Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chapter 4

It’s a hot summer day. Super Junior members decided to have a few days off by the beach since they are having a bit of free time before their next schedule.

"Are we allowed to bring partners?" Shindong asked. He is thinking of taking his girlfriend along since they're going to spend time away from the city.

"If he is allowed to bring his partner, then we're going to bring ours too.." Eunhyuk said in a jealous tone. “The privilege cannot be given only to Shindong just because he announced their relationship” he added.

"You can bring your partner, but you have to be more careful even though this is a private resort.” Advised their manager. “We don't want any speculative rumors to come out.” He knows how some crazy fans can just turn out from nowhere and start chasing them.

"Dae.." All of them answered. Most of them have partners. And some of them have women they are eyeing on. Somehow this is a good opportunity to bring them together for fun.

"Hyung, who are you bringing?" Donghae asked while approaching Sungmin.

"I don't have anybody..” Sungmin said. Nobody in his mind either.

"Wae? Why don't you bring Sora along?"

"Why should I? She is just my filming partner.. Besides she already have a boyfriend.." Sungmin replied. That’s the rumor that he heard about Sora.

"Ahhh.. What a waste!" Donghae seemed frustrated with the news.

"Yah! You already have a girlfriend, why are you still interested on others?" Leeteuk said while hitting Donghae’s head.  Leeteuk was approaching both of them when he heard their conversation.

"Ahh waeeee..  She’s not yet a wife!" said Donghae while brushing his head with his hand and at the same time giggling.  His playboy principle and image has always been with him.

"Playboy.." Sungmin mumbled while walking away from both Donghae and Leeteuk.

"What's wrong with that hyung!" He looked at Sungmin who's walking away. "Teukie-hyung, who will you bring?"

"Me? I don't know yet.. Should I bring a girl group?" He giggled. He is a well known senior among the new girl group.

"Ahhh.. Good idea. Bring them!” Donghae getting hyped-up with Leeteuk’s teasing.

"You!!" Another hit on his head.

"Ahhh whyyyyy!!!" He started to get annoyed over the multiple hit on his head.

"You better behave in front of your girlfriend or all your secrets will be out.." Teuk said to him. All Donghae’s secrets are in his pocket.

"Whoever they are, you must bring them. Ok?!" Donghae is giving a kind of instruction to Leeteuk.

"Yah! Do you see me as a girl supplier?" Leeteuk is trying to hit Donghae for the third time but this time around he was fast in dodging that.

"You know lots of young girls group.. Just bring some of them.." Donghae giggled again while running away from Teuk. Don't want to risk his head from being hit again.

“That crazy person.." Leeteuk mumbled alone. He looked at his team members who are left in the meeting room. Busy with their own cellphones, calling and messaging each other’s partners.

He went through his list of contacts in his cellphone, trying to see who will be the potential candidate to be invited.

"Hyung! You're inviting someone?" Sungmin suddenly appeared again.

"Eh? I thought you're gone?"

"I'm just hiding from Donghae” He giggled. “Who are you going with?" He turned to Leeteuk again, quite curious.

"I don’t have anyone in mind. Should I just go alone? What about you?" Leeteuk gave up on his phone list. Too many to choose from, and furthermore, he doesn’t have anybody in mind specifically that he’s got his eyes on.

"Me too. Let's just be each other’s partner then.." Sungmin said while grabbing Leeteuk's arm and doing his aegyo.

"Yah! Stop doing that. It’s scary.." Leeteuk said while pulling his arm away from Sungmin.

"By the way, you really won't ask Sora to come?" He asked.

"You're interested too?" Sungmin looked at him, weird.

"Anie.. Both of you seem to fit each other."

"You think so too? I thought its only me who thinks that way.." Said Sungmin accompanied with a smirk. "But people around her said she already has a boyfriend though.  So I wouldn't dare to make a move.."

"So you really like her then?"

"It’s just a mere crush.." He giggled. “Who won’t fall for her by the way?” He added. Sora is a beautiful young lady with lots of charm. Any man around her will fall for her easily.

Leeteuk nodded in agreement.  The very first time he saw her, she made his heart beat faster. Her beautiful eyes, though a bit sad, captivated his heart.


"Hyung! Wake up! It’s already noon. Why are you still sleeping?" Said Yesung who stopped by Leeteuk's hut to find out how he’s doing before proceeding with his activity.

"Ahh waee.. Just go on with your activity. I need my sleep still" Teuk pulled his comforter to cover his head. It’s been a while since he got a long nice sleep like this.

"Just wake up.. Everybody already went on their respective activities. Only you and Sungmin are still sleeping.."

"I’ll wake up later. Just enjoy your time with your girlfriend" Leeteuk answered with an annoyed tone while throwing a pillow at Yesung. He wanted to chase Yesung out of his room.

"Arasso.. This is your brunch. I’ll leave it here.." Yesung said while putting the food on the table, leaving him on the bed that he refused to leave. All the other members already had their brunch and went on for their planned activities; only Leeteuk and Sungmin were left sleeping on their beds. Because they are not with any girl now, they can enjoy their time alone.

Yesung slammed the door on his way out on purpose to wake Leeteuk up.

“Yah!” Leeteuk threw another pillow towards the door. "This bad guy.. Now I won’t be able to go back to sleep.." Teuk is now feeling annoyed when he cannot continue to sleep after being disturbed by Yesung just now.

He looked at his cellphone and then the food that Yesung left on the table. His stomach is growling asking to be filled.

He woke up lazily while heading to Sungmin's hut.

"Sungmin ahh.. Wake up.." The half awake Leeteuk is trying to wake Sungmin up.

"Give me some more time.." Sungmin said while continue to snuggle under his comforter. The temperature and the dimmed-lighted room is just nice for him to continue sleeping the whole day.

"Wake up now. Eat together with hyung. Then we'll go scuba diving together" said Leeteuk while putting the food right underneath Sungmin's nose.

"Ahh.. Smells so nice.." His stomach started to growl like nobody’s business.

"Wake up or hyung will finish this alone.." Teased Leeteuk - purposely. He knows Sungmin is forever weak when it comes to food.

"Arasso..” Sungmin lazily woke up from his sleep while sitting at the corner of the bed, staring at the floor. Still couldn’t let go of his sleepiness.

“This is going to be the last week that I can enjoy my long sleep” He said. He started to think of his coming busy schedule.

“You’re starting your filming next week, right?” Leeteuk asked. He knows every detail of the team members’ schedules.

Sungmin nodded. He knows filming for a movie is not going to be easy, especially this time around where he will be the main male lead and working with a few experienced actor and actress.

“Let’s have a good break this few days then. Hyung will always be behind you” Leeteuk said while putting his hand on Sungmin shoulder. Try to make him feeling a bit at ease from the tense.

“I'll go washed up first.." Sungmin got up from his bed heading towards the washroom.  Teuk was following him to the washroom too.

"Where are you going?" Sungmin realized Leeteuk was following him from behind.

"I need to wash up too.." He grinned. He went straight to Sungmin’s room as soon as he woke up a while ago.

"Ahh.. So dirty!” Sungmin pushed Leeteuk to the washroom together with him. That hyung of his can be like a kid sometimes.


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