Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chapter 10

“What are you doing here?” Siwon asked after a few while walking together with Sora around the resort. Others are already gone playing with the game, but it’s not their interest now.

Sora looked at him, surprised that he is talking to her in a rather friendlier tone than earlier.

“I’m on my vacation and accidentally I run into Sungmin and Leeteuk here..” Answered Sora while continue walking side by side with him. Her feelings toward Siwon are long gone, but seeing him again today, making her remembered their good old days.

“You’re on vacation alone?” Siwon asked, a bit weird.

Sora nodded.

“We must have some kind of fate to meet again..”

“I never know you were from Super Junior before.” It seems like her fate with Super Junior is destined. Even from long time ago.

“Lots of things that you still didn’t know about me..” Say Siwon. Sora only knows him as an actor and a son of a rich person.

He knows her when she first stepped up in the entertainment industry. But their relationship is a short one. It only lasted for a few months. But that few months are being filled with beautiful memories which he still remembered until today. It’s the memories that he will not trade for anything else, even though it ended up halfway.

“About last time..”

“No..” Siwon is cutting Sora from proceeding with what she’s going to say. “Past is past. Don’t bother to look at it again.” Siwon said while looking up the sky. It is as black as coal.


“There’s nothing else to clear Sora. A break-up is a break-up. There is no proper way to that..”

Sora went silent. Siwon is right. Even how proper the break-up was, one way or another, it will still hurt the other party’s feeling.

“You’re doing fine now though..” Siwon is changing the topic to talk about Sora instead. He knew the medias and the broadcast stations been chasing to work with her lately. Her infamous ‘Sunny’ project makes her name sky-rocketed to the top.

“Not much but slowly…” Sora said while smiling. Lots of ups and downs during her journey as an actress and Siwon is in there somewhere when she first started off her journey in the industry.

“You and that guy?” Siwon asked. He contemplates to ask it at first, but he’s curious.

Sora looked away into the deep forest. It’s a topic that she doesn't want to talk about.

Both of them went silent again. Tonight is going to be a long night for both of them.

Sora looked at him when she heard Siwon is sighing. He must be feeling burdened being with her now.

“Do you..” Siwon wanted to ask a question in his mind, but he is contemplating again.


“Do you realize Leeteuk and Sungmin have feelings for you?”

“I know..” Sora said. All of those feelings, she realizes it.

“You know?”

Sora nodded while her eyes are on the game instruction.

“Then why are you playing with this fire again?” That fire he was in before. The fire that makes him stepped back for her safety.

“I’m just being a friend to them..” Say Sora.

“But you said you realize they have other feelings towards you. And it’s clearly not just a friendship” Siwon looked at her.

Sora went silent. She knows the meaning behind Siwon’s question. It is meant for her to step back and maintained her boundaries.

“You know where this ‘friendship’ is heading right? You always know where it’s heading.” Siwon added while looking at her. Her attractiveness is man’s weaknesses.

He still wants to protect her. And at the same time he wanted to protect his friends too. He knows if the same thing happened to him a few years back is going to happen to his other members, it is not going to be easy to settle.

“I..” Her voice started to shaken. She cannot proceed with her words.

“Sora.. You know if you proceed with this, somebody is going to get hurt. Please don’t think of it.” Siwon sounded a bit harsh. He just doesn’t want anybody to get hurt again, especially when this is going to involve his group member whom he loves.

Sora eyes started to fill with tears but she’s trying hard to contain it from falling.

Siwon knows what situation she is in. He saw the news yesterday, the news that probably brings her here now. But he also knows that he can’t help her. It is the choice that she had made last time.

“Don’t cry.. I know it’s hard for you. But this is your choice, remember?” Siwon said while softly touches her cheek. That beautiful woman had to face many challenges at this young age.

“I wish I can turn back time..” Her tears finally dropped. It’s been a while since she’s been keeping herself from crying over her feelings. She’s trying hard to be tough and accept her fate; her decision. But today, meeting Siwon reminded of how stupid she was at that time.

“There’s no use to talk about something that has been done. Look forward…” Siwon is holding Sora’s shoulder, asking her to remain strong.

Sora looked at him. The feeling of regret is all over her now.

“I need to go back to my room..” She said while wiping out her tears; the tears that eventually fall in front of her past.

“I’ll walk you to your hotel..”

He looked at Sora, feeling a little bit guilty. He knows he shouldn’t bring up that matter. It is not his intention to be hard on her either. But remembering what is the impact that will be waiting for her should what happened today proceeds, he can’t stand to see her getting hurt again.

“Ask him to get out from the hiding place.” Say Siwon as soon as they arrived at the hotel entrance.

Sora looks at him with raised eyebrows. Didn’t understand what he is referring to.

“Your bodyguard..”

“He's not here. I’ve dismissed him from his duty today..”

“No he’s not.” Siwon said while looking at the bush in front of them. “Get out..” He said.

A man in black shirt comes out from his hiding place.

“So it is really you at the beach earlier?” Sora asked him. She was right to believe that it was her bodyguard when Leeteuk said he saw somebody following them.

“I told you not to follow me didn’t I?” Sora said to him, frustrated.

“It’s not his fault though. That is his job.”Siwon said while turned his body facing Sora again.

“Think about what I’ve said earlier.. Think about it before things get complicated again..” Siwon said.

“And always.. Take care..” He is giving her a warm hug. He loved that girl before. Even though their relationship has ended, his sense of protecting her is always there.

Sora nodded.

“Take care of her..” Siwon requested her bodyguard before leaving both of them. The man slightly bowed to Siwon as he is leaving.

Again, she’s looking at Siwon leaving. Just like 3 years back, with the same last message.

She looks up the sky, the coal black dark sky without any signs of moon or stars. It is as dark as her feeling at the current moment. She sighed. Sigh of discontent from the situation she’s in. Sigh of regret.


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@ann, sorry dear. I only able to update next week. I'm a bit busy today so i can't update. Maybe i'll update on Wednesday or so. Still finalizing the next chapter.

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