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Chapter 14

“You really look great tonight” Says Leeteuk with Sora’s body a few inch parted from him. They are dancing to Stuck on You, a song by Lionel Richie. A beautiful ballad song which accompanying their slow dance at the after party for BIFF ceremony.

“Gomawo..” Sora looked up straight to his eyes. Shining eyes that makes her heart started to feel funny again. The flustering feeling that is making her to start being cautious.

“What’s wrong?” Leeteuk asked when Sora started to slowly loosened her grasp from Leeteuk’s hand.

“I need to go to the washroom” She said. She needs to calm down herself a bit. This is so unlike her. Her heart had been beating hardly since the flesh of their hands started to touch each other’s.

“I’ll join the boys then” Leeteuk smiled. Being together with Sora, dancing together with her makes he feels like there’s only the two of them in this hall, nurturing every bit of their feelings, every bit of the attraction towards each other.

“Both of you looked perfect together” Say Kyuhyun when Leeteuk is approaching them. Leeteuk’s face looks satisfied. Clearly the dance with Sora is giving him the confidence to interact with woman again.

Leeteuk smiled to Kyuhyun’s praise. He knew it; he knew it even before the others realized it. But he need time to build the confidence in holding Sora’s heart near to him. Not too soon, not too late. Everything must fall into the right proportion; his proportion of love.

“Where is she going?” asked Donghae. Sora does look good with Leeteuk, he agreed with Kyuhyun’s point. But she will definitely look better with him, he thought to himself.

“Washroom.” Leeteuk answered. He can read the envious look from Donghae’s eyes. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Leeteuk asked.

“Nothing..” Donghae looked on the floor, hiding his face expression. Leeteuk can read him easily. His handsome face that comes with lots of facial expression, of which, Teuk has studied him well by being their leader for more than 10 years now.

“Evening guys!” a man in a sleek leather suit is approaching them.

“Anneyaseyo Director-nim!” All 5 of them immediately bowed at him. The gentleman in front of them looks like someone who’s being respected by them.

“Just act like I’m one of your friends..” The man said while hugging Leeteuk and Donghae’s shoulder who are standing next to him.

“Long time I didn’t see you Siwon-shi” He greeted Siwon. Slowly Siwon nodded, agreeing to his words.

“I didn’t know you’re here too..” Leeteuk said, starting the conversation with him. He knows his other members will not start it, but as the leader of the group, he needs to manage his group reputation. Stand before them is one of the board of director in SME, the company label that they are in.

“I’m here as the representative for the company. It’s good for me to spot candidates to be brought over to our company” He said with his small laugh.

“Did you found anybody good?” Leeteuk is continuing to ask while Sungmin silently started to make a sign to cut it off. All of them are not really comfortable with that guy joining them.

“A few new faces which have potential, but we definitely need to do some background checking before bringing them over to join us” He said. Leeteuk nodded and started to restrain himself to ask further; understanding the other’s concern. The more he talks, the more the man in front of them will stay.

“Oppa, sorry that I took too long in the washroom” Sora said while approaching them. “Oh?” She surprised when she looked at the person who are with them.

“Sora, please meet..”

“Jang Dong Gun-shi” Said Sora calmly before Leeteuk finishing his sentence. Her eyes are straight looking at that man.

“You know our director before?” Asked Donghae to Sora when he realized how Sora is looking at him intensely.

“Director?” Sora looked at Donghae, weird.

“I’ve known her before when I’m trying to bring her over to our company” Dong Gun is trying to control the situation. “But I think, our Sora-shi have better offer somewhere else, isn’t it?” Dong Gun said while looking straight to her eyes.

Slowly Sora nodded, unwillingly agreeing to Dong Gun’s lies. She then looked at Siwon who’s been silent at the other corner. The way Siwon is hiding his face from looking directly at her tells her something. Everything started to makes sense for her now.

“This 80’s theme music really makes me want to dance over and over again” Dong Gun said when another Lionel Richie song being played in the hall. “Sora-shi, will you dance with me?” He says while extending his hand towards her.

Sora looked at him, and then she looked at Leeteuk. Hesitantly she extended her hand accepting to Dong Gun’s invitation.

Leeteuk is speechless looking at them heading to the centre of the dance hall. Unexpectedly, Sora is accepting the dance invitation from some random man whom she just met.

“So these are the guys that you’re spending your time with whenever you’re not at home?” Dong Gun whispered to Sora while slowly dance following the beat of the music.

“I’m not” She’s short.

“Well, looking at how comfortable you’re with them, it doesn’t look like you’re just meeting them tonight”

“For god sake, this is a public event. What do you expect?” Sora said in a harder tone but still maintaining her voice level from being heard by others.

Dong Gun smiled. “If not, you won’t be hyped like this” He started to provoke.

“Enough, I’m off” Sora said while letting her hands off from Dong Gun’s.

“People will look at us if you’re letting my hands in a sudden” Gong Gun said while trying to reach for her hand again, resuming what they are doing before; dancing.

“Let’s just say I’m going to the washroom” Sora said while heading towards the washroom again. She does not want to be further bothered by the annoying human that she just danced with.

“What are you doing? Why you’re being so stubborn” Dong Gun asked.

“No, what are you doing?” She said to him back with raised eyebrow seeing Dong Gun is following her to the washroom.

“Look, we will not solve anything if you keep running away from me” He is lowering down his tone.

“Facing you will not solve anything either”


“Dong Gun-shi, I’ve said it very clear last time. I’m over you. But if you insist to continue with this, I will always disappear before your eyes.” Sora said to him in a stricter tone, making a point that she’s not joking, she never was.

“Sora” Dong Gun is grabbing Sora’s hand.

“Let me go before I scream. You don’t want to have news with SME Director on the cover page tomorrow. Don’t you?” Sora is giving him a sharp glance.

Slowly Dong Gun is letting her hand go. Sora has changed, her attitude has changed. She’s firmed with her words now.

Immediately Sora left the washroom, leaving Dong Gun inside.

“What’s wrong?” out of nowhere, Donghae appeared in front of Sora.

“Nothing. There’s a lunatic in the washroom” She said while heading towards the place where the other guys are gathered.

Donghae looked at Sora. He had overheard every single words of their conversation just now. Whatever they’ve talked with each other at the club last time are started to make sense to him now. Her sad and bothered facial expression, is it because of that man? He thought to himself.

“I’m sorry, but I need to go now.” Sora came near to the guys to excuse herself. At least not to let them wondering where she’s been if she suddenly disappeared.

Sora’s sudden emotional change and her changed face expression makes everybody wonders of what had happened.

“You, I need to talk to you.” She said to Siwon. There are a lot of things to clear with him. What had happened today is giving her the explanation of what had happened before; the clear explanation of everything.


“Not now, later” She said to him. The reason why Siwon is keeping everything from her, the reason why Siwon suddenly disappeared from her, is answered now.

“What’s wrong Sora? Are you okay?” Leeteuk is weird with the changes in Sora’s mood. Somehow it is making him worried.

“No I am not.” She’s being blunt. She’s not in the mood to talk. She just wants to get home and have some rest.

“Let me send you home” Leeteuk offered.

“It’s okay, I can drive on my own” She answered while looking for her manager to get the car key from him. “Why is he always not here when I’m looking for him” She continued while looking for cellphone in her clutch bag.

“I think it’s better if you let Leeteuk send you home Sora-ya.” Sungmin interrupted.

“Let’s go, I send you home” Leeteuk said to her again. Looking at her huffy mood, he doesn’t think its okay to let her to drive by herself.

“It’s okay.” Again, she stubbornly refused.

“Let’s go!” Leeteuk forcefully grabs her hand out of the ballroom heading to his car.

“Where are you taking me?” Sora asked. Leeteuk is silently brought her somewhere she didn’t even have a clue of.

“Just follow me…”


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