Monday, October 29, 2012

Chapter 6

Sora is heading towards the barbeque party as promised. She is taking her own sweet time while strolling down the road towards the resort where Super Junior members are staying. She looks at the coconut trees that are getting in the line of her path. They look beautiful and composed. They seem to be accompanying her tonight, making her feel safe.

Suddenly she turned around remembering something.

“Please come out...” she instructed - talking to somebody behind those trees.

A well-built man in a black shirt gets out from behind one of the coconut trees.

"You can have a break for tonight.." Said Sora too him.

"But miss..."

"Have a break.." Sora's reiterating her instruction at a firmer voice. "I'm going to be okay..."
Slowly the man nodded, understanding her instruction.

"Don't you ever follow me without my permission!" Sora said while starting to move away from him. It’s a night where she wanted to have the time of her own. Even at least for a little while.

“So this is how it feels like having lots of friend...” She said to herself when she arrived at the party. It looks so fun with them talking and dancing with each other. She never experienced this kind of party before.

Her eyes went around the place searching for Sungmin or Leeteuk.

“Anneyaseyo..” Greeted a man from behind her.

“Ah.. Leeteuk-shi. Sorry for being late…”

“It’s okay.” He smiled at her. “We just started. Come… Let me introduce you to the others…” Say Leeteuk while leading her to the crowd.

“Dae..” Sora nodded. She didn’t know most of the faces there, except for Sungmin as well as Leeteuk whom she just formally met this evening. Somehow she felt like she is in an alien’s world.

“You guys.. Let me introduce you to Kang Sora..” Say Leeteuk towards his team members who are enjoying their own time with their partners.

“Oe? Isn’t she…” Donghae who is having fun talking with Shindong and his girlfriend shocked seeing the woman’s face - A face that he recognized.

“Yes, she’s my movie drama partner that you saw last time..” Sungmin came out from nowhere getting closer to where Sora is standing. Leeteuk has told him all the stories about their brief meeting last time.

“You’re late…” He looked at her.

“We’ve just started after all..” Leeteuk said before he realized that Sungmin is winking at him asking for Leeteuk to join his joke.

“What is she doing here?” Donghae whispered to himself. He is interested to know the details. Is she here for Sungmin or she is here for Leeteuk? He knows she is Sungmin’s movie partner, but is Leeteuk introducing her just now? How did they know each other? All kind of questions are playing in his head.

“Oppa, what’s wrong?” Jihyun, Donghae’s girlfriend finds it weird when Donghae’s eyes are fixed to the woman who’s is talking with Sungmin and Leeteuk. The woman Leeteuk introduced just now.

“You are trying to pull my leg don’t you?” Sora said while looking at Sungmin with his naughty smile on his face.

“You’re easy to trick…” Says Sungmin while patting her head. Her simple-minded thinking makes her looks cute sometimes. “Come, let’s eat. I’ve reserve ours…” Say Sungmin while grabbing both Leeteuk and Sora’s shoulders.

“You have so many group members oppa..” Say Sora while looking around them. Everybody is still busy with their partners, of course.

“Not all of them are our members.. Some of them are our managers. Later I will introduce them to you one by one. Now let’s eat first. I’m hungry…” Say Sungmin while rubbing his stomach.

“Don’t you need to diet?” Leeteuk asked. Sungmin has been eating a lot lately and his drama filming is starting real soon.

Sungmin looked at him while pointing a finger on his lips.

“Why? Why are you making that gesture? Leeteuk-shi.. He’s telling lies again isn’t it?” Sora looked at them. Both look suspicious.

“He ate a lot just now, before you came..” Leeteuk giggled.

“Oppa!” She pissed. Sungmin is taking the opportunity to tease her again.

Sungmin giggled, joining Leeteuk. “Arasso.. I won’t do it again... Today” He giggled again. Teasing Sora has become his new area of interest.

“I’m not talking to you anymore. Leeteuk-shi is way better than you..” Sora said while locking her arm with his. Leeteuk looked at her, surprised with the gesture.

“Hyung, why are you blushing?” Said Sungmin seeing Leeteuk’s blushing face after Sora is locking her arms with him.

“When did I..” Leeteuk denied.

“Yes you are. And you’re not eating yet right? Purposely saving your stomach waiting for Sora to come..” Again Sungmin is trying to tease his hyung further.

Slowly Sora pulled her arms off Leeteuk’s. Even though he denied it, but being near him, she can see how red his face and his ears are with all those teasing.

“Mianhae Sora-shi.. He loves to tease people..” Leeteuk looked at Sora when he realized Sora is pulling her arms off him. He can feel that Sungmin’s joke is somehow making her feel uneasy in certain ways.

“Anieya.. It’s okay..” Say Sora while eating the salad in front of her. “You should eat too..” She is pushing the grilled lamb towards Leeteuk.

“Both of you looked so shy. Do you like each other?” Again, Sungmin is teasing them.

Sora choked hearing to Sungmin’s question. She never knew why she feels shy in front of Leeteuk. Maybe because of Leeteuk’s shy attitude with her, it makes her feel uncomfortable to treat him like how she normally treats Sungmin.

Leeteuk looked at Sungmin with sharp glare. Sungmin needs to stop with the teasing or else he’s going to kill him tonight.

Every time Sungmin teases him, it builds more barrier and distance between him and Sora. If this continues, his plan to better be acquainted with Sora will be ruined, He thought to himself.

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