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Chapter 13

Sora blankly stared at the actor and actresses that gathers in front of her. She lost interest over the topic that they are discussing. She’s here to have some fun, but the topic that they discussed are all about work. 

She looked around, trying to find some other familiar faces that can take her away from this group of people before her turn to walk on the BIFF Blue Carpet ceremony. 

"Anneyong!" Donghae who just entered the backstage tent is approaching Sora. Her eyes are wandering everywhere, seems like she doesn't want to be there with those people in front of her.

"Oh! What are you doing here?” She’s surprised seeing Donghae at this kind of events which rarely attended by idols group like them. But at the same she’s relieved. Her savior has finally arrived.

“We’re invited to this event this year” He smiled. “Don't you think you forgot something?” He added.

“What do you mean?” Sora asked with raised eyebrows. She didn't get what Donghae is referring to.

“Your promised..” Donghae looked at her. 

"Oh.. The dinner?" After their meeting at the club last time, Donghae called her asking for a dinner date. Its been a month or so since he called her, but seems like Donghae is still holding to that.


"But I never promised for one" She smiled.

"Yes you are"

"No I'm not. You basically asked for it but I never agree to that" She giggles. 

"I'll be waiting!"

"Wait all you want.." She said while flipping her long hair extended hair that she wears to compliment the dress that she's wearing.

"One day you will" Donghae said to her in confidence. Even though he is a man with an owner, it will never stop him to flirt around. That's just him.

Sora laughed. "So you're here alone?" She asked. Its hard to say no to persistent Donghae, so it is better for her to divert the topic.

"Anie. With a few of my other team members" he said while pointing at Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Sungmin and Siwon who are heading towards them after greeting their sunbaes.

"Oh! Kang Sora shi!" Sungmin waved at the beautiful woman in Valentino-red-shoulder-less dress. “You’re here too?”

“Oh, hi!” Sora greeted all of them. They looked handsome in an all black suit.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you’re coming to this event?” Sungmin asked while looking at his beautiful co-lead. Whatever she's wearing, it will never fails to blown him away.

“I didn’t know you’re coming too.”

"Well, we never talked about it" Sungmin said in a tone of regret. If only he opened his mouth to ask her about this, it could be that he's attending this event with her instead of this bunch of male.

Sora nodded agreeing. They've met each other for almost everyday for the movie filming but they never talk about coming to this event. Not even once.

Sora then catches a glimpse of Leeteuk who is looking at her for a while now.

"You look gorgeous.." Leeteuk immediately said realizing Sora caught him intensely looking at her in that red Vera Wang dress. That dress is highlighting her beautiful-milky-white skin complexion.

"Gomawo" She shortly replied.

"Why don't we walk on the blue carpet together?" Sungmin said, diverting Sora’s attention to him. It’s hard for him to maintain Sora’s attention towards him while his other handsome team members are together with him now.

“Huh? You can’t be serious…” Sora said with eyes wide opened.

“It would be a good move to promote the movie that we are filming, don’t you think?” Sungmin is spontaneously coming out with the reason behind his wild idea whereas the original intention is for him to walk on the blue carpet with Sora. If he had known Sora is coming to this event too, he would have asked Sora to become his blue carpet partner earlier.

"Hmm.. I don't think it would be a good idea though." Sora is somehow refusing the ideas. She doesn’t want to grabs people’s attention with that kind of appearance. She knows it will definitely invite scandal and gossip.

"Why not? It would be interesting.." Donghae said, interrupting their conversation.

Sora looked at Donghae, giving him a sharp glance.

"You know even if I agree with it, I won't be walking with you right?" Sora said to him in an informal tone.

"Of courseee.." He said while giggling. That woman really knows how to read his intention.

Leeteuk looked at how comfortable Sora is talking to Donghae now. Its’ not like how they are few months ago, who are fighting like cat and dog. It seems like he's the only one left with awkwardness in every of his interaction with Sora.

“Since when did you guy get along with each other?” Sungmin asked. Last time he knows, both of them are not getting along really well. But today, Donghae is the first person who’s heading towards Sora when he saw her. Something seems strange to him.

Both Sora and Donghae giggled while looking at each other. Not answering to the question.

"So? Are you up to it?" Donghae is raising his eyebrows while still looking at Sora.

"Beat it.. Let's see what kind of rumors will be out" she laughed.

"Then.." Sungmin said while offering his arms to her.

"I think Leeteuk oppa height would better suit mine though" She said while immediately locking her arms with Leeteuk to his surprise.

"You!” Sungmin said.

“Don’t be mad oppa..” Sora giggled looking at the speechless Sungmin. It’s time for her revenge. Sungmin’s been teasing her all he can all this while and now it’s her turn. It’s not an instance that will come all the time.

She then looked at Leeteuk who still looking at their crossed arms. Couldn’t believe whose hand is crossing with him now.

"You blushed easily oppa..” Sora whispered near to his ears until he can feel her every breadth.

Leeteuk looked at her, surprised seeing the flirty daring Sora in front of him now. It’s not Sora with the cool-innocence image that he first met with.

"Aren't you being too obvious again?" Sora giggles.

“What?” He whispered back to her.

"Your face expression.. You looked shocked"

"Eo.." Slowly Leeteuk nodded admitting.

Sora giggled again looking at Leeteuk's cute reaction. He looks charismatic when he is with his team but look like a child when he’s with her. His reaction, his expressions are just adorable to Sora’s eyes.

"What are you two doing?" Sungmin asked looking at how both of them keep whispering and giggling with each other.

"Are you jealous?" Sora said while sticking out her tongue.

“This kid…” Sungmin said while laughing. Sora is continuously having fun in teasing him today, but it's nice to see her smile.

Sora then catches a glimpse at Siwon who silently looking at her, monitoring her every move. He’s been silent since the first time they greeted each other.

She looked at Siwon’s eyes. She understands the meaning behind his look. She remembered what Siwon had said to her that very night at the resort. She knows what she is doing now will make Leeteuk to have a deeper feelings for her.

"Get ready Kang Sora-shi, your turn is next" the event planner is giving her a cue, taking her attention from Siwon.

“Ok” Sora nodded understanding the cue. Sora then looked at the 5 gentleman with her now. "Are you really sure about this?" She asked them, while finalizing her decision too. She doesn’t want to make a decision out of an impulse.

"We don’t mind..” Siwon replied after taking a glance at Leeteuk. He is replying on behalf of him. He knows from Leeteuk’s expression, he’s looking forward for this to happen. He’s smiling happily with Sora stands next to him. It’s been awhile since he saw Leeteuk in that kind of happiness. The happiness that he can see even from the way he is smiling.

Sora stared at Siwon’s eyes, trying to understand the meaning behind his words. This is not like him who warned her before. Suddenly he changed his tone today in front of his team member.

Slowly Siwon nodded giving her the hint for his blessing. Giving her a hint that it is okay to proceed with her action now.

"Arasso.. Just don't regret it.." Sora said and then looking at Leeteuk again.

"You sure you don’t mind?” Sora whispered to Leeteuk, giving him the final chance to pull his arm off hers.

“Yup.." He whispered back while grasped Sora’s hand on his arms. He’s been collecting his courage to do that. Slowly he is giving her a smile.

Sora looked at Leeteuk who is smiling beside her; the most honest smile that she had ever seen. Her heart started to beat faster looking at that smile on his face. “What is this feeling?” She thought to herself while looking at Leeteuk. Her heart suddenly acted funny the moment Leeteuk grasping her hand; it is a feeling that she never felt before.

"Now, we will have the entrance of actress Kang Sora and Super Junior members" The MC announced followed by the screaming of the fans that is waiting for them.


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