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Chapter 16

"Do we have to meet here? At my home?" Asked Siwon when Sora is entering the door to the condominium which he lived in. Alone; apart from his family. Apart from his Super Junior member.

"Do you have any other idea?" Sora is asking back while looking around his place. It is a great place with great view of Gangnam district, few minutes’ drive from her house.

Sora looked at Siwon, asking him to invite her to sit.

"Oh, have a seat" said Siwon understanding Sora's body language.

Sora is taking her seat at the sofa and putting down her Miu Miu while taking her scarf off her neck. The heater in Siwon’s house is hot enough to maintain her body at room temperature without it.

"Coffee?" Siwon is heading towards his kitchen.

"Hot one. Black" Sora replied. Her eyes are still looking around the place. Neat and clean. As expected from him.

"Here you are" he's giving her a cup of coffee without sugar. Her all time favorite.

"Your taste still the same" he said while taking the seat across her.

"Something should remain the way it is" she answered after taking a sip of her drink. "You know why I'm here right?" She continued after putting down her cup on the coffee table and looked at Siwon.

"No I don't"

"Bluff.. I've said it clearly the other night. We need to talk" She’s giving Siwon a sharp stare.

"Look. If this is about Dong Gun shhi, I think you're wasting your time" Siwon is facing somewhere else. Taking his eyes off Sora’s stare.


"What’s more that you need to know?" He asked back.

"Everything" she looked at him intensely. That man is doing great in hiding all the truth from her for the last 3 years. If the 3 of them didn’t meet last time at the ceremony, she would have not known it yet until today.

"There's nothing more. You've known everything"

"If you keep ignoring my question like this, I have no choice to assume that you're leaving me because of the deal he made" Sora woke up from her seat heading towards the piano near the window.

"Hello? Who's leaving who dear? You're after the fame that he promised you. Are you forgetting that?"

"But you're promised with the fame too. Don't you?" She asked while pressing a note from the piano.

Siwon went silent for a moment. "That's not the point now.." He said.

"No. That's the whole point now! You should have fight for me that time" She looked at him. She is trying to ask for further explanation to her assumption.

"Why are you asking this now? Why not before? Both of us have gone with our own separate ways. Why bring this up again?"

Sora seated on the sofa again. Thinking through what's in her mind. Siwon is somehow right. Why did she need to bring up the old matters again?

"Do you still love me?" Siwon is asking randomly. Just in case.

"Hell no" immediately she answered with eyes widen looking at him.

"Then why? Why keep bringing up old stuff?"

"I'm started to regret over what had happened" She said while getting up from the couch again, crossing her arms and turned her body to face the glass window.

"Regret?" He looked at her.

"This entire thing wouldn't happen if I didn't make that stupid move" she throws her sight towards the Gangnam city under the broad day light. "It wouldn't happen if you stop me. If you fight for me" She added, somehow in blaming tone.

Sora looked at Siwon who stay seated on the sofa, his eyes are fixed on her expression.

"You're leaving him?" Siwon is approaching near her. Her eyes seem sad.

"I’m trying too.."

"If I have the power, I would have helped you. But you know who he is in my company"

"I know. Don't worry. I don't need any help. I guess I'm here just to let out my feelings. Nobody knows  and understands this better except you"

Siwon looked at her sad eyes. Obviously, Sora is in dilemma.

"So what are you going to do?" He asked again.

Sora looked at him, didn't know what to answer. If she knows the answer, she wouldn’t be here now. She thought to herself.

At the same time, Siwon's doorbell suddenly sounded.

"You have other guest?" Both of them surprised.

Siwon looked at his watch and then his cellphone. "Supposedly no" He answered.

"Could it be your girlfriend?"

"She has the key. No way" He answered and at the same time getting up from his seat heading towards the intercom.

"Who is it?"

"It’s me, hyung." A familiar voice heard from the intercom.

Sora's eyes widen. "Is it Leeteuk?"

"Yes" Siwon replied, start panicking. Leeteuk shouldn't be here now. Not with Sora in his house.

"Hyung, wait up" he speak to the intercom again trying to buy some time.

"What to do?" Sora asked, start panicking too.

"Hide. In my room" he said.

"Your room?"

"Yes my room. He wouldn’t enter it. I'll get him to leave shortly." he said while wetting his hair; pretending as if he just finished his shower.

"Okay" said Sora while picking up her scarf and her handbag from the couch, obediently following Siwon's plan. She couldn't risk being seen at Siwon's place. It would be awkward to explain if it so.

Meanwhile Siwon is heading to the door to get Leeteuk who is waiting for him.

"What a surprise. Why didn't you tell me first that you're coming" Asked Siwon opening the door for Leeteuk.

"I'm nearby the neighborhood, so I thought of giving you a visit" Said Leeteuk while immediately head to the kitchen. "Is there any drinks? I'm thirsty." He's opened the fridge to find some water to quench his thirst.

"Second floor. There's some juice" Siwon said while trying to make things look as normal as it can.

"What brings you here hyung?" Siwon asked when Leeteuk came back to the sofa with a glass of juice on his hand.

"Can't I?" Leeteuk grinned.

"You hardly come to my place. There must be a reason why you came.." Siwon looked at Leeteuk. It’s almost impossible for Leeteuk to come visit him at his condominium if it is not because of some personal-private matters.

Leeteuk smiled. Indeed he is there to talk about something with Siwon.

"Say it.." Siwon recognized that meaningful smile that Leeteuk gave. He can’t be wrong in reading Leeteuk's expression now.

"It’s about Kang Sora" Leeteuk started.

"Kang Sora?"

"I think I've fallen for her.." Leeteuk continued.

"I can see that.." Siwon replied calmly. He noticed that even without he's telling him.

"Right.. I think most of you realized it. But I think she's a bit complicated" Leeteuk looked at Siwon.


"We kissed last time.." Leeteuk stated.

"Kissed??! Already?" Siwon surprised. His eyes are looking at his bedroom door where Sora is hiding.

"Just for a slight second. But she retracts back.." Leeteuk smiled remembering that night.


"That's why hyung said she's complicated. I don't know what to do. But do you have any idea why she does that? Is she really attracted to me?" He asked again.

"Maybe she's just being cautious?" Siwon is trying to make a guess.


“Or playing hard to get, maybe?” Siwon is making another guess. Sora is good at that kind of mind game; as far as he knows.

"I don't know.. I'm blinded" Leeteuk said. "Sometimes I feel that she's positive with my feelings, but sometimes I think she's not"

“Have you talked about it with her then?” Siwon asked. In the other side of his mind, he’s amazed of how far they've progress judging from the awkwardness when they are together. And even with the worry that is in Sora's heart now, she still goes on with the other alternative. Teukternative.

“She told me to take things slow. So I asked her if she realized my feelings.”

“And her answer is?”

“She does, of course. But again, I don’t get it why we need to slow things down if we’re really attracted to each other” Leeteuk is taking a deep breath.

“Did she know about your last relationship hyung?” asked Siwon whispering.

“I don’t think she knows” Leeteuk whispered back, unconsciously following how Siwon reacted. He then looked at Siwon “Why are we whispering?”

Siwon smiled. Not answering to the question.

“Sooyoung is here?” Leeteuk asked after listening to the shower sound which coming from the private bathroom in Siwon's bedroom.

“Oh? Oh.. Yes..” Siwon hesitated to reply. The shower sound is not part of the plan.

“Sorry if I’m bothering you. I should make my move now” Leeteuk said, didn’t feel good to stay there, disturbing Siwon’s personal time.

“Okay.. Sorry hyung. I’ll visit the dorm sometimes okay? Let’s talk about this more” He said as Leeteuk is leaving. He is feeling bad when Leeteuk need to leave just like that.

“Don’t worry. Take care. Send my regards to Sooyoung” Leeteuk said while leaving the condominium. Maybe he’ll talk about this some other time with Siwon, the only one that he trusted to talk about things like this.

As the door closes, Siwon headed to his room.

“What are you doing?” Siwon asked while opening the room’s door.

“You’re taking too long to ask him to go, so I need to act.” Sora is getting out from the room.

“Did you hear everything that we talked about?” Siwon asked looking at Sora’s senseless face.

Sora nodded. She heard most of their conversation, except for the last part when they are whispering. It’s hard for her to hear that one.

“What’s with that face then? Could you show some feelings about it?” Siwon got mad suddenly with Sora’s stoned faced.

“What is wrong with you??” Sora raised her voice too, shocked with how Siwon is reacting.

“Are you serious with him?” Siwon asked her again. He knows this is not going to be the last time he’s going to ask the exact question to her.

“I’m not sure..” She looked away.

“If you’re not sure why are you letting him to kiss you?”

“I have certain feelings towards him. But I’m not sure if this feeling is a pure love. I need time. You also know my situation now. I have things to be settled”

“You sure you’re going to let yourself loose from Dong Gun?” Siwon’s voice lowered down.

“Certain” She looked at him with her round eyes.

“You’re not going to regret it? He promised you the fame. The fame that you’re enjoying now” Siwon is trying to become the devil’s advocate. It’s a decision that she need to live with for the rest of her career, if she still want to maintain in the industry of course.

“I’m going to regret if I don’t..” She’s biting her bottom lips. She had her doubt, of course. But she needed to be strong to decide.

“And Leeteuk?”

“I need time to be sure about him.. But it’s definitely not now.”

“You know.. He’s still in a fragile state now."

"Fragile?" Asked Sora while raising her eyebrow.

"He just broke up, and I think you should be careful. Buck up your feelings or if not you’ll hurt him more” Siwon said to her. Giving her another piece of advice.

“He just broke up?” She looked at him.

“Few months ago..”

“Hmm..” Sora is biting her lower lips again.

“Why sighing?”

“I think both of us need to see if this is really a pure love or merely rebounds.. Well, you know what I mean..”

“I’m sure he’s honest. He holds what he said, dearly.” Siwon is trying to convince. His trust towards Leeteuk is more than his trust towards Sora, definitely.

“I need to make sure of it myself since this is my feelings that I need to protect too. I’m not doing charity you know..” Sora said while heading towards Siwon’s room to pick up her scarf and her handbag.

“Up to you, I’m just letting you know what I know.”

“Arasso. I need to go now” She’s giving him a little smile.

“Be careful on the road then..” He said while giving her a friendly hug.

“I will.. Thanks..”

“Be careful with Dong Gun too..” He added while releasing his hug..

Sora nodded and headed to the door. At least everything about Dong Gun is clear for her now even though she doesn’t really know what she will do next. And Leeteuk.. She doesn’t have the time to think about the relationship with that guy yet. Just not yet.


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