Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chapter 19

"We are here.." Leeteuk stopped the car as he looked at Sora running her fingers through her wavy hair. New hair set for her movie filming.

"Thanks for tonight.." She said while taking off the seat belt.

"No, thanks for making the time for our date. I've been missing you a lot lately.." His eyes are still on her. He just can't take his eyes off her beauty. The beauty that he's been missing a lot lately.

"We have met last week... Don't lie.." she said while giving him a seducing stare.

"I wanna meet you every day, every night.." He smiled seeing the stare which never fails to make his heart melted.

If possible he wanted to meet her everyday, but due to their working schedule and people's attention to their celebrity status, they need to stay low with their relationship.

"Not too frequent. We might get bored with each other sooner.." Sora winked at him. She can't wait to see him too lately. The attached feelings started to grow on her.

"Another date tomorrow?" He asked.

"My schedule is full tomorrow. Its our last filming so its impossible.." Immediately Sora turned the request down. She need to play hard to get sometimes.

"Lets make some time.. Perhaps for a quick lunch?" He said. Still insisting to meet her.

"Wait.." Sora stopped him as she feels a vibrate came from her clutch which is on her lap. She opens up the message that came in.

"Who is that?" Asked Leeteuk when he saw Sora's face started to changed reading the message.

"Nobody.." As fast as the lightning, she's keeping the phone back in her clutch.

"Hmm.. You're still keeping secrets from me..." Leeteuk said while looking at her. Sometimes there is something that he didn't understand about Sora even though how hard he's trying to. He knows she's been hiding it from him. He knows she is one mysterious lady. 

"Nothing oppa.." She smiled while grasping his hand. "You can come to my filming site tomorrow. We'll have a quick bite for lunch. I'll try to make some time." She said. Diverting Leeteuk's focus on the earlier conversation.

"Really? I won't bother you?"

"Nope.. As long as you don't have other schedule at that time" she said while cutely shaking her head.

"I'll definitely be there!" Leeteuk said while planting a kiss on her palm.

"What are you doing?"

"Its just a hand.." Leeteuk said with a smirk on his face.

"Its... awkward.."

"But you love it right?" Leeteuk giggled.

Immediately Sora pulled her hand from his. "See you tomorrow.." She said while getting off the car. Leaving Leeteuk with his giggles.


Sora is opening her condominium door with a smile stuck on her face. It’s a lovely date that she's having tonight. Ever since she's making the decision to move forward with Leeteuk, her days are showered with happiness. It is filled with laughter and love.

"You're having fun?" A man voice heard from dimmed lighted living room.

"What are you doing here?" Asked Sora, surprised. She totally forgot about that man's message which she ignored earlier.

"Why didn't you reply my message?" Dong Gun looked at her who remained still a few inch from the door she just entered.

"I refuse too.." She said while clenching her teeth.

"Where's your smile just now?" Dong Gun move nearer to her.

"What smile?" Automatically Sora move away; Trying to avoid from being face to face with him.

"Where are you going?" Dong Gun grabbed her wrist.

Sora is giving him a sharp stare. "Let me go.." She said.

"Why are you running away?" Dong Gun still looked at her. Ignoring her stare.

"This is my house, why should I run?" She denied.

"Is this the game that you're going to play?" He asked while looking at Sora who's still staring at him. "You purposely playing hard to get with me now don't you?"

Sora is using more of her strength to pull her wrist off Dong Gun's hand.

"I'm not playing any game with you." She's brushing off her wrist. Feeling a little pain from struggling with Dong Gun's strength. "I've asked you to let me go.. I'm not kidding with it" Sora added.

She had enough suffering her heart with Dong Gun these 3 years. It is time for her heart to start finding a new beginning of her life. The new beginning which probably she will find with Leeteuk. 

Dong Gun looked at Sora, she looks... determined. None of his word will work looking at the situation.

"That Leeteuk guy, are you really in love with him?" Asked Dong Gun.

"Love.." Sora whispered while looking at the view of the busy city from her condo.

Her relationship with Leeteuk, it is too soon to be called Love. But he had something that always keep a smile on her face, everyday. He is giving her the definition of real relationship. The relationship which come together with stability and commitment. The relationship which come together with the sense of belonging.

"Are you serious?" Dong Gun look at how Sora's is spacing out towards the city view after his question.


"You're really serious with him?" He asked again. Somehow her face is answering 'yes' to his question.

"None of your business.."

"Sora, don't do this.." said Dong Gun in begging tone.

Sora turned her face off Dong Gun's. She knows those begging wasn't real. It is just one of his trick. The old dirty trick that he always use which her old self always fall for it.

"I'm sorry for my mistake dear.." Dong Gun hugged her from the back. Whatever it is, he is not ready to lose her yet. 

"I promised that things will be different from now on" he added while trying to kiss Sora's neck. 

Sora avoided it. She can read every step of his movement. Those are just outdated. The same trick being used all over again.

"What's wrong with you?" He started to raise his voice.

Sora continue to look out the glass window while ignoring him.

Dong Gun grabbed her shoulder harder this time while trying to forcibly kiss her.

"What are you doing?!" Sora shouted while struggling to let herself out from Dong Gun's hands. Surprised with his action.

"You are mine and forever will be" He said.

"Stop it!" A hard slap went directly to Dong Gun's cheek. 

He stopped and deeply stared at Sora's face while touching his cheek-jaw. The slap is a hard one. Never expected that Sora can have that much of energy to make his cheek-jaw feels this numb.

"You're really went overboard this time Kang Sora! You'll see what I will do to that guy!" warn Dong Gun while grabbing his leather jacket from the couch. 

Sora looked at Dong Gun who's walking out from her condo. As he shut the front door, she started to cry hardly. "No.. You won't change. You will never be.." She's sobbed.

She looked at her wrist which started to appeared with bruises. She is shocked with Dong Gun's action. For all these year of their relationship even though its not that 'real', Dong Gun never let anything to hurt her body. But today, he is the one who hurt her. She knows this is really going to be the end. The real end of their relationship. The real end of her career.


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I really cannot wait for the next chap...have been checkin your blog almost everyday...:) really curious how the situation will be...

guest said...

Actually I expect this part in chapter 18, because I thought something will happen during their' dinner.
Now, I'm curious to see Teuk' reaction when he know he was another man in Sora' life.

Lacrym0sa, 파이팅!

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Anonymous; thanks dear. Sorry that I can't update often due to my schedule but thank a lot for waiting dear~

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