Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chapter 8

“Hyung! Siwon is looking for you..” Sungmin told Leeteuk who seem to be waiting for someone outside his hut. Sungmin was right by looking for Leeteuk there.

“What now? He wasn’t there earlier when I went there. Why can’t he come here?” Leeteuk is pissed. It is starting to disturb his time with Sora now.

Sungmin shrugged. “He said he will be waiting for you there..”

“Hmm.. He’s bothering me like hell..” Leeteuk hissed.

“Maybe he got problems with his girlfriend again?” Sungmin giggles. The problem with his control freak girlfriend is always making him disturb Leeteuk asking for advice. Sungmin knows it all. Leeteuk often tells him the story about Siwon and his girlfriend.

Leeteuk laughed. “Let’s see if our suspicion is correct..” While he started to walk towards the gathering area.

“Ah right! Sora is in my room. I’m going to leave her with you okay?” Leeteuk forgot about Sora. They went to his hut as Sora wanted to use the washroom.

“Arasso..” Sungmin nodded while taking a seat at the rattan chair at the verandah and enjoying the fresh air.

 “Kamsa… Eo?” Sora surprised when she saw Sungmin outside the hut. “When did you come? Where is Leeteuk oppa?”

“He went to meet our team member. Why? You’re frustrated because it’s me now?” Sungmin asked. He saw how Leeteuk and Sora started to get attached to each other tonight.

“Oppa wagurae…” Sora is doing her aegyo while softly hitting Sungmin’s shoulder.

“Whatever..” He’s pouting his lips, sulking.

Sora laughed.

“Why are you laughing?”

“It seems like both you and Leeteuk oppa are taking turns on taking care of me. Am I a kid?” Again, she giggles.

“Of course you are a kid.. Look at this!” Sungmin pinched Sora’s baby-fat cheek.

“Oppa!” Sora is raising her voice. “Didn’t I tell you not to do that..” While brushing her cheek. She doesn’t like it.

“What’s wrong with that? You’re cute!”

“Anything but my cheek..”

“Arasso.. Mianhae” Sungmin said while grasping Sora shoulder near to his while leading her towards the crowd, where all the members and their partners are gathered.

“Look at them.. They really looked like a couple..” Kyuhyun said while looking at Sungmin and Sora who’s walking shoulder to shoulder heading towards them.

“It would be better if Sungmin oppa is a bit taller though” Jung-ah, Kyuhyun’s girlfriend is adding the comments about Sungmin and Sora. That couple is just love to judge other people, especially their appearances.

“Who?” Siwon who is engrossed with his conversation with Leeteuk at first got distracted by Kyuhyun and his girlfriend’s talk.

“Kang Sora..” Say Leeteuk while looking at both Sora and Sungmin who are walking towards them. Seeing how close they are walking together is starting to make his heart burn with jealousy.

“Kang Sora?” That name sounds so familiar to him. Siwon turned looking at both Sungmin and the woman who is walking with him.

“Both of you really share the same partner today.” Tease Eunhyuk. He saw how Leeteuk looks so attached to Sora earlier and now Sungmin too. Something is going to get complicated if they are not mitigating this from the early stage. He thought to himself.

“Well what’s wrong with that? She is our partner..” Say Leeteuk while getting up from his seat and started to grasp Sora’s shoulder as well.

“Oppa.. Don’t do this. This is embarrassing..” Say Sora while dismissing both their hands from her shoulder. She hates being treated like a trophy that they won from an award.

Siwon looked at Sora’s expression. Indeed, that is Kang Sora that he knew from few years back. She speaks her heart as always. Both her words and her expression are in sync. “She hasn’t changed..” He said to himself.

“This is Siwon, our other member..” Leeteuk is changing the attention of the conversation. It must be awkward for Sora to be treated that way. He can feel that she doesn’t like it.

“Nice to meet you Sora-shi..” Siwon said while extending his hand and looking at Sora’s beautiful face whose eyes are still looking down.

Sora is accepting his hands while looking at that tall man’s eyes. Her hand started to shake. That man is someone she should have not met. Someone she should have not being seen together with.

Siwon is tightening his clasp. Try to hide her shaking hands. “Be careful with your hands, it’s obvious..” He whispered near to her ears.

As she turned, Sora’s face was almost touching Siwon’s – it was so close.  She nodded slowly, understanding his message then started to put a fake smile. She needs to control it well.

“What did you whisper to her?” Sungmin and Leeteuk asked in chorus. Both are curiously looking at Siwon’s shocking gesture.

“I asked her to be careful with playboys like both of you.” He smiled naughtily while glancing at Sora who’s still with a fake smile on her face. Somehow being an actress is beneficial for her at times like this.

Sora started fidgeting while looking at the three gentlemen in front of her. “Oppa.. I think I need to go now. It’s getting late...” Sora turned to Leeteuk and Sungmin.

“Why so fast.. The highlight of today’s barbeque started at midnight..” Say Sungmin. He wanted for Sora to join them for the highlights.

“You’re not a Cinderella that must come home before midnight right?” Ask Siwon.

Sora is glancing at Siwon. She knows he is saying that on purpose. “I’m grateful for being invited today.. But I shouldn’t be disturbing your group activities too much...”

“You must not miss this one though..” Sungmin said again. It’s too early for her to be dismissed from their party.

She looked at Leeteuk trying to buy the sympathy from him. Asking him to help her in convincing Sungmin to let her go early. She’s not comfortable to stay there with Siwon’s appearance.

Leeteuk looked at her back. He understands that look. Her eyes seem to be bothered with something for her to make that kind of request suddenly. However, he remained with his silence. He also wanted for Sora to be there still.

"You should stay.. Please stay.." Siwon is trying to support Sungmin’s statement earlier. He knows Sora is not comfortable with him. But he also knows both Leeteuk and Sungmin keen for her to stay.

Sora looked at Siwon, trying to read from his expression whether he is genuine with his request.

She then nodded agreeing. Just for tonight. Maybe after this, they will not meet each other anymore. She thought to herself.

"Let's start our midnight game!” Eunhyuk said to his team members, excited to start with the highlights of their group vacation.


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