Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chapter 2

“Have you been waiting for a while?” Asked Sungmin while looking at Sora who welcomed him with a sweet smile; he couldn't resist smiling back at her.

“Not really” Sora said “Have a seat.”

"Sorry to make you come here. I have a schedule around here after this so I need to run back to my schedule again"

"It’s okay." She said while taking out the material that she promised to give to Sungmin. "Here's what I promised."

"Ahh.. Thank you.. I really need this - this is my first movie where I'll be the male lead." Sungmin said while looking through the notes. It’s the lecture notes from Sora.  Sora is majoring in Drama in her university and Sungmin needs those kinds of notes to help him with his study for the new movie that he’s going to do with her.

"I'm not sure how it can help you though, but I hope it will in some way." Sora looks at the man who’s flipping through the book in front of her. They've met during the casting for the movie last time and surprisingly being paired together afterwards. Looking at how he is experienced in musical, a movie won’t be much of a problem for him, she thought to herself.

She tucked her shoulder-length hair behind her ears and rested her chin on her palm while continuously looking at the cute guy in front of her.  Surprisingly though, she tries to steal glances at the three men who are watching her and Sungmin.

"Do you know them?" Asked Sora while secretly motioning to the three men who were sitting together at the other side of the cafe. She remember seeing Sungmin greet them earlier.

"Them?” Sungmin looked at the direction Sora is pointing earlier. “They are my group members."

"Group members?" Sora replied with raised eyebrows.

"Super Junior." Sungmin mentioned his group’s name, in case it rings a bell on Sora.  Somehow it feels weird for Sungmin that Sora not know them even after they’ve become a big name in the industry.

"So you're from an Idol group then?" Sora asked again, making sure she heard it right.

"You didn't know?" asked Sungmin while looking at her expression. It seems like she really didn’t know about him before.

"No I didn’t..." Sora looked dumbfounded. She knows Sungmin has been active in musical theatres, but she never thought that he’s from an idol group.

She looked at Sungmin and then at the three men again. Their appearances are quite different. Those men are wearing expensive brand clothing while Sungmin seems so casual.

Sungmin started laughing while looking at Sora’s widening eyes while comparing their appearances.

"You really don't look like one." Sora stressed it out. How Sungmin carries himself around when she sees him doesn't make him look like an idol. She’s seen him so down to earth since the first time they met.

"How are idols supposed to look then?"

"Like them?" Sora replied. How they’re dressed and how they carry themselves represent the image of an idol. Those three men are really different from the man in front of her.

"Idols can be different from each other too - they’re not really stereotype like what others think", was Sungmin’s sincere response to her.

He definitely is not some kind of idol who’s showing off his popularity and then maintaining his distance. That is just not like him, she silently tells herself.

Sora nodded. Trying to understand what Sungmin just said.  She’s not so familiar with Idols after all. She’s not really into them in the first place.

“Thank you for this”, Sungmin said, while lifting up the book in his hand. “I’ll try to start reading it tonight”

Both Sora and Sungmin will be the main lead for the new movie project and somehow Sungmin feels that he needs guidance and comparing notes with Sora who is more experienced than him in the acting industry.

“Let me know if there is something you don’t understand in my handwriting or anything else in my notes.”

"I sure will. Sorry but I really need to go now.. Thanks for these notes okay?” Sungmin said while getting up from his seat.

"Sure" Sora nodded while looking at Sungmin who hurriedly walked out of the café. He has another schedule to run to.

Sora started packing her stuff inside her bag. It is time for her to head for her next schedule too. She came here during her break time.

As she was getting up to leave, she notice Sungmin had left his cellphone on the table.  She picked it up and headed towards the three gentlemen at the other table.

"Excuse me.." said Sora while headed towards Leeteuk who's enjoying his juice.

"Yes?" a surprised Leeteuk said while looking at the woman from before – the woman who had a meeting with Sungmin.

"You changed your mind and wanted our signatures now?" blurted Donghae when he noticed that Sora came to their table.

"What are you doing again?!" said Eunhyuk while kicking Donghae's foot. Donghae is beginning to annoy him with his attitude towards that woman.

Sora gave a piercing glance at Donghae. This man really has no manners, she said to herself.

"Sungmin-oppa left his phone on the table. Hope you could give it back to him.." said Sora while handing the cellphone to Leeteuk.

"Ah, sure. I will give it to him.." Leeteuk said while taking the cellphone from her. "Thanks.." He said

Sora slightly bowed then started to slowly walk out of the cafe. There's no reason for her to stay there longer.

Leeteuk was looking at her while she was leaving. That woman is putting a hole in his heart while she was smiling at him when handing him the cellphone. Behind those beautifully crafted smile, Leeteuk can see some sadness in her eyes. And somehow, his heart cannot take it calmly – it is somehow bothering him.

After a few minutes, Sungmin came rushing back at the cafe.

"Has anybody seen my cellphone anywhere? I seem to have lost it." asked a breathless Sungmin while looking at Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Donghae. The run was not easy even though it’s just a few blocks away.

"Oh.. Here it is.. The woman you just met a while ago gave it to me.." Leeteuk said while taking the cellphone from his pocket and handing it over to Sungmin.

"Thank you!!  She's already gone?" Sungmin asked while looking around the cafe and saw the table where he was seated with Sora is now empty.

"She is.. But hyung, who is she?" Donghae asked. He has been interested in her since the very beginning, so might as well use this opportunity to ask his hyung about her.

"She’s Kang Sora.. The main actress in Sunny. Don't you recognize her?" Sungmin said while taking a sip from Leeteuk’s fruit juice drink.

"Oh? She is Kang Sora? She looks totally different from the movie though.. Way prettier in person, I would say" Eunhyuk said, who seems to know the movie ‘Sunny’ a lot.

He and Leeteuk have watched that movie quite a few times at the cinema, secretly sneaking in the middle of their crazy fans just to see that movie in the real cinema. A movie about friendship that they relate to their group relationship a lot.

"What are you doing with her?" Leeteuk asked. He’s interested to know about her too.

"Remember the new movie project that manager hyung talked about last time? She's my leading actress in that movie.." replied Sungmin with a smile. Yes, it’s an honour for him as a newbie in the movie industry to have Kang Sora as his partner for the main cast in their new project.

"I envy you hyung!!" Donghae interrupted. He is now blaming himself for treating her that way earlier.  He feels at a lost too now that he missed an opportunity to know her better in person.


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