Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chapter 5

“Hyung, there’s a lot of fascinating treasures here!” Sungmin said to Leeteuk after they have finished the scuba diving session that evening. Feeling refreshed, after the activity ended even though both of them started off their day a bit late.

“Yes… I don’t feel like leaving them..” He looks towards the sea again. A place he found his eternal calm. A place he never thinks of before.

“I feel like I’m in heaven being down there..” Sungmin further agreeing with Leeteuk’s point. Leeteuk is the person that introduces him to scuba diving, and it has become his addiction lately.

“Look at this picture..” Leeteuk showed Sungmin the pictures that he took a while ago.

“It’s so nice..”

“It’s nicer when you capture this yourself..” Leeteuk still looking at the pictures he took.  Impressed with his skill.

“Hyung, I’m starting to get hungry again..” Sungmin looked at Leeteuk while patting his stomach.  It’s starting to growl asking to be filled again. Playing with water took a lot of his energy.

“Me too.. Let’s go find some place to eat after this..”

“What about the others?”

“We’ll just take care of ourselves. They must be having fun with their partners now.” He giggled. Others are big enough to think about their own meals.

“Arasso..” Sungmin nodded while heading to the changing room. They change to a proper attire before heading for their early dinner. They have lost track of their meal time already.

After changing, both of them headed to the restaurant near the resort. Since it’s a private resort, every place doesn’t seem to have lots of visitors coming in and out.

“This sunset view by the beach, is just nice for a romantic candle light dinner with partners..” Sungmin said while looking at the view in front of them. It is stunningly captivating.

“Coming here without a girlfriend, don’t you think we look pitiful?” Ask Sungmin again. It’s been a while since his last breakup but until today he hasn’t found the right girl that can hold onto his heart. He’s becoming too picky lately.

“Lonely.. Pitiful… But what else can we do..” Leeteuk said while looking up the coconut tree above them. Remembering his own break up a few months ago. Everything is still fresh in his mind.

“You still can’t get her off your mind?” Sungmin asked looking at Leeteuk’s expression.

“I’m the one who ask for the break up.”

“But you clearly break up because of her. How can she play with your feelings just like that?”

“I don’t want to think of it again..” Leeteuk looked at Sungmin. The bittersweet feeling is still much in his heart, but he is trying hard to accept the fact that they are over.

“Mianhae.. I shouldn’t have brought this topic up..” Sungmin realized Leeteuk’s situation. It’s his fault to bring up that topic thinking that he is already over her.

“It’s okay.. Everything happened for a reason..” He smiled while looking around the restaurant while waiting for their order to arrive.

It’s a nice beach style restaurant who serves seafood and western food. Just the type of food he wanted to have when having a vacation near the sea like this.

“Eo? Isn’t that your movie partner?” Asked Leeteuk after his eyes captured the sight of a woman’s face who once blew his mind away with her charms. A woman that made him believe there is really a love at first sight.

“Who?” Sungmin asked while curiously looking at the direction where Leeteuk is looking at.

“Kang Sora..” Leeteuk’s brief reply.  His eyes are still on her. She’s in a simple knee-length white dress with lacy white summer hat. She’s glowing even from a far.

“Oh, it’s really her! And she’s alone?” Say Sungmin while looking around her. It seems like she is really alone.

 “Should we go greet her?” Sungmin looked at Leeteuk.

“You should since you know her..” Leeteuk smiled. If he was Sungmin, he would jump over that table by now.

“Let’s go together... I’ll introduce you to her...” Offers Sungmin.

Leeteuk’s eyes glow hearing at Sungmin’s offer.

“Arasso...” Slowly Leeteuk get up from his seat, pretending as if he’s not really interested with it.

Both of them started to walk over the other table where Sora is sitting.

 “Anneyong..” Greet Sungmin.

“Oh?? Anneyong..” Sora got up from her seat surprised seeing two guys in front of her. One is Sungmin and another one is a guy whom she doesn’t really know. But his face looks familiar.

“I couldn’t believe seeing you here.. Anyway, this is Leeteuk, our group leader.” Sungmin is keeping his promise by introducing Leeteuk to Sora.

“Anneyaseyo..” Again she partially bows towards Leeteuk.

“Anneyaseyo.. We’ve met before..” Said Leeteuk while extending his hand for a handshake.

“Oh yes.. At the café right?” Said Sora, remembered the incident. “You came with your whole group or only the two of you?” She asked. Seeing Leeteuk, made her remember one particular person that she had an issue with last time at the café.

“Our entire group are here but they are somewhere with their partners” Reply Sungmin.

“Oh.. I see..” Sora nodded.

“Ah right... I’m sorry. Please have a seat. I’m really lacking with manners...” Sungmin and Leeteuk looked at each other, giggled. It’s funny seeing Sora’s cute gesture in admitting and feeling guilty over her small mistake.

"What brings you here? Are you alone?" Asked Sungmin while taking the seat next to her while Leeteuk took the seat in front of her. Leeteuk remained quiet while watching them having a good conversation.

"Dae.. Taking some break.." Answer Sora while her eyes are focused somewhere else. She looks a bit sad.

There is something more to that, Thought Leeteuk to himself while continuing to look at her. It’s been a pleasure for his eyes looking at her beautiful face right in front of him now.

"You're quiet.." Sora said to Leeteuk after a few while. She had noticed how Leeteuk has been looking at her even though he’s acting like he’s enjoying the food in front of him.

"It feels awkward to butt in while both of you are talking especially since I just got to know you" explains Leeteuk. His natural shy self looks so obvious now.

"He's originally a quite person." Add Sungmin, justifying Leeteuk's statement.

"Isn't it unnatural for an idol to be shy and quiet?" Asked Sora again, curious.

"In front of the camera, I'm a different person.." Said Leeteuk.

"Yes. He’s a totally different person" Sungmin agreeing again.

"And you're the opposite oppa." Sora said to Sungmin. Both Leeteuk and Sungmin laugh with Sora's statement. It is rather true. Sungmin is a shy and full of aegyo person on screen but off-screen, he's a manly and a really talkative person.

 “What are you doing tonight?” Since he and Leeteuk didn’t bring any partner for this vacation, might as well they spends time with Sora.

“Not really sure.. I came here without any plan. So I’m not sure what to do either…”She giggled. The vacation is really unplanned. She just drove her car out of frustration.

“Spend time with us then.. We are having a barbeque party tonight near our huts..” Said Sungmin. Leeteuk nodded agreeing to invite her along.

“With your members?” Sora concerned.

“Yes.. Our members and the managers too...” Answered Sungmin.

“Then your irritating friend from last time will be there too?” Sora looked at Leeteuk.

“Irritating friend?” Sungmin’s weird. Wondering who is she referring to.

“Ahh.. Donghae.. Yes he will be there. Don’t worry Sora-shi, we’ll make sure he don’t get a chance to disturb you..” Leeteuk said with a smile. She must be really annoyed with Donghae to even remember it until today.

“Why Donghae?” Sungmin asked again. Unclear with the topic of their conversation.

“Anieya.. Hyung tell you later..”

“Arasso, I think I need to get back to my room now. I’ll meet you tonight..” Sora said while getting up from her seat.

“Are you okay with being alone?” Ask Leeteuk, worried. She is in an unknown place alone.

“It’s okay.. My room is in this hotel..” Sora smiled. This man is full of manners, she said to herself.

“What about tonight? Should we pick you up? Our hut is quite far..” Sungmin asked.

“Anieya, it’s just within walking distance. If I’m not confident, I’ll get the hotel driver to send me there..” Sora said while picking up her Bvlgari handbag. “I’ll see you tonight oppa, Leeteuk-shi..” Sora partly bowed, leaving both of them to continue with their meal.

Sungmin is taking a peek to confirm if Sora is already out of their sight.

“Daebak.. I can’t believe we will see her here..” Sungmin said while looking at Leeteuk who’s still enjoying his seafood pasta.

“I’m surprised too..” Leeteuk agreed. Seeing her today is really out of his expectation. He never expected that they will be meeting again, especially in this kind of a romantic place.

“The boys won’t tease us for not having partners anymore. We have one now...” Sungmin giggles. Even though it means that they will ‘share’ her, it’s okay as long as they have one.

Leeteuk smiled listening to Sungmin’s words. He can’t wait for tonight. It’s a golden opportunity for him to start to know Sora more.

[p/s: Happy Aidil Adha to all my Muslim readers and have a good holiday/weekend everyone! ^^]


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