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Love Fate Destiny - Epilogue

Sora looked at her phone after she had finished her schedule for today. Thought of having some personal time with Leeteuk. He must be very busy. No single message or call came in from him. That forever busy boyfriend of her.

She dialed Leeteuk's number. Want to ask him to accompany her for dinner tonight, at least. Its been a while since the last time they've spent a quality time together. Both busy with own schedules and career.

"Hello?" Leeteuk is answering the phone after a few while. Sound a bit haletant. Out of breath.

"Oppa, what are you doing?" asked Sora. Weird when he answered the phone with that kind of voice.

"I'm in the middle of dance practice... Leeteuk answered. His age started to catch up with him to dance like he was young.

"So you're at the studio is it? I'm hungry..." She said with her aegyo. After being together with Leeteuk for almost 5 years makes her learn lots of aegyo and being a feminine lady.

"Hungry? But I don't think our practice is ending soon dear... Mianhae... Leeteuk is feeling helpless. Their new album going to be release real soon and he need to continue with their practice. He knows Sora always understand his work commitment and he hope today she will too.

"Hmm... If that's the case, I'll go there with the dinner. How many people are there?" Sora is thinking of paying a visit at Leeteuk's practice room while bringing the dinner for the other members too. She missed him.

"About 20 people... You're coming here? Really?"

"Yes, can I?" asked Sora again. Ensuring she wont be disturbing the practice either.

"Arasso... Drive carefully... said Leeteuk.

"Dae..." Said Sora before hanging up the phone. Start to drive her car to the take away restaurant to buy something easy for them to eat and at the same time healthy too. They need the energy for staying up a lot lately.


Carefully Sora stepped into the practice room. Didn't want to disturb should they are in the middle of their dance practice.

"Eo? Hyungsu-nim!" Kyuhyun realized somebody who is just entering the room. 

"Oh... You guys are having a break now?" Asked Sora looking at how all of them are sitting and laying on the practice room floor tiredly. Sora came just at the right time.

"What did you bring again?" Both Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk came near her to pick up lots of things from her hands. "This is heavy!" Kyuhyun added... 

"These are your dinner... She smiled at them. She then looked around the room, looking for Leeteuk. Didnt hear any welcome from him or didnt see him either. Where's Leeteuk oppa?" She asked.

"You're so considerate... Said Eunhyuk thankful with those foods. His stomach started growling since earlier. Whenever Sora came to meet Leeteuk, she will always bring something for the other members too. Somehow Sora always treated the other members like her real family.

"Anieya... This is nothing... She smiled. Feeling happy when her effort is being appreciated by them.

"Ah right... Hyung... He went somewhere with his manager just now. He will come back soon. Eunhyuk added. Forgot to answer Sora's other question.

Sora nodded understanding. "Please, enjoy your dinner..."

"Sora-ya! What are you doing here?" Heechul who just came out from the washroom surprised seeing her there. He's the only one in the team who calls Sora informally.

"Oh. Oppa... I brought some dinner for all of you. She said while handing a dinner pack to him. She's being informal with him too.

"Thanks for the dinner Hyungsu-nim!" The rest of the members started to dig in their dinner pack. Feeling hungry after the 2 hours non-stop dance training.

"You're looking for Leeteuk right?" Heechul asked while taking a seat besides her while the other members just sitting on the floor.

"Of course... But Eunhyuk said he went somewhere with his manager just now... So I'll just wait here for a while... You won't mind do you?" Sora is teasing Heechul who is just opening his dinner pack given by Sora just now. Hes been feeling hungry too.

"Anieya... Please, seat. Have your dinner with me. Heechul said while taking out another packed dinner for her too.

"I'll wait for Leeteuk-oppa. She replied while smiling. She came here to have the dinner with Leeteuk, even though its just a packed dinner.

"Look at me having my dinner then. Tease Heechul. Sora giggles. She's comfortable with him. More than how she's comfortable with the others. Maybe because Heechul never treat her formally like the others so she feels a bit close.

"Do you want some?" Heechul is pointing the food near to her.

"Anieya. Its okay. Answer Sora while covering her nose. The smell of the food somehow making her feels uncomfortable.

"What's wrong?" He is weird looking at Soras expression and reaction.

"Is the food okay?" Ask Sora. She's weird too. The smell of the food is somehow bothering her.

"Yes. Its okay... Heechul is trying to smell the food again. It smells fine and it tastes fine. "Here. He is pointing it nearer to Sora's nose for her to have a good smell of the food.

Immediately Sora feels nauseous. The smells of the food makes her feels uncomfortable.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" Heechul is weird looking at how she is reacting again while putting aside his food. She doesn't seem well.

"I need to go to the toilet. Sora said to him while controlling herself from throwing up in front all of them.

"What wrong with Sora?" Sungmin and all the other members looked at her, feeling worried too. Heechul lift up his shoulder. Didn't know what's happening either.

"What's wrong you guys?" Leeteuk just came out from the other side of the room weird with the situation. Everybody seems to be worrying over something.

"Hyungsu-nim. Say Donghae.

"Eo? Shes already here?" Leeteuk asked. And then he saw the packed dinner on the floor. Those must be from Sora.

"Teuk-ah, go see how Sora is doing. I think she's not well. She went to the washroom just now." Heechul is feeling worried seeing how Sora behaving just now.

"She's not well?" Leeteuk's weird while walking towards the washroom. Sora is talking to him just fine in the phone a few while ago.

"Sora. Gwenchana?" Sora went out from the washroom just before he reached there. Her face looks pale. Immediately Leeteuk put his hand on her forehead. Its cold.

"I'm okay... Weakly Sora is answering to Leeteuks question.

"You didn't look okay... Say Leeteuk while holding her by her waist to prevent her from falling and brings her to the couch in the middle of their practice room.

"You're making me worried!" Heechul said while looking at the pale-faced Sora besides Leeteuk.

"What did you do?" Ask Leeteuk to Heechul. He didnt know what happened earlier but looking at how sick Sora is in front of him now, he feels weird.

"Nothing. I just make her to smell the food... Explain Heechul.

"Anieya. I'm okay. Maybe my body is acting up since I hasn't been eating right lately." Sora looked at Leeteuk and to try to put a smile on her face even though her body feels so weak after throwing up. 

Her mind went somewhere else. There's something that she's worried about.

"Sora... Call Leeteuk after seeing her being a bit dreamy. 

Sora looked at him while raised an eyebrow.

"Have you eaten?" She still looks pale even after a few while.

"Not yet...

"She's waiting for you... Added Heechul. "I think you better send her home. She didn't look well. Looking at how pale and how weak Sora is, he started to feel guilty. Could it be because of him? He asked himself.

"No, its okay. You still have to continue with your practice. I'll be okay after a few while." Sora said while laying her head on Leeteuk shoulder. That warm shoulder that always be there when she needed.

"Do you want to eat?" He looked at the weak face of his girlfriend. Sora is a strong woman normally. He will get really worried when she is in a condition like this since it is not her normal nature self.

Sora shakes her head. Not having any appetite now. Her mood changed just over split second. Her excitement wanted to see Leeteuk tonight went away. But she planned to still remain there to at least watch they practiced and give support to them.

Leeteuk softly touch her hair. "You take your rest here for a while okay?" He said while leaving her on the couch. Its time for them to continue their practice again.

Sora nodded. Understanding.


Sora-ya... A soft voice is whispering near her ears.

Slowly Sora is opening her eyes. Leeteuks sweat dripping face is in front of her. She looks around her. Seems like shes home. She looked at Leeteuk again. With those sweats, Leeteuk must be back from his morning jogging. She then looked at the bed watch. Its already 8am.

Are you feeling better today? Ask Leeteuk. She still looks a bit pale, but she seems better than yesterday.

Feeling better.. But, when did we get home? Ask Sora. She doesnt even remember when she went home. Her last memory is when she is in Leeteuks practice room together with his other members.

You fell asleep on the couch, so I bring you home after that.. Answer Leeteuk. She must have fell asleep without knowing.

Mianhae.. I must have disturbed your practice.. Say Sora, feeling guilty for disturbing his schedule. He would just stay at the dorm with the other member last night and continue with their practice this morning if she didnt show up and disturbing them.

Its okay.. He smiled. Seeing sick Sora in front of him makes him cant focus on his training either. Wake up. Ive prepared breakfast for you. You didnt eat anything last night..
Sora nodded while lazily waking up from the bed. Shes been sleeping for so long but why did she still feel so tired now? That question played in her head. Her body is behaving strangely.

I need to wash up first.. She looked at him whos waiting for her to get up from the bed.

Okay.. Ill wait for you outside.. Say Leeteuk while kissing her forehead before went to the living room. Its the house that they live together for a year now. The cozy house that they decide to live in together after Sora came back from Hollywood. A house for them to settled in.

After a few while, Sora went out to the living room with mixed feelings. She looked at Leeteuk whos surfing the morning news over the interactive TV.

Honey.. Say Sora softly..

Oh, youre done. Lets eat. The food is getting colder.. Leeteuk run over to Sora while gently pushing her over to the dining table seat. A congee and some side dishes are being prepared and arranged properly on the dining table. I prepared some congee since youre not having a good appetite last night..

You cook? Sora is feeling a bit guilty. It supposed to be her job to prepare for breakfast.

With the instant congee.. It wasnt hard at all.. He giggles. He doesnt really know much about cooking and so is Sora. But he knows shes trying to improve her cooking skills a little bit now. 

Lets eat.. Say Leeteuk while putting in some chicken meat on Soras congee bowl.
She smiled while slowly eating the food prepared. Feel perfectly being loved by a perfect man in front of her now. She looked at Leeteuk whos enjoying his breakfast. Contemplating to tell whats in her mind now.

Whats wrong? Leeteuk caught Sora is looking at him.
She looked at him still. Not sure if it the right time to say what is in her mind now.

"About our marriage..." Sora stopped from saying further. Hesitant to continue before looking at Leeteuk reaction on that topic.

"Why suddenly you brought up about marriage? Isn't that we've agreed for it to be next year?" say Leeteuk. Its not his plan. Its Sora's plan. Leeteuk has been asking her for marriage for a few times even before she went to America for the second time. But now its already been a year since she come back to Korea, her answer is still the same. Their schedule still didn't allow them to do so.

He looked at her, trying to read from her expression. Is her family asking about this again? He thought to himself. He knows both his and her families already been asking about their wedding plan, especially when they started living together now. But normally that kind of question will be shoved off easily by their schedule reason. Sora is been good at it normally. But why the worry looks in front of him now?

Sora looked at him still. She knows he needs to know about this. But shes afraid that hes not ready for it. Shes afraid that he is not ready to bear a new responsibility.

Tell me.. Whats wrong? Ask Leeteuk again. The way Sora is behaving now is not making his heart to feel at ease.

I think we need to bring our wedding forward.. Finally Sora is saying the thing in her mind out loud. She knows their wedding is already in plan. Everything is perfect before. But with current situation, they might not have the luxury of time.

Huh? Whats wrong? Leeteuk looked at her. Its weird to have Sora to ask about bringing forward the wedding. This is not her normal self.

She looked at him.. Longer. Contemplating.

"Tell me.." ask Leeteuk again. He should have been happy to hear Sora is talking about bringing forward their marriage since its her who wanted it to be next year at the first place. But the way she's looking at him, that eyes, does not make him feel great.

Im pregnant.. Calmly she told him the news.
Leeteuk looked at her. Couldnt believe what he had heard just now.

Seriously? He still trying to compute the news that he just heard. His eyes became lively. He went closer to Sora.

The test says positive. But we need to see the doctor still.. Sora answered while smiling looking at Leeteuks positive reaction.

Immediately Leeteuk lift up Sora on his arms. This is the most shocking but happy news that he is ever heard off. To think that the woman of his life is bearing his next generation, he feels complete.

We will get married next month.. Decide Leeteuk. He knows Soras concern when she mentioned about bringing their wedding forward. He knows about their parents thinking on this matter.

Isnt it too soon? Shes worried. She wanted it to be as soon as possible before her stomach to stick out of her wedding dress, but next month is too soon for them to prepare with everything

We will make it. I have lots of members who can do anything for us. So leave it to me.. Say Leeteuk, confidence. Hes going to announce this to his members today.

Jamsil Stadium started to be filled by people. The situation looks like a big concert is happening soon. All people who are entering the stadium being given a white balloon for them to hold.

On the screen, the display of Park Jung Soo and Kang So Ra Wedding Ceremony appeared together with their portraits being flashed.

Its not a concert. Its a wedding ceremony for Leeteuk and Sora to declare their love to the world. All fans including their overseas fans are filling the stadium. No tickets needed for admission. Its an event for all.

Its a nice day isnt it? Heechul secretly take a peek at the crowd of fans who's cheering and filling the stadium from the backstage. All of them can't wait for the event to starts. They cant wait to witness the wedding of their president and their first lady.

He then looked at Kang Ho Dong and Boom who are doing a good job in becoming the MC for today's ceremony. Calmly handle the ceremony together with a few performances from SME artist. Its the big day for Leeteuk, their dongseang.

Leeteuk is going to get married soon.. Say Kangin while following Heechul to peek at the beautifully decorated stadium.

Still couldn't believe this is happening. Just a month ago Leeteuk came to the practice room announcing about their decision to bring forward the wedding and Sora's pregnancy. Great news announced both at the same time.

All of them work together to pull today's ceremony while being busy with their album who has been released 2 weeks ago. Everything is being done in just within a month. Its the big grand wedding that Leeteuk is been dreaming of.

Leeteuks plan is just to throw a simple wedding reception seeing the time constraint and their schedules, but his team members insist to go on whats planned before. Theyre confidence that they can manage to do this together. Theyve been busy and tired with both, but its for the happiness of a brother whom theyve met for more than 10 years now.

I'm happy all of us are here now.. It reminds me of our good old days.. Say Eunhyuk. All the other 14 members of Super Junior are there at the wedding. He remembered the day Leeteuk came to the practice room to announce their wedding decision. Its a very sudden decision, and his request is that he wanted to see all SuJu members to be there, with him during the ceremony. Somehow seeing all the members here, Leeteuk would be very happy.

"I wouldn't miss this..." says Hangeng. He came from China just for Leeteuk's wedding. If the fans can come even from Europe and America continent for their leader wedding, so why wouldn't he. Kibum nodded agreeing. Leeteuk is the respectful hyung and leader that he ever had. He will never miss the opportunity to attend his wedding.

"The helicopter is coming.." announce the event manager. Its their signal to get ready to go out to the center of the stadium. They are finishing their tuxedos and the bodyguard is getting ready for them. They will be out to welcome the groom and bride while singing their Marry U song live from the center of the stadium. All 14 of them will be the groom best man today.

The fans start cheering when they saw all the 14 members coming out from the backstage. The event is starting soon. They are anticipating this event much more than how they are anticipating their concert.

The stadium lights are out. The spotlight started to beam towards the helicopter that is reaching the stadium.

As the helicopter landed, Marry U acapella version being sang by Super Junior members are accompanying a man in off-white tuxedo and a woman in an off-white gown to beautifully walk down the white carpet. Beautiful kids are walking in front of them while sprinkling the red rose petals on their pathway heading to the center of the stadium where the wedding altar is decorated with white and red roses.

Both families started to smile looking at both pretty groom and bride. This is the awaited day of their life, being able to see their daughter and son getting married.

Carefully the bride is walking down the aisle while holding the grooms arm to make sure she will not stepped on her long train wedding dress.

Leeteuk looked at her, smiling. He is satisfied for being able to see the beautiful bride besides him while carefully leading her on the aisle.

Im nervous Whispered Sora. Her legs are shaking and her hands started to sweat. Luckily shes holding a red rose bridal flower to hide her shaky hands.

Me too.. Say Leeteuk while softly touches Sora's hand on his arms. The 100 feets aisle pathway heading to the altar seems so far. Its different from the practice. The stress is huge. They looked at 14 men in black tuxedo who are smiling at them and patiently waiting for the groom and bride to arrive at the altar.

Both Leeteuk and Sora trying to remain their calmness while looking at the man in black suit in front of them as they reached the altar. Their hearts started to beat faster. It is the time for their wedding vows to start.

Park Jung Soo-shi, will you take Kang Sora to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health? The man asked.

I do.. confidently Leeteuk is answering the vows.

Kang Sora-shi, will you take Park Jung Soo to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health?

I do.. Sora answered calmly.

You may kiss the bride.. 

Leeteuk looked at his members whos cheering and clapping. He smiled with relieves. The vow is finally done.

He then looked at Sora, his beautiful bride besides him. She looks stunning today. She is his wife now. His real wife. Slowly he landed a kiss on her lips. In front of their parents. In front of their members. In front of their 50,000 fans. They are the witness of their love. They are the witness of their vows.

Thank you my love.. Leeteuk looked at his smiling bride again and landed a kiss for the second time. His lovely beautiful bride who also a mom to his future beautiful child.

The fans started to release the white balloons to the sky giving blessing to their marriage. The marriage of their President and First Lady. The marriage of Park Jung Soo and Kang So Ra.

[Note: This is the epilogue for Love, Fate and Destiny as i promised before. Sorry if it takes sometimes to finish. I will come back with a new long fanfic soon. A fanfic which is a totally different story of our original Sora and Leeteuk's story. A fanfic which is inspired by having Sora in becoming a Femme Fatale character. Please anticipate for it. And thank you for reading! ^^]


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