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Chapter 17

"You look... great." Leeteuk is looking towards Sora who's wearing a nice boot-cut jeans and green colored jeans jacket with man-square-printed-shirt. The jeans is following her long shape leg, boasting off her killer S-line figure while the lowly buttoned shirt is showing off her great neckline.

"Sorry that you need to wait for long" Sora is entering Leeteuk's car while taking off her sunglasses.

"Don't worry" he smiled. The long waits is being paid off seeing Sora in a casual dress like that. A pleasure for his eyes. With her supermodel-like body, everything that she wears will suit her body perfectly.

"Where are we going today?" Sora asked. Its their very first date. Leeteuk had called her few days ago to invite her out for a date and she agreed to it even though she's still hesitates on Leeteuk's real intention.

"Where do you prefer?" Leeteuk is asking first without wanting to dictate even though he had been excitingly prepared for it.

"Place with lots of people?" she answered.

"You can't be serious?" Leeteuk looked at her, surprised. Its gonna be a risk for him if he's following Sora's request. His reputation as an idol group's leader. His agreement with the company. It will be at stake just over their first date. 

He hesitates.

"You don't have to if you don't want" Sora winked at him. Its a test. She need to know how serious is this guy's feeling towards her.

"Why you want to go to such places?" Leeteuk asked back.

"I just love being open with myself and the public. I don't like being a mysterious kind of girl" She lied. Being in a secret relationship this past few years is making her to feels tired.

"Myeong-dong then?" Leeteuk suggested.

Sora looked at him for a while, didn't expect that to come from him. Especially after the hesitate's look that came from him. "You're okay with it?" She asked to confirm.

"Not so.."

"Then we can go somewhere else" Sora said before Leeteuk finish with his statement. He laid herself comfortably at the car seat this time.

"But if you love those kind of places, we can just make our way there" said Leeteuk while started off his car's engine.

"Anieya. We can go somewhere else." Sora looked at him, nervous. She is just testing him, but it is rather surprising to see Leeteuk is taking her jokes seriously.

"To be honest, I never get to date at those kind of places. But it would be exciting to try" Leeteuk said. He's trying to make the right impression on their first date.

"Later.." She said while smiling. Leeteuk has passed the first stage of her test.

"Are you sure?"

"Yup.. " She nodded while looking at the side view as the car is hitting the road.

"Lets go here. I've been searching for this place over the internet and people said that its a good place" Leeteuk take out the print out of the flyer. A traditional-high class korean restaurant that is located downtown. A place with less people where they can easily hid themselves with minimal disguise.



"It's quite far isn't it?" She's biting her lips. Her eyes are still on the printed flyer.

"You said you're free today right?" Leeteuk is taking a glance at her and unintentionally he saw her worried expression.

"I am... originally" She's still looking at the flyer, thinking through something in her mind. "Its okay.." She said while typing something on her smartphones. Sending a message to someone.

"You have other plan?"

"Just a script reading with Sungmin Oppa" She answered while keeping back her smartphones on her handbag after the message has been sent.

"Sungmin? He didn't tell me that he had any schedule today"

"Oh, it is not a schedule. Just out of our own initiative to practice the emotion for tomorrow's filming"

"Just the two of you?"


"Do you always meet him outside schedule like that?" Continuous questions came from him.

"Me? Sometimes.."Sora replied without thinking much. Didn't even realize that there is a slight jealousy in between Leeteuk's words. "Why are you asking?" She added.

"Nothing.. Just curious how actor and actress work" Leeteuk straighten his eyes on the road.

"You never act?"

"Just as a minor role. Never been the lead.."

"Do you ever feel like you wanted to try it?"

"Of course.. One day.." He's taking a glance at her. "With you.." He added.

Sora looked at him and smiled. "If there's opportunity, why not.." She said.

Leeteuk nodded agreeing to her.

"We're here now.." Leeteuk said while turning the car steering towards the parking of the restaurant. Its a restaurant with an old palace design. Looks somewhat exclusive and nice.

"I never know this kind of place exist. I thought its a drama set!" Sora is walking out the car and amazingly looking at the place.

"They sometimes use this place as drama set. Remember Goong?"

"They filmed it here???"

"Their honeymoon palace is here..." Leeteuk smiled. He's been doing a good research for their first date, of course.

"Honeymoon? So we are on honeymoon now?" Sora said while winking at him.

"Stop doing that or I'll bite your cheek" Leeteuk smirked.

"Wae?" Sora caressing her cheek. Even though Leeteuk didn't do anything to it.

"You looked too cute, I can't stand it" He said while grabbing her waist. "Lets go, I'm starving"

"A private room please" Leeteuk said to the receptionist as they entered the restaurant. Both with sunglasses on.

"For how many person sir?" The receptionist asked.

"Just 2.."

"Please follow the waitress then.." She said while handing over both of them to the waitress that is waiting at the side. Guiding both of them to a private function room. 

"Isn't it quite big for 2 people" Sora looked at Leeteuk.

"We only have this size of private room mam. Unless you're willing to sit outside?" The waitress asked.

Leeteuk looked out again. There's just a few rich-old-folks sitting around having some good time with their friends while enjoying the exclusive meals and liquor. "Should we just seat outside then?" Leeteuk looked at Sora back. Those people doesn't seems like a risk to them. They probably don't even recognize them.

Sora looked around and eventually nodded agreeing. 

"Then.." The waitress is guiding them to a spot showing the nice view of the place. "What do you want to order sir?" Asked the waiter as both of them seated on their seat.

"Just bring us your best meals portioned for two. We'll be happy to have it.."

"Black chicken ginseng soup and braised duck then?"

"That's the best that you have here?" Leeteuk looked at the waitress.

"We're famous for it" She replied.

"What do you think Sora?" Leeteuk then looked at her.

"I'm okay with it.." Sora nodded. Just hearing the name of those dishes started to make her to think of how they tasted. Those are her dad's favorites which her mother will sometimes cook for their special occasions.

"Its a nice place isn't it?" Leeteuk asked towards Sora who's spacing out a bit.

"Yes.. it is. Have you come here before?"

"Nope." Leeteuk is shaking his head. "Normally we're just having our meal at home or packed.. Just sometimes we will go out and treat ourselves to a special meal like this.."

"Being an Idol must be pretty tough right?" Sora looked at him.

"We need to work hard to compete with the other young idols, of course.."

"Idols are always hardworking. I saw it in both you and Sungmin, so I guess they all are.."

Leeteuk looked at her. Now that she mentioned about Sungmin, he's been meaning to ask her something from their last conversation about Sungmin. "Do you like him?"

"Who? Sungmin oppa?" 

Leeteuk nodded while keep glancing at his coffee cup. Not able to lift up his head.

"What do you mean by 'Like'?" Sora looked at him, trying to understand what Leeteuk means from his words.

"Like, as in.. Love.." Leeteuk added.

She laughed. Leeteuk is showing his jealousy in their first official date. "Of course..." She look at the calm Leeteuk. 

"But just like a brother..." She added when the expected reaction didn't come from Leeteuk. "Are you being jealous now?"

"Oh no.. I'm just asking. In case I'm disturbing any progress in between both of you. I know Sungmin is single now. And he likes you too.."

"Oh? He's single? And he likes me??" Sora pretending to show her interested face.

"And you like it?" Leeteuk is being more obvious with his jealousy.

Sora laughed. "If I like him, I won't be here now.."

"Who knows..." Said Leeteuk while playing with his cup of coffee. Didn't get where Sora is coming from with her double meaning words.

"You know.." Leeteuk couldn't look up to Sora's face..

"What?" Asked Sora while raising her eyebrow.

"I've fallen for you from the first time I saw you"

"You mean the resort?" Sora is trying to think through about their encounters all this while.

"No. At the cafe.." Leeteuk reiterated.

"Oh, yes..." Sora almost don't remember about their encounter at the cafe. It is somehow not registered in her mind. She just remembered the rude Donghae's behavior that she hates that time.

"You.. Outshine others even from the first time we met.."

Sora look at Leeteuk. She can somehow hear the seriousness from Leeteuk's tone.

"Oppa.. I'm not joking when I say lets take this easy. I'm still re-configuring myself with previous relationship. So, I hope you can understand where I'm coming from.."

"You just broke-up?" Leeteuk looked at her. It is somehow a surprising fact that he knows about her. What Sungmin is telling him all this while must be true towards certain extent.

"I know you are.." Sora said to Leeteuk, instead of answering the question.

"How did you.."

"Its not the matter of how.. But its the matter of whether our feelings is real.."

"I know.. I understand your concern. I'll prove to you that I'm honest with my feelings towards you."

"I need to prove that I'm honest with my feelings too.." She smiled.

Leeteuk extends his hand toward Sora's face "I always get smitten by this smile.. Always" He said while caressing her cheek. "If only I can bring it home...." 


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