Friday, November 2, 2012

Chapter 9

What game are we playing?" asked Sora while looking at their excited faces. Seem like they are waiting for the highlight of the event more than anything else.

"Amazing race!" Kyuhyun answered. He looks the most excited amongst all of them.

"Amazing race? This late at night?" Ask Yoon Ji, Kangin's girlfriend while looking at her wrist watch, confirming the time. All the other girls started to complain too.

They didn't feel comfortable to play that kind of game in the middle of the night. Especially at a private resort where there’s not much people around.

"Don't worry.. All of you will be coupled with your own partner." says Sungmin, stepping up seeing the uncontrolled situation. The women don’t seem to agree in playing the game.

“Do you think we believe our partner?” Yoon Ji giggled while looking at Kangin.

“Ya! Sit down. Stop making a fuss” yelled Kangin while pulling his girlfriend to stay seated.

“Ah, waee!”

The other members started to laugh looking at their cute lovers’ quarrel.

"We will need to vote though.." say Sungmin while looking at Leeteuk, Siwon and Sora. "Unless you all agree for me to be partnered with Sora" Sungmin giggled.

"No, let’s vote.." Leeteuk said. At least by voting, he would be given the same chance as Sungmin and Siwon to be partnered with Sora.

"No, you don’t need to do that. I'll choose my partner. Can I?" Ask Sora.

"Who do you want to choose?" Sungmin asked. He is confident that she will be choosing him; the person who Sora is most comfortable with.

Sora looked all the three gentlemen in front of her one by one.

"Siwon-shi?" She answered to Leeteuk and Sungmin’s surprise.

Siwon also looked at her, shocked. He didn’t expect that she will be making that kind of decision after her attempt to leave the party earlier.

"Can we?" Sora is asking Siwon again. She is hoping for Siwon to accept it.

Siwon looked at her, giving her a sharp glance while trying to understand the hidden agenda behind her request. “What is she up to?” He thought to himself.

"Siwon? Why Siwon?" Sungmin asked. He didn’t understand Sora’s choice and he wanted to further know the reason behind it.

It should be him, or at worst, Leeteuk. But why Siwon whom she just met a few minutes ago?

Sora smiled. Refuse to answer Sungmin’s question. She knows she does not have any explanation to that. She had her own reason. A reason where Sungmin and Leeteuk wouldn’t understand. A reason where only Siwon and her knows.

Sora looked at Siwon while giving him a signal, asking for him to accept her request.

"Sora had chosen her partner, Sungmin-ah.. Don't need to ask further.." Leeteuk said to Sungmin while backing up Sora's choice.

He is hurt when he first heard Siwon’s name instead of him, but he also accepts the fact that his looks, his body and his height cannot compare with Siwon’s. It is Sora's choice after all. There must be a reason why she did that.

Sora smiled at Leeteuk. Again Leeteuk's attitude is confirming her perception towards him. He's a Mr. Nice guy who always think of others before him. Even though his decision means he needs to ignore his own interest.

"Let’s start with this.." Leeteuk said while grasping Sungmin's neck.  He knows Sungmin is frustrated with Sora’s choice too, just like him; but everybody needs to move on.

Sungmin is dragging his feet to follow Leeteuk picking up the instruction pamphlet from their manager who are in charge of organizing this game. The reality is not as good as what he presumed to be.

"What are you doing?" Asked Siwon after seeing both Leeteuk and Sungmin has gone quite far from both of them.

"We need to talk..." Sora said.

"We've finished talking a few years back, didn't we?" Say Siwon. The memory is still fresh in his mind.

Sora is speechless. She knows she don't have the right to bring up the matters again. Her eyes are on Siwon’s for a few seconds.

“What?” He looked at her back.

“You’re avoiding it again..”

“Miss.. We’re done remember? What else to talk about?”

Sora is giving him a sharp glance. “I need a proper closure”

“What’s not proper with our ‘closure’ last time?” Siwon said while making a hand gesture.

"What did you guys talk about? Siwon, come and take your pamphlet!" Sungmin shouted to Siwon from a far.

“I’m coming!” He shouted back.

Leeteuk looked at both Siwon and Sora. They seem to talk quite a lot for a person who just knew each other.  Looking from their expressions, it doesn’t seem like they just know each other. Their conversation looks quite intense.

"We will talk later.." Siwon said while heading to where Sungmin and Leeteuk is taking their pamphlet, leaving Sora on her own.

“What are you talking about?” Sungmin asked.

“Nothing..” He said while smiling. It’s too complicated to explain. It is better for them not to know it.

“Sorry that she chose me hyung..” Siwon looked at Leeteuk. He knows. He realized. Both Leeteuk and Sungmin are hoping for Sora to choose them.

“Anieya.. That’s her choice” Replied Leeteuk while taking a glimpse at Sora who’s waiting at the other end. Then he looked at Siwon who is in front of him.

Both of them seem weird. Leeteuk always trusted his gut feeling, but why is it that today his heart is telling him both Siwon and Sora have something that they are hiding. His heart is telling him that today is not the first time they’ve met each other.

“It’s impossible. I know everything about Siwon” Leeteuk whispered to himself while ignoring his ridiculous feeling. Reminding himself that his gut feelings can be wrong… sometimes.

[Author's note: I know I know, its a short chapter :P But to make up to this, I'll try to finalized chapter 10 by weekend. Hehe.. Enjoy reading dearest! ^^]


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