Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chapter 3

It’s late in the afternoon and Sora just wrapped-up her last schedule for the day.  She is modeling for name brand accessory, just one of the many offers she can’t refuse.  Her plate’s been full with modeling and some other small commercials and she’s trying to finish it all within two weeks as she is supposed to start working on a new movie.

“That’s it for today, right?”  Sora asked her manager, ensuring her schedule.

“Yes, that’s it” her manager said while handing her the scarf that she took off during filming.  It was getting warmer by the day and the weather is quite suffocating, the remaining of summer heat before entering autumn. “We can go home early today.” He said.

She took the scarf from her manager’s hand and looked at her dresser for her handbag.

“No, oppa, I want to go home by myself today.  There are things I need to take care of.”  Sora had earlier planned on going to the market and then go straight home and cook the dish she just recently learned. 

“Are you sure? “ Her manager asked.

“Yes I am. This is also good for you so you can go home early to your wife.”  Normally, after they completed a schedule, her manager would take Sora home and then take the car with him to pick her up the following day.  Sora has plans tonight so she wanted to break away from the usual routine.

“Okay then, let me just walk you to your car at the parking lot and then I’ll take a taxi to go home.”

 Sora was quietly mumbling as they walk to the parking lot, trying to remember what she has to pick-up at the market. She looked at her wrist watch, perfect timing for all the preparations for a dinner.

 “What is this?!” Sora shocked. A nice, red color Audi R5 cabriolet is in front of her, taking her parking lot.

She then looked at the gentleman who stands besides the car – a face that she is familiar with.

“Master send you a present..” he said, while handing a small red box wrapped in a white lacy ribbon. 

Sora opened the box. A key lay inside.

“Why didn’t he give this to me himself?” Sora looked at the man who’s giving her the key just now. He is her personal bodyguard who always accompanied her everywhere she goes.

He smiled and shrugged his shoulder, didn’t know what to answer to her expectation. This is not in his job description to handle.

“Hmm?” Sora looked at him again with raised eyebrow. He is keeping his silence still. He is only tasked to deliver the goods.

Sora turned to her manager. “What did he do this time?” She asked him. She knows the present must have certain meaning behind it.

Her manager is keeping his silence too.

Sora sighed looking at their reaction while grappled inside her purse to get her cellphone; starts to dial a number.

“Oppa, what is this again?” She is talking to somebody on the other line.

“A present for you for your next project. Congratulations.” The man replied.

“Isn’t this too much?”

“Nothing is too much for you..”

“Why don’t you just give it to me tonight? We’ve agreed to meet anyway..”

“I’m not coming tonight..” He said.

Sora looked at the car key on her hand. Those are meaningless without the presence of the person who’s giving it.

“You’ve promised. I have prepared everything. You must come. I insist.” She said while doing her aegyo, something to soften the man’s heart. To convince him to come.

“I’m sorry honey, I really can’t..” He said again.

“What’s wrong?”

“Let’s talk about this later..” said the man, who seem to be avoiding the discussion.  “I have to go now.”  then quickly hanged up leaving Sora thinking.

Sora looked at her cellphone. That man is acting weird again. “There must be something..” She whispered to herself. She then look at her manager who still standing beside her.

“Oppa, please hand me my tablet..” She said. There’s something she needs to confirm.

Her manager is handed over the tablet to her. He knows what Sora’s is looking for. He already knew what had happened, but it is better for Sora to look at it by herself.

“I knew it.. He did it again..” Sora sighed. The news in front of her eyes now is the news that she’s been suspecting to appear when the man that she called just now is behaving extraordinarily like such a while ago.  This is not the first time it happened.

“He must be going home tonight. Hiding.” Sora hissed. Her plan is ruined. Her heart is hurting. “He will never change wouldn’t he?” She said while handing over the tablet back to her manager and taking the car key in exchange.

“Where are you going?” Her manager asked. She don’t seem to be in a good mood.

“Since this is a present for me, might as well make use of it. Oppa, please take care of my schedule for me.” She said while starting the engine off.

The rumbling sound of the engine is breaking the evening’s silence. Sora is driving the car through the busy city of Seoul aimlessly. She’s heading somewhere to clear off her mind.


playerkbd said...

woahhh!!! love the mystery... keep it up!!!

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

@playerkbd Thanks dear! ^^

Ann said...

Jang Dong Gun-shi???
BUt why Jang Dong Gun, not Won Bin or Kim Hyung Joong???
And I think this chapter too short...
I hope next chapter be more longer...
Btw, Fighting...
I looking forward next chapter...
2 times every week,right?

Anonymous said...

actually i'm bit afraid of reading this fanfic, from character explanation i might end up mixing it with the reality (Siwon, JDG, etc).

but this is a really nice one, imagine how Teuk-Sora met & linked in different situation, You must inspired by the storyline of Sora's new drama^^

your writing style also improving.

thank Ung^^

note: if you interested, try to read "Write What You Don't Know" by Julian Hoxter a lot of useful tips for a writer.

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

@ann - hi dear. Thanks for reading again and for anticipating too. Some bad things happened to me this week so there might be a bit of delay but i'll try my best to still post new ep ^^

@Ung (that's ur nick right?) Thanks for the suggestion dear. I will try to read that one and yes i'm inspired by Sora's new drama and her interview of wanting a more mature/femme fatale roles. hehe..