Friday, December 14, 2012

Chapter 15

Sora is sitting at the passenger seat while hugging her body, throwing her sight towards the view along the Gwangan Bridge, the second longest bridge in South Korea.

“You’re being too silent. It’s making me worried” Said Leeteuk while stealing the glance at her spacing out in her own world.

“I told you I don’t need you to send me back” Said Sora in a rebellious tone. She’s stating her decision before, but Leeteuk insist on taking her.

“Hmm..” Leeteuk couldn’t say much. Suddenly he feels like he is making a wrong judgment when he started worrying about a person whom he have feelings with.

Sora looked at him sighing. “Sorry, I’m just not in a good mood right now” She said, feeling a bit guilty after saying those words in a harsh tone.

“It’s okay. My fault to begin with” Leeteuk said while stopping his car at the beach area towards the end of the bridge.

“Why are you stopping here?” Sora asked.

“Do you have anywhere else you wanted to go?” Leeteuk is asking back.

“Back to my hotel?” Asking the obvious.

“Let’s have some fresh air here first...” He insisted.

Sora looked at Leeteuk who’s getting off from the car and heading towards her side to open the door for her. He’s deciding something against her will, but she has no point to object either since he is the driver of the car.

“Where is this?” asked Sora while getting off from the car.

“A beach in Busan which I don’t know what is it called..” Leeteuk grinned. He also didn’t know the name of the place. He headed there out of instinct, just to find a nice place to calm down Sora’s huffy mood.

Sora is taking off her high heels while heading straight to the beach area.

“Where are you going?” Leeteuk asked.

“To the water”

“Isn’t it cold..” Said Leeteuk. It’s the beginning of the Autumn and the water would normally be cold.

“The colder the better. It will reduce my boiling heart. Isn’t that the reason why you brought me here?” Sora said to him while smiling.

Leeteuk didn’t have that intention at first but he’s glad looking at Sora’s smile just now. Like a kid who can’t wait to play around with her favorite toy.

Without thinking much, Sora entered the sea water with her Vera Wang dress.

“Your dress…” Said Leeteuk but unfortunately it’s too late when the lady is already in the water. Jumping around when her feet started to touch the water.

“Come! The water is not that cold” Sora said while waving at Leeteuk.

“No way..” He said in disagreement with Sora’s statement, but his leg is still moving towards her, joining her with her enjoyment.

“Eyyy.. This is cold” Leeteuk said while limping around in the water. It is freezing cold.

Sora laughed. “It’s fun.. I never went into autumn sea water before” She said while playing with the ankle deep water. After a while her body is adapting to the temperature of the water.

“Be careful or you might catch the cold” Said Leeteuk while head off the water.

He sat down on the sea sand while looking at Sora who keeps playing with the water. He can see how Sora is trying to ignore her sorrow by keeping herself happy playing around with the water.

“You really don’t want to come here?” She asked while waving towards Leeteuk, asking him to join her.

“No, it’s too cold for me” Leeteuk said while remain to observe her from the side.

“Arasso..” Sora said while heading deeper to the sea water until it is knee deep. Her dress is soaked.

Suddenly she stopped and stayed still at one spot for a few while. The urge to dive in the water and never come up is filling her. She knows if she does that, with the low water temperature, it won’t take long for her to be out of breadth; killing her soul slowly with basically no pain.

“Don’t be stupid” A man voice nearing her.

“What?” She looked at Leeteuk who already stand by her, grabbing her waist.

“What were you thinking just now?” Leeteuk is testing her out. He can’t be wrong by looking at how intense Sora is looking at the water.

“Nothing” She said while looking away from his eyes. Don’t want him to caught she is lying.

“Whatever your problem is, having that thought is not the only way out” He said. He didn’t know about what’s been bothering Sora’s mind that makes her wanting to leave the after party in a rush. He knows she won’t share anything with him. But he is here to accompany her and cheer her up. Even it’s just for tonight.

“What are you talking about?” Sora said while slowly moving towards the seashore.

Leeteuk looked at her avoiding the conversation. She must be in deep thought just now.

“You’re done playing?” Leeteuk is splashing some water to her.

“Ya it’s cold!” Sora said while hiding her face from the splashed water.

“I thought you said you like it earlier?” Leeteuk said while continue splashing the water to her.

“Yes, but not when this cold water hitting my face. It’s even colder with the breeze!” Sora said while started to splash the water towards him too, starting up a splash water war.

“Arasso Arasso.. Stop it” Leeteuk came nearer to Sora while holding both of her hands from continuing. Both of their body stands near to each other again.

“You hair’s getting wet” Leeteuk said while flipping Sora’s hair to the back of her ears. Sora is closing her eyes. Ticklish feeling when Leeteuk incidentally touched her ears.

Leeteuk looked at the beautiful woman in front of him. Her wet hair is making her to look more seductive than ever. Her wet red lips started calling to be kissed.

One of his arms is twirling around Sora’s waist while the other touches her face as she looked at his eyes. His fingers are running through her cheek to her chin, holding her lips up for him to move nearer to her.

Their lips touched for a split second before Sora started to back her body a bit, taking her lips off his.

“What’s wrong?” Leeteuk surprised. Sora’s mood started to change again. She seems to give in earlier but now she’s taking it back.

“I think it’s too fast for us..” Sora answered. She’s been cautious with her feeling since earlier, but Leeteuk’s lips are calling to be kissed making her to lose her compose.

“Too soon?” Leeteuk looked at her.

Sora nodded slowly.

“So you acknowledge my feelings?” Leeteuk asked again.

“I do.. But let’s not move too fast” Sora answered. At that moment Leeteuk can feel Sora’s body started to shiver. She’s been too long in the cold water.

Leeteuk looked at her and feel her head. Her body is stone cold.

“Let’s go. You’re freezing cold” He said while taking off his coat for Sora, warming up her body a bit.

He’s bringing her to the seashore while hugging her, transferring the body heat for her to feel the warmth again.


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