Saturday, October 13, 2012

La Rencontre

Hi All,

Thank you for waiting and keep reading my collection of fan fictions. I'm coming out with my new fan fiction series called "La Rencontre". It means, The Encounter.

I will try to update this fan fiction series at least once a week. Please enjoy my new fan fiction ideas and I welcome any suggestion and feedback as always. 

Main Character:

Kang Sora - A rising star and a talented actress but keeping lots of secret

Leeteuk - A talented idol and variety show MC who has fallen in love with Sora at the first sight

Jang Dong Gun - A successful business man and somebody who had power and influence in KPop Industry

Sungmin - Leeteuk's team member and also Sora's new movie partner

Donghae - Leeteuk's team member who has also fallen in love with Sora at the first sight. He is also a well known playboy

Siwon - Sora’s ex boyfriend

Extra Character:

As and when I add one :)

Thank you for reading!! ^^

Love and hugs always
~ Lacrym0sa ~

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