Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chapter 12

Sora looked around her. She didn’t know why she ended up in this club. It’s a private club where celebrities normally go clubbing in Gangnam.

She is not supposed to be where people in her industry are gathered. But she couldn’t think of any other place to go. She couldn’t think straight tonight after the quarrel with Dong Gun. She just needs somewhere to hide, somewhere to forget about what she’s been feeling.

“One cola..” She said to the bartender.

“Can you see?” The bartender asked.

Sora looked at him trying to understand the meaning behind his words. She then realized that she is still wearing her sunglasses on. The sunglasses she wears to hide her appearance from the public.

Sora laughed at herself for being silly. One advantage of being here is that you can be yourself. You don’t have to disguise yourself because everybody here is the same. They are all celebrities.

She smiled at the bartender when he gave her cola.

“You are Kang Sora right?” asked the bartender.

Sora nodded.

“I’m your fan.. But I never saw you here before..” Again he asked, trying to start the conversation while filling up some fruits for her.

“Here.. My treat..” He smiled.

“Thanks.. Yes, this is my first time here..” She smiled again while started to bring her drink to an empty table at the hidden corner of the club. She didn’t like crowded and noisy places in the first place. But tonight she’s making an exception.

She looked at some of the celebrities who are having fun dancing around following the beat of the music played. Those are the things that people normally do when visiting this kind of place. Those are the things that she should do rather than sitting on her table and just looking at them.

She’s taking a sip of her cola and sighing. This is not her thing. It is really not her thing. And a cola? Among all those ranges of alcohol beverages, she chooses cola? Clearly she’s still a baby in this kind of world.

She is resting her chin on her palm. Closes her eyes and started to move her fingers following the beat of the song played by the club DJ.

“Great beat.” She thought to herself.

“Knock knock..” Voice of a man came near her.

She looked up to him and eventually smiled. It’s a face that she knows.

“This is the first time you smiled at me..” The man said to her.

“Is it a crime Donghae-shi?” Sora asked.

“Are you drunk?” He still couldn’t believe Sora is greeting him with a nice sweet smile just now.

Sora is shaking her head. “Anieyo.. This is just a cola...” She answered while glancing at him. There is no reason for her to be bothered over that small thing further.

“I never saw you here before” Donghae asked. This is his normal hang out place. He knows most of the people there.

“This is my first time..” She answered.

“You’re here alone?”

Sora nodded while playing with her cola glass. “And you? Where’s your girlfriend?” She knows he has one. She met her at the resort a few days ago when she met Leeteuk, Sungmin and Siwon.

“I need my own time sometimes” Donghae answered while he started to take the seat beside her.

“Why are you here alone?” He asked again, curious.

“Running away.” She answered with a smile on her face.

“From?” Donghae looked at her.

Sora shrugged her shoulder. She didn’t answer his question but instead continued on to get Donghae’s  attention with her beautiful seductive smile.

“Your boyfriend?” He asked. He is still interested to know.

“Do you think I have a boyfriend?”

“Why not? I would kill to become the owner of that seductive smile from your beautiful face.” Donghae answered. He’s good with words.

Sora laughed. “My assumption about you is right..” She said.

“What assumption?” Donghae asked. Sora’s statement is making him curious.

“You’re a playboy, right?”

Donghae laughed back. “You’re sharp!” He said while looking at her again. “And you are too?” He said to her. He thought that she must be from the same kind to immediately identify the same ‘clan’.

Sora laughed again while taking a sip of her cola. “I wouldn’t consider myself as one. But I just know about them a little too much.” She smiled; deep meaning behind her words.

“Sorry for treating you badly before though.” She said to him.

Donghae nodded while looking at her beautiful face, her shining teary eyes and the seductive smile that stuck on her face. He just can’t get his eyes off of her.

“Could you please stop being so obvious.” Sora said to him.


“Looking at me like that” She said.

“Oh.. Blame your beauty for that” Donghae said.

Sora laughed at Donghae’s statement.

“Cheers.” He said while taking out his glass of beer.

“Cheers” Sora accepting the invitation.

Sora was looking at Donghae. The meeting was fun, but it’s not taking away her earlier worries about what happened between her and Dong Gun.

Sora then took her phone from her purse, checking the time. It’s almost 3am. Dong Gun should be gone from her house by now, she thought to herself.

“Can I have your number?” Asked Donghae when he saw Sora is looking at her phone.

Sora giggles. “You know where you can get it..” She said while as she started to get up from her seat.

“Where are you going?”


“Without saying goodbye?”

“We will meet again for sure” Sora left with a wink.

“You sure know how to flirt.” Donghae said while watching her walk away, leaving the club.

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