Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chapter 1

Sora is reading the novel in her hands to kill the time while waiting for somebody to appear. He promised to meet him here today, but it’s been half an hour since she arrived but that guy's face still not being seen anywhere.

Suddenly the situation is becoming so noisy with the loud screams from the girls who are entering the café. A bunch of tall handsome men are being surrounded by girls who are screaming and shouting for their attention.

Looking at how the men are carrying themselves with expensive fine clothes and how the young fan girls are surrounding them, it suggests that they are celebrities. Probably they are from some famous idols group.

She's looking at them for a few while, amazed at how fanatics those fan girls are. After a while she lost her interest. It is rather tiring looking at the fans keep jumping, screaming and trying to reach for those guys who purposely pretend as hard to get.

Slowly the students who are following them earlier started to disappear leaving a few of the customers and Sora in the café.

Donghae is taking a glance at her who's still not moving from her place. He’s been looking at that elegant pretty lady from the first time he came in the café. He knows she’s been looking at them too awhile ago.

"Miss, do you need my signature?" Ask Donghae towards the pretty girl. He is betting on his luck.

"Yes?" She looked at him, confused.

"Signature? Sign?" Trying to explain by making a hand gesture wondering if the girl is a tourist who didn't understand what he said earlier.

"It’s okay. I don't need one." Sora answered while sweetly smiled at him.

"Oh?" Donghae surprised. This is the first time he's being turned down for a signature.

"You need it. Give me your book." Without further a due, he's grabbing the book which is ready on Sora’s hand.

"What are you doing?" Her eyes widen.

"I’m giving you my beautiful signature." Donghae is being cynical. His pride hurt when she is rejecting him just now.

"I said I don't need it." Sora's grabs the book back from his hand. Speechless with what he had done.

"Ya! Do you know who I am? I'm Super Junior Donghae! Everybody else would fight for my signature you know?!" Somehow he feels embarrassed after what happened. And of course, his ego is involved too.

"Donghae-ah, what's wrong with you? People are looking at you" Eunhyuk came near him trying to stop him from further damaging the situation.

"Give it to them then." Sora's short. Ignoring the other man who just came to her table.

"Ya!!" Donghae's voice went further up.

"Waegurae? People are looking." Another man came. He is the most charismatic looking one amongst all three of them.

"He's acting up again hyung.." Eunhyuk said to that man. He is Leeteuk, the leader figure of their group.

He nodded understanding the situation and then he look at Sora who doesn't seems to be bothered with the situation.

"Mianhae, our dongsaeng have lack of respect and manner sometimes. Hope he wouldn't bother you so much." He politely apologizes.

"It’s okay." She's short. Her eyes are still on the book. Feeling a bit annoyed with the disrespectful one just now.

"Do you need a refill? It would be on us." Offer Leeteuk.

"I'm okay with just this." She smiled. She knows he's doing this because he feels guilty towards what had happened just now. That smile is to lessen a bit of his guilty feeling that he had, at least. She is not that cruel to get angry at everybody just because of that one stupid person. She thought to herself.

"Are you waiting for someone?" Leeteuk asked, he is attracted to converse longer with her. That smile that he saw just now, making him wanted to know that woman more. Her look, her style, her charms, is making men wanted to get closer to her.

"Dae.." She's short.

"Have a nice drink then." Says Leeteuk to her after looking at how she's not interested in continuing the conversation. Fair enough. There's no reason for her to be interested in that either after the scene created by Donghae earlier.

"What are you doing again?" Leeteuk's is hitting Donghae's head. 

"I'm trying to get her phone number actually." He smiled. He's captivated by her charms from the moment his eyes met her face when they entered the café awhile ago.

"With that manner? You must be dumb!" Eunhyuk added. Feels like screaming when Donghae is creating the scene just now. Their idols image needs to be protected. This kind of scenes might cause rumours and bad news coverage on their team.

"She's the one who started it. How can she not know who we are?" Donghae said, defending his case, defending his ego.

"Forget about getting that girl's phone number then." Leeteuk said to him while secretly looking at her again. Somehow she's been captivating his attention too. If only Donghae didn't make a scene just now, maybe he will be looked differently in her eyes.

"Anneyaseyo…" A man came in the cafe. It's Sungmin. Their other member who is also the owner of the café they are at currently. It is a café owned by Leeteuk, Sungmin and Kyuhyun, who is busy with his musical theatre now.

"Hyung, what are you doing here? I thought you're having a schedule?" Donghae asked him. He is surprised seeing him.

"I'm meeting somebody. Do you see a woman?"

"There's a lot of woman here." Eunhyuk is trying to make a joke. Most of the café's daily visitors are woman. Super Junior fan girls.

"Anieya…" Sungmin looks around the place, looking for the specific woman that he is meeting.

"Oh there she is. I'll talk to you guys later." He said while heading off to the table of the woman which Donghae had an issue with before.

"He knows her?" Donghae looked at both Eunhyuk and Leeteuk.

"Maybe" Leeteuk answered. Looking at how sweet she is smiling at him when Sungmin approaching her table, he must know her for sure. If only that smile is for him. Leeteuk thought to himself.


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