Friday, January 18, 2013

Chapter 18

"Let’s have short break." The director instructed all the filming crew to stop filming for a while as they sorting out the problem with their instrument.

"Looks like our filming will drag a bit today, don't you think oppa?" Ask Sora towards Sungmin as they are heading down towards their resting room. The instrument problem will disturb their schedule a bit.

Sungmin nodded. "Seems like it" he added while looking at the team who's trying hard to resolve those issues.

"You look... Worried?" Sora is guessing by looking Sungmin's expression.

"A bit.." He nonchalantly replied.


"My other schedule that I've been ignoring a lot lately.." He sighed. Don’t really feel to talk about it.

"Why don’t you try to negotiate for a change of schedule with the director?"

"For half a decade the schedule for the show is that way, I can't just change it because of my schedule problem.." Sungmin sighed again. Seems like Ryeowook might need to run the radio show alone tonight like what he's been doing for the past few weeks.

"I believe your other member would do great job handling it. Don't worry too much.."

Sungmin nodded agreeing. He trusted that Ryeowook will do well even without him.

"By the way, I've been meaning to ask this. Why suddenly you cancelled our plan yesterday?" Sungmin change the topic, rather than talking about things that will make his heart more unease.

"I forgot that I have another appointment. Mian. I'll treat you to lunch next time okay?"

"No more next time. I've cleared yesterday's schedule just for you, you know.." Sungmin exaggerated. Just to make sure that Sora will feel guilty over the last minute plan change.

"Mianhae..." Sora is showing her cute sulky face; the dirty trick that she always used to wiggle from her problem.

"What appointment do you have until you cancelled our important date?" Sungmin insisted to know further.

Sora is shaking her head, refuse to tell him anything. 

"Ahh.. I planned to go off early today. Why their instrument is having problems today." Sora is changing the topic. Safest way out after her first trick seems not working.

"You have other plan?"

"Anie.." again she's shaking her head with a smirk on her face. 

"You know that your face is annoyingly cute when you do that don't you?" Sungmin is pinching Sora's cheek.

"Oppa!" Sora is caressing her cheek while giving a stare at him. Those hands always love to pinch her 'fluffy' cheek.

"What?" Sungmin asked while sticking out his tongue. "You basically ask for it" he is answering to Sora’s stare.

"What a nice picture..." Leeteuk just arrived at the filming site unintentionally saw the closeness between Sora and Sungmin. The closeness that is somehow bothers him.

"Oppa?" Sora’s jaw almost dropped seeing Leeteuk at their filming site. Place where she least expecting to meet Leeteuk.

"Hyung, what are you doing here?" Sungmin surprised too.

"Just finished my schedule and I thought of dropping by.." he answered.

"Am I disturbing? Looks like you both are having fun just now" He said again, being a bit cynical.

"I'm just teasing Sora for cancelling our appointment yesterday."

"Oh really?" He looked at Sora who is staring straight at his face.

Sora smile at him, happy to see him there at her workplace. Something that she never thought of happening. The attention that she never thought she will ever get.

"You didn't tell Sungmin yet?" Leeteuk asked.

Sora looked at him with a raised eyebrow, trying to figure what Leeteuk is referring to.

"Yesterday?" Leeteuk is giving her a hint.

"Oh!.." Sora woke up from her dream.. "That..... is.. nothing" She stammered.

"What?" Sungmin asked while looking at both of them. Leeteuk are basically looking at Sora with a face full of smile and Sora is trying to stop Leeteuk from saying anything.

"What's happening?" He's weird. Both are acting strangely.

"I said nothing!" As fast as the lightning, Sora get up from her seat and head in front of Leeteuk while blocking his mouth from proceeding with whatever he is planning to say.

"Don't tell anybody yet.." Sora whispered to him.

Leeteuk looked at her with his naughty smile. "He is my member, he deserve to know." He replied.

"Know what?" Sungmin is looking at both of them behaving suspiciously.

"Don't tell me..." After a while he suddenly grabs the situation.

"Didn’t we both look good together?" Leeteuk is grabbing Sora's shoulder and move her body to faced Sungmin.

"Are you serious?" Sungmin can't believe his eyes.

"No.. No.. Don't believe him. There's nothing between us." Sora is still trying to deny everything.

"Why are you still denying dear?" Leeteuk is placing a kiss on her cheek.

"Oppa! What are you doing?" She is surprised with Leeteuk's action.

"Both of you are really dating?"

"No.. We're still knowing each other.." Sora is cutting the conversation. This is not supposed to happen.

"Yeah, we are in the process of knowing each other. But it’s considered dating right?" He smirked. At least he is setting the boundaries between Sora and Sungmin when Sungmin knows that Sora is someone special to him, his brother.

"How did it happen? This is unbelievable.. You both looked extremely awkward before.."

"That was before.." Leeteuk smiled while looking at Sora who's becoming silent. "What matters is now.." He added.

"That's enough.." Sora said while pinching Leeteuk's arm. The joke is somehow making her feels uncomfortable.

"Ouch.." Leeteuk is caressing his arm where being pinched. He giggled.

"Oppa, mianhae. We didn't mean to hide. But I don’t feel it’s the right to reveal it yet." Sora looked at Leeteuk. "And since when I agree to announce this?" another stronger pinch lay on Leeteuk's arm.

"Arasso, arasso.. I'm wrong.." He is caressing his arm again.

"This is surprising, but I'm happy for both of you.." Sungmin said while giving his hyung a big hug. Try to show a happy face for his hyung. 

He looked at the two lovebirds. His uncertainty on Sora's relationship status is slowing down his move. If only he had just ignored all those and make his move, the situation would have been different now. He thought to himself.

"Let’s start now!" The director shouted from the centre hall after the long break. They are ready to resume the filming.

"We need to go now" Sungmin said to Sora.

"Arasso.." Sora nodded. She then looked at Leeteuk "Oppa, you're going back straight after this?"

"Anie, I'll wait until you finish. Just do you best, both of you.." Leeteuk smiled.

"You'll wait? You have no schedule tonight?" Sungmin looked at him. Leeteuk is a workaholic and his daily schedule is full with broadcasting schedule normally.

"I've done for today, that's why I'm here.” He smiled. He figured that Sungmin will be surprised with his free schedule lately. But that is how much he can do to prove that he is serious with Sora.

“I'll be here. Just do your best." Leeteuk said while caressing Sora's hair, cheering her for the remaining scenes to be filmed.

"See you after this!" She smiled. Leeteuk is giving her something that is beyond her expectation in a relationship.

Leeteuk nodded while seeing both of them leaving for their schedule. He is taking a deep breadth. Even though he feels guilty over what he had done just now, but he had achieved what he wanted tonight. For Sungmin to know that Sora is his and she will be fully his..


MayaNovita said...

Poor Sungmin :(,,
why, why, why,,, Teuk oppa must do that, kekekeke...... but he want announce to every one right, She is my only one, hehehehe........
love it authornim

pepichan said...

LT can't wait any longer to tell the world that sora is his kekeke... Hopefully sungmin will meet another cute girl ^^