Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chapter 11

"Where's Siwon?" Sungmin asked while looking around for Siwon. Everybody else is getting ready for their last breakfast before heading back to Seoul except for Siwon.

"He did not end his race either last night right?" Ryeowook said. Siwon and Sora did not check out from the game that they played last night.

"Oh? They did not?" asked Sungmin further.  He thinks something seems fishy.

"Maybe they went to his room instead?" Kyuhyun said, with a smirk on his face.

Leeteuk tries to ignore the conversation. He’s not in a good mood to join the teasing today, especially when it involved Sora.

"Why didn’t anybody wake me up?" Siwon said while walking towards the breakfast table with half-awake eyes; still sleepy.

"Oh Siwon-ah, you finally woke up." Leeteuk said while trying to steal a glimpse behind Siwon, in case Sora is there; in case the teasing is true.

"We were just gossiping about you.." Kyuhyun said.

"What is it?" Siwon looked at Kyuhyun while taking the seat beside Leeteuk.

"You never checked out from the game last night, right? Are you having a good time with Sora-shi?" asked giggling Kyuhyun; he’s having fun teasing Siwon.

"What are you talking about?" Siwon asked. He didn’t understand the situation.

"Anieya, don't bother about them. They are just teasing you." said Leeteuk while handing Siwon his breakfast. Even though his heart is dying to know what is happening last night, he didn’t think it’s a good time to show his interest in front of everybody else around.

"Gomawo.." said Siwon to Leeteuk as he started to eat his breakfast. He’s hungry.

"But we're really curious though. What had happened to both of you?" Kangin asked.

"You mean Sora-shi?" asked Siwon.

Kangin and Kyuhyun both nodded while Leeteuk kept eating his breakfast, maintaining his cool image without showing any sign of interest. Sungmin was looking at Siwon, waiting for his answer.

"She said she's not well. So I sent her back to her hotel." Siwon lied. They don’t have to know the real story of their whole conversation last night.

"No wonder she chose you.” Sungmin said, feeling a bit relieved after hearing Siwon’s answer. “We didn't let her leave early last night as we didn’t know she wasn’t feeling good." He said while looking at Leeteuk while rationalizing what had happened.

Leeteuk nodded. That conclusion makes sense. It is somehow making him feel good too.

"Maybe…" Siwon nodded. Not denying neither agreeing.

"I will go check on her before we go back to Seoul." Sungmin said while continuing to eat his breakfast. His appetite is back to normal after knowing the situation; the situation that he believes in.

"She already went back to Seoul this morning." said Siwon.

"Eo? What had happened?" Leeteuk asked. His heart just started to feel a bit relieved with Sungmin’s conclusion earlier, but Siwon’s statement just now is making him curious again. To make him more curious, Siwon knew about it earlier than the others; even earlier than Sungmin.

Siwon looked at Leeteuk while smiling. He knows Leeteuk has been interested to know since the beginning, but he has been controlling it well until just now.

“Yes, what happened?” asked Sungmin.

"I told her to contact me if she’s still not feeling better, but I saw her text when I woke up just now saying that she went back to Seoul." Siwon said while secretly glancing at both Sungmin and Leeteuk, looking at their reactions to his words.

"Well, at least we know she's okay.." Leeteuk said.

“Dae..” Sungmin said as he continues to eat his breakfast.

Leeteuk looked at Siwon. Again he feels something is not right. His gut feeling says something is not right. Just like how he felt last night.

“Something happened last night, right?” Leeteuk whispered to Siwon.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know.. My gut feeling says that there is something more to it.”

Siwon laughed. “What gut feelings are you talking about, hyung?”

“Hmm.. Never mind.” He didn’t pursue on asking much about it. Why would he bother so much about Sora? He thought to himself.

“You really like her do you?” Siwon whispered back.

“Oh well, she’s attractive.” He smiled.

Siwon nodded.

“Why?” Leeteuk asked looking at Siwon.

“Anieya.. Just asking.” He said while continue having his breakfast. His assumption is true.


Sora is resting in her condo looking at the view of Seoul city while listening to the beautiful melody from Yiruma’s instrumental songs; something to soothe her feelings tonight.

She still remembers her meeting with Siwon and how they encountered each other at the resort a few days ago. Siwon’s words to her made her think back about what had happened between them.

"Sora dear..." a man’s voice came out from the living room. Somebody just entered her condo.

Sora pretended not to hear the voice and continued to look at the view of the city that layed beneath her. The owner of that voice is the last person that she wanted to see now.

"Sora ya..." the voice is getting closer. This time it is right behind her. 

"What are you doing?" he asked and started to hug Sora's shoulder from behind and at the same time handing her a bunch of flowers.

Sora closed her eyes, didn’t give any kind of reaction towards the man’s appearance.

“I miss you.” He said when he realized Sora is ignoring him.

“Don’t bluff”, Sora answered while taking his hand off her shoulder and then walked towards the couch at the other corner of the room.

"What's wrong?” He asked while approaching her again. His eyes are fixed on her expression; reading the situation.

“You know best about what have you done.”

“Is it because of the article again?” He asked referring to the article that has become an issue few days back. He knows Sora didn’t like it.

Sora’s quiet, not answering his question.

“I promised this is really going to be the last time”, he said.

“No it’s not. You’ll do it again after a while”, Sora said. She’s done with his promises. “And that is only what’s being found by the public. There’s a lot more than what’s revealed, isn’t it?”

He looked at Sora, smiling. She knows him well now.

“Why are you treating me like this?” Her eyes started to tear up.

“Why are you being emotional about this?” He’s surprised looking at Sora’s tears. This is not the first time things like this happened, but he never saw her tearing up in front of him. She’s been accepting their open relationship status well all this while.

“I’m done. I’m seriously done with you.” She said while wiping out her tears.

“Darling… You know what you are getting into before you choose me.” He’s being cynical. Being a playboy is his nature. Nothing can change him from that.

“I know and I’ve made mistakes” Sora said to him. Siwon made her realize how deep she was in her mistakes all this while; how stupid she was when she made the decision to go after the fame promised by the person in front of her now. It’s the mistake that she would never know if it can be undone.

“I thought you already had a good time at the resort? But what’s with this attitude?" asked the man. Sora seemed a bit hard to persuade today. Not like always.

She looked at him, speechless. Of course, he would know every single thing that she does with the bodyguard following her 24 hours a day.

His hands started to play with Sora’s beautiful jawline.

"Stop right there, Jang Dong Gun shi!" Sora said in a raised voice.

Dong Gun looked at her with a smile. He can anticipate where this is heading.

"I've given you the opportunity to have fun with those men and now you are doing this to me?" he said with his small laugh.

"I didn’t plan to meet them there.." answered Sora.

"Yes, I never dispute that. But you still had fun with them right?" again he's being cynical.

"Don't tell me because of that you can bury your mistakes away?" said Sora.

"No I didn’t. But at least we're now equal."

"I’m not like you!” She started to get annoyed.

“Of course you’re not. You’re using man for benefits, but I’m using woman for fun. It is for different reason.” Dong Gun is being cynical again. His money and his status is what being seek by women.

"Let me go.." say Sora. She knows today's argument won’t lead them anywhere. But she had enough of this. She’s determined to end it here.

Dong Gun laughed. "You know I won’t let you go." He said.

"What do you want from me still? You have those girls around you!" she looked at him with much hatred.

She made a wrong decision before. She made the wrong decision by thinking that the guy before her can give her the fame and glamour that she's been dreaming of. All of that came with a price. A price of hatred and suffering that she has to pay now.

"I come to you when I'm sick with them of course." Dong Gun laughed.

Sora looked at him while giving him a sharp glare. "Do you seriously want to continue with this?" she asked.

Dong Gun smirked. "Of course. Why wouldn't I?" he said.

"Okay. You asked for it." Sora said. She’s determined to let herself go from this man.

"What is on your mind?" asked Dong Gun. He feels uncomfortable looking at that smile on her face. She is not supposed to be smiling in this situation.

"Where are you going?" Asked Dong Gun again when Sora started to change her clothes. "Don't you dare go out tonight. I’m here now!"

"Watch me." Sora said while picking up her purse and her sports car key from her dresser table and headed out to the door; leaving Dong Gun inside her condo.


ann said...

Jang Dong Gun-shi...,
Dong Gun-sora?
Dong Gun too old for sora....
I think Jang Dong Gun is her oppa or her father...

When u will update next chapter?
I will looking Forward....

Anonymous said...

The story become more interesting chapter by chapter...can't wait to read next chapter....

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

@ann - yes dong gun is way too old for Sora and that's the idea. Sora is carrying femme fatale's character remember? hehe

@anonymous - thanks dear. Wait for more. I'll try to update by weekend

ann said...

I forget about that....
Won bin-shi?

ann said...

I forget about that...
Won bin-shi?

Salma QuiƱones said...

Jang Dong Gun is old :)
but i like youre story

ann said...

Today is weekend,right?
so, when u will update?
I'm so curious.....

echa lovable said...

hi, i'm back read your storry^^

finally could finish last 6 chapter. lucky me so i know who is the man.

Jang Dong Gun-ssi, maybe he is too old for her. i'm curious what storry would u create with it... will be interesting..

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

@ann - I'm not sure if i will include won bin, haha

@salma, thanks dear ^^

@echa lets see where our character grows. Should I make it a 100 episodes fanfic? (oh ambition, haha..)