not in a good mood today; she rarely gets angry with people.

Sora looked at the script on her hand emptily; her minds are somewhere else. Her glances went through the script in front of her; thinking deeply about everything that are running through her head.

"She doesn't look good" Sungmin said.

"I really wonder what had happened." Leeteuk said.

"Why don't you ask her?" Sungmin asked while looking at Leeteuk, whose eyes are fix on Sora's.

Sungmin smirked. His feeling is right. Sora must be the reason why Leeteuk insisted to become his manager today. He is definitely here for his personal interest.

"I need my touch up now. They're going to start the filming soon" Sungmin excusing himself, leaving Leeteuk with his curiosity. That old man's can't be helped anymore.

"The makeup is done but your eyes still seems a bit swollen though." The makeup artist is finishing up her work.

"It’s okay..." Sora doesn't want to think too much about that. She doesn't want to be bothered further by those tiny little things.

"Take this ice pack and put in below your eyes. Have a few minutes rest before they start filming." the makeup artist is leaving Sora at her resting chair. She knows Sora cannot be disturbed now.

"Good morning.." Leeteuk slowly approaching Sora when he saw her makeup artist is leaving the place.

"Good morning oppa." Sora looked at him; forcibly crafting a smile on her face "You're here early."

"Are you okay?" He looked at her face and an ice bag on her right hand. "Your face looks pale and your eyes seem swollen" He's looking at her still, scanning inch by inch of her face.

"Not feeling really well... I slept quite late last night." She replied and avoiding Leeteuk’s gaze at the same time.

Leeteuk approaching her nearer wanted to feel her body temperature, but then he stopped remembering that they are in public.

"Is it because of our date last night?" He felt guilty. He shouldn't have insisted to meet her last night. Their filming schedule seems really tight lately and he should have understood that.

"Anieya. Don't worry.. This is nothing" Said Sora while flipping her long wavy hair backwards.

"Wait" he grabbed Sora's hand. "What's wrong with your wrist?" He looked straight to her eyes waiting for an answer. The bruise wasn't there when he send her last night. 

Sora’s eyes widen, shocked with Leeteuk spontaneous action. She pulled her hand from him before other people started to realize their weird behavior.

"Nothing.." She said while brushing off her wrist and hiding it. She took a glance at it. "It must be from last night struggle" she thought to herself.

"Must be because of the fitted bangle that I wore yesterday" she's trying to give some other excuse. "I'll talk to you later oppa" she got up from her seat heading towards her makeup artist to cover up the bruise from being seen. It won't look good for the filming.

Leeteuk look at her; Sora is definitely lying. He remembered it correctly the hand that he kisses before they went apart last night. There are no bangles on it, not even the bruises. It must have happened after Sora met him.  He is sure about that.

Leeteuk’s eyes is been trailing Sora’s movement from one stop to another. Clearly Sora is trying to hide something from him. 

"How long you want to hide things from me? When will you fully accept me in your life?" he thought to himself. The thoughts that he wish he can say it out loud towards Sora now.

He can still feel the distance and barrier with Sora, and he knows she did it on purpose. "Maybe she wasn't prepared to accept me yet." he continued with his assumption. He is frustrated over the development in their relationship; frustrated with how Sora treated him.

Slowly he left Sora and headed towards Sungmin who is focusing on memorizing his script "Sungmin-ah, hyung need to go." He said.

"Eo? I thought u don't have any schedule today?" He's weird. Leeteuk is the one who hesitate to tag him along this morning.

"There's some emergency schedule that I need to take care of." Leeteuk lied. He's been thinking that his existence there might be burdening Sora more. "Manager hyung will come later. I've contacted him. He's on the way"

 He is taking a glance at Sora before going off.

"I'll go now.." reluctantly Leeteuk leaving the filming site.

"Ok. Take care hyung.."

Sora looked at Leeteuk as he is driving off the site. She sighed over her guilty feeling. She knows whatever she done had made him disappointed. She knows he will feel avoided. But this is the best way to avoid further conflict in their relationship; she believes so.


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Hi kazu! Thanks for reading. I know the story is too long as i designed it that way, hehe.. it won't felt too long if i update frequently but due to my work commitment and schedules, i can't. So i'm truly sorry. But I really appreciate your patience in waiting for my updates every time. Thank you ^^

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