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I'm Your Angel

Note: This is a one shot fanfic. Just my delusions of what's happening after the show ended. It is not related to any other fanfic series that I've posted before. Hope you enjoy it ^^

"Smile!" instruct the photographer. Super Junior is taking their group photos for a magazine. A tribute to Leeteuk's enlistment which is coming soon.

"What’s wrong with you Leeteuk-shi? Your expression is kind of stiffed." asked the photographer. Somehow Leeteuk's expression today did not blend well with the others making the photographer a bit tired to continue with the photoshoot. Challenging his capability.

"Sorry. Give me a minute. I need to go to the washroom" Apologize Leeteuk. He knows he's not performing well. Something in his mind is bothering him since the past few days.

"What’s happening to hyung?" asked Siwon, nearing Eunhyuk. Something is not right with their leader's behavior.

"I'm not sure. He's been like that for a few days now. Do you know something?" Eunhyuk then look at Sungmin who's fanning his face. Seems like the summer heat still not leaving the season even though Autumn has entered.

"They have their farewell a few days back." answered Sungmin.

"Farewell? You mean WGM?" Siwon is making a guess. Sungmin nodded. Well that’s the best explain his behavior this last few days. It’s in tandem with what’s happening after the show ended.

"Is he really in love with her?" asked Eunhyuk. Somehow his behavior is like someone who’s really falling in love.

"None of us knows it. Hyung is good at keeping secret" again Sungmin answered. He knows how his leader always guarded his secret well and behaving like there's nothing wrong with him, but sooner or later, people will starts to see when it begin to eat him.

"He will never show us the weak side of him." Siwon look at the leader who's returning from the washroom. He realizes that Leeteuk’s eyes didn't look lively like always.

"Gwenchana?" He asked their leader who’s approaching them.

"Ohh.. Gwenchana.. Khaja! Let’s do this." Try to bring up the spirit after destroying it a few minutes ago. He needs to finish today's task professionally.


"Hyung.. You know why I asked you out tonight right?" Ask Siwon while taking a sip of the beer in front of him. He rarely spend times with the members lately because of his overseas schedule. 

But tonight, he's making an effort to see his leader and have a heart to heart talk with him. With Leeteuk enlistment that is coming soon and how he’s been trying to disattached himself from the group, it seems like his leader is keeping everything that is burdening him to himself lately.


"I've been looking at you today. I never saw you like this before. It’s like your soul is somewhere else. Every time I look at you, you have this empty look. Is something happened?" Ask Siwon while looking at Leeteuk who's playing around with his food. His appetite is not with him either lately.

"I'm okay." Answer Leeteuk half-heartedly. He doesn’t want to burden others with his problem. He always keeps his personal problem to himself. He doesn’t want to show the weak side of him as the leader of the group.

"Don't lie. Tell me..." Siwon insist. He knows Leeteuk is hiding something.

"I'm okay, really." Leeteuk still refuse to open.

"It’s because of Sora-shi isn't it?" Siwon is trying to guess the situation using Sungmin’s suspicion earlier.

"Oe? Ottoke..." He looked at him, surprised. Suddenly he snapped himself back from the trap. "Anieya.. I'm okay.."

"Come on... Why do you need to hide this? Tell me... Be honest" Siwon still insist. He won't give up today. Not until he's successful with his mission.

"She is one amazing girl which I love and respect at the same time. Someone I will never get. Not in my reality life." Again he's staring at the food in front of him emptily.

"Do you love her for real?" Asked Siwon.

Leeteuk nodded. He’s certain with his feelings, but its Sora’s feeling that he’s uncertain of.

"Did you ever confess to her?" Again he asked.

"Multiple times. But somehow she looks at it as a joke." Leeteuk sounded a bit frustrated. It’s been a few times his confession being turn down with jokes and it makes him frustrated more and more each time it happens.

"Probably because of the show? You know when you're doing a show, sometimes everything else seems untruthful?"

"I don't know. Maybe we were never meant to be together. Maybe she's not for me. I’m just not good enough for her." He smiled. Try to accept the reality even though it’s hurt.

"We shape our own destiny hyung... Never let go of an opportunity." Siwon looked at the confidence leader that he always have. Somehow with Sora, his confidence is gone easily. "Confess to her again..." He added.

"Won't it make me look too desperate?" Ask Leeteuk.

"We're always desperate in finding our true loves..." Siwon smiles. He knows the pride of a man. But he also knows how perfect they're matched with each other. "Call her now." Siwon is taking out Leeteuk’s phone from his pocket.

"Later... I'll message her later. She must be busy now." while looking at his watch. It’s almost noon now in LA. She’s there for her schedule and he knows it all. They’ve been in contact even after the show end, but only as friends. Not more than that.

"Message her now!" Siwon insisted again.

"Arasso.. arasso.." Leeteuk's giving in. Siwon can be really persistent at times.


"Americano?" John, the lead animator of the cartoon Brave from Pixar Animation is offering her a coffee drinks seeing how she's been absent-minded the whole morning. Maybe she didn't get enough sleep with the busy schedule that she had here.

"Yes? Oh no, it’s okay. I have iced chocolate with me." She smiled while pointing out her drink. She's missing someone. Chocolate drink is a symbolic meaning of that someone.

"Iced chocolate? You have a cute taste dear..." He giggled. Amuse by the baby taste that Sora had.

Sora smiled. Don't really care about the guy in front of her. She misses him so much. A few days after their filming end, both of them went for overseas schedule. They send messages to each other sometimes, but just to ask about each other’s doing and news.

They never had the opportunity to further discuss about what happened on their last filming day. They never had the opportunity to discuss on the reason behind all the tears, the overflowed feelings and everything else that’s happened on that day. Their feelings halted after their last meeting at the Dimple House. Out of there, they are friends, just a mere friend.

"A message came in for you." Sora's manager came while handing over her phone that he had with him.

"From who?" She asked shortly. Not really interested in it at first.


"Oh?" She's surprised while immediately taking the phone from her manager's hand. Didn't expect for Leeteuk to send her a message today since he said he’s going to be a bit busy for a few days.

She opened the message while glancing at the clock. It is midnight in South Korea.

"What are you doing? Are you busy?" Sora read Leeteuk’s message to her.

"Resting at the café. Just finished my first schedule for today. Why?" She replied. Even though she’s excited seeing the message from him, she needs to maintain her cool tone.

"Just missing you" He replied.

“Eyyyy.. Don’t bluff. You have lots of friends there...” Again, Sora’s trying to turn down Leeteuk’s immature confession.

“Really... Being separated like this makes me realized that I love you more than I know I am before…” Again he replied. Try to be honest with his feelings.

As soon as Sora saw that text message from Leeteuk, her blood rushed to her head making her face blushed. It’s not the first time he said that “I love you” words to her, but this time it felt different. Different from how he said it before. 

Sora is staring at that text message again. Still unable to compute what she saw in front of her. Is it really Leeteuk who send that text message just now or is it just a part of her day dream?


The hotel room feels so empty. Sora looked blankly at her tablet, trying to think of what to do before going to bed. It’s already 1 am in Los Angeles but her body clock still couldn't get used to the local time yet. 

A long distance call came in. It’s from a number which she couldn't identify.

"Hello?" Answer Sora, careful. Afraid as it could be from any reporters who by chance have her private number.

"Sora-ya.. Oppa.." A man voice heard from the other end of the line.

"Dae?" Sora confuse.


"Ahh.. Oppa.. Your number changed?" Sora's weird. Looking at her phone screen again.

"This is manager-hyung's. I thought you wouldn't want to pick up my number since you didn't reply my message last night..."

"Last night?" Sora's thinking back the last time she received message from him… "Oh you mean this morning?" The time difference is making it hard for them to adjust their conversation about the timing. The different time zone is just too big.

"Ahhh sorry... I forgot... It must be midnight there now right? You're not sleeping yet?"

"About too.."

"Am I disturbing?" Ask Leeteuk again. Concern.

"Anieya.. Anything urgent?" Somehow Sora's forgot about the text message which makes her confuse this morning. It can be another joke that Leeteuk played anyway. He often does that.

"Nothing... I just missed you..." Again, Leeteuk's being blunt and this time around, he wanted to say it out loud in front of her.

Sora silent. What Leeteuk said just now triggered the memory of this morning. He's been saying about how his heart feels a lot today. Something doesn’t seem right with him.

"Are you listening?" Leeteuk trying to confirm whether what he had said just now is being heard by Sora.

“Dae.. Why are you making this joke again? You’ve realized that we have finished the show right?"

"It’s not a joke Sora-ya.." Leeteuk try to give some affirmation to her that he is telling his genuine feelings right now.

"So you are saying that you’re confessing for real right now?" Sora giggles. Try to turn it into a joke again.

"Sora ya.. I’m honest…”

"Huh? What did you say?" Sora can't believe what she just heard.

"I miss you... I love you..." Calmly, Leeteuk is replying to Sora. Confessing the obvious.

Suddenly the normal bubbly person is out of word. She had feelings for him and sometimes she feels that he also had a feeling for her too, but to really receive a confession like this, she feels weird.

"Sora ya.."

"Don't make such a serious joke oppa.." Sora's cutting Leeteuk from continuing with his word. She's trying to deny her feelings again. Protecting her heart from hoping too much. She's been pessimist about Leeteuk’s feeling. She’s been pessimist about her feelings too. Both of them might not been able to let each other go yet after almost one year being 'together' for the show. It might take certain time for them to let go of their attached feelings towards each other. It’s not as easy as erasing it over night.

"I’m not joking... This is my real feeling..." Said Leeteuk. Try to convince her.

"Are you drunk? You know what you just saying right?" Ask Sora again. She's trying hard to protect her heart.

"Sora... Stop asking me. Ask yourself. Are you willing to accept my honest feelings towards you?" Leeteuk is asking her back.

"This is too sudden..” Sora’s voice stuck.

"Do you love me?" Ask Leeteuk. He is exceptionally blunt with his heart tonight. He’s trying to let go of his insecure feelings over Sora’s heart. He needs to grab it before somebody else does.

"Oppa.." Sora's still resist answering the question.

"Answer me.. Do you?"

Sora went silent again. This time she’s in a deep thought before saying what’s in her mind.

"Sora ya.." Leeteuk call out for Sora again.

"Oppa.. We've been together for the show for a year. Maybe you just couldn't let go of the attached feeling yet. That's why you're behaving like this... I've been feeling it too sometimes, but maybe this is not even our real feelings" Sora's trying to be rationale with both of their feelings.

"Sora.. I told you it’s not like that. My feelings for you are real.. Truly.."

"Everything is so sudden oppa... I couldn't think straight right now.. Mianhae.." Answer Sora. She’s confused with the situation, with her feelings, with everything.

"When will you be back to Korea?" Asked Leeteuk when he didn't get the answer that he wanted.

"On the 4th.."

"I'll pick you up then.." Leeteuk determined.

"Dae??" Sora's surprised. "But why?"

"I wanted to see you..."

"Do you really need to pick me up? We can meet some other time" Sora panic. What if the public saw them together?

"I need to.. I'm done waiting.." He insisted.

"What if people saw you?" 

"Nobody will.. Trust me.." Tells Leeteuk. Giving her some assurance.

"Arasso.." Said Sora, agreeing. Somehow telling no is not an option now hearing how determined Leeteuk is.

"Think about your feelings while you're there..." Tell Leeteuk before hanging up his phone. He has done his part, and now it’s time to wait for Sora's answer. How her heart been feeling about him all this while.


Leeteuk is waiting patiently at the arrival hall. He’s looking at the board. Boeing 747 flight from Los Angeles should have landed at Incheon Airport half an hour ago but Sora has not come out to the arrival hall. He looked around him. Not much people are there since it’s very early in the morning. Feeling a bit relieved since he’s promised Sora for not to worry about others who might seeing them together.

On the luggage arrival waiting area, Sora looked emptily at her phone which being switch off. She hesitant to switch it on after the plane landed. She’s afraid to face the reality. She’s afraid to face Leeteuk if he's really making his word by showing up today. She’s afraid to face her own real feelings about their relationship. She just afraid…

"Sora gwenchana?" Ask her manager after looking at Sora who empty-mindedly looking at the phone on her palm.

"Eo? Ahh.. Dae..." She nodded. Her manager has snapped her out from her day dream, again.

"Do you want to go out to the car first? I'll wait for your luggage." Offer her manager. Thinking maybe she’s tired after the schedule and the long flights.

"Anieya, it’s okay.. I'll wait.." Said Sora. She's afraid of going out early. What if Leeteuk really shows? How she would react? What will happen to them? Those thinking came to her mind.

"It’s okay.. You go out first with Laura unnie. The driver is already outside. I'll come later." Said her manager while looking at his wife.

Sora looked at Laura too, her manager's wife and also her make-up artist who's been following them to LA together. "Dae... We'll be waiting outside then..." Looking at how tired Laura is, she hesitantly agrees. 14 hours flight is really tiring for all of them but because of her mind is filled with other worries, she couldn't even think of her tiredness because of the travelling.

Carefully Sora stepped out from the arrival gate with her sunglass on. Suddenly she sees a well-built-tall man wearing grey cap with a white sweat shirt holding a placard written with "아기 공주".

Leeteuk look at her with a wide smile. Happy to see her back. It’s been a while since they last seeing each other. This is not the first time they’ve been separated from each other because of their busy schedule, but this time around the excitement that he's been feeling waiting for her to come back and seeing her here right now in front of him, its different.

Sora smiled back at him. She couldn't hide her feelings. She couldn't fake it anymore. It’s time for her to face it. In front of her stands a man that always makes she feels perfect in his own way. That is the man that brings out the woman character out of her.

"I'm back..." Sora said to Leeteuk while nearing him. Her smiles widen. She’s excited seeing him now.

"Welcome back.." Leeteuk smiled back. The face that he is been wanting to see. Someone that he missed so much. Seeing her now in front of him, it is worth the time that he spends waiting the whole night.

"Is that all your luggage?" Ask Leeteuk while looking at the hand luggage that Sora is holding.

"Anie.. My manager is still inside waiting for the luggage. This is his wife..." Sora is introducing Laura to Leeteuk.

"Anneyaseyo.. Mianhae.. I need to kidnap her for a while.. Can I?" Ask Leeteuk, jokingly.

"That one you should asked Sora though.." Laura giggled. She's been hearing a lot about how Sora is been emotionally disturb lately because of the separation with Leeteuk from her husband. She thoughts to herself while smiling looking at both of them. They look perfect together.

"Gomawo.. I'll send her home safely later.." He smiled while grabbing Sora's hand. Lead her towards his car. He had plan for her.

After a few while, they've arrived at the place that Leeteuk prepared.

"Eo? Namsan Tower?"Ask Sora. Surprised. It’s the place of their first date. The night that gave them lots of memory as the kick-start of their virtual marriage together.

"Dae.. " he smiled.

"Can we go in? At this hour?" Sora looked at her watch. It’s almost dawn.

"Don't worry.. I've got everything prepared.." Say Leeteuk while grabbing her hands heading to the building. He had planned this for the whole night. Siwon helped him a lot with this. Everything is being setup carefully. Everything is for his precious woman, Sora.

Sora looked at Leeteuk intensely. That is the man that she first falls in love with. At this very place.

"Are you tired? After the long hour flight and now coming here..." Asked Leeteuk. Feel a bit guilty because of his extreme plan.

"It’s okay.” She smiled.

"Did you remember this place?" Ask Leeteuk. 

"Of course.. Our first dating place..." Sora looks around the place. Nothing has changed since then. "But Oppa.. This is too much.." She looked at Leeteuk back.

"With my love, I'm willing to do more than this for you." Leeteuk gets up from his seat and heading towards Sora.

Sora looked at each of Leeteuk’s step. Curious of what he’s planning to do next.

"Sora-ya.. Our relationship.. I want to start over from here. Not as a virtual couple for the show, but as a real couple in reality. I want to be together with you in my life journey." Ask Leeteuk while kneeling.

"Oppa, what are you doing again?" Sora surprised seeing Leeteuk kneeled before her.

"Will you accept my feeling?" Leeteuk looked at her with full of hope. He’s been positive after seeing Sora’s smile at the arrival hall today. But he needs the word of confirmation from her.

Slowly Sora nodded. She knows exactly how she felt about Leeteuk all this while, but she chooses not to acknowledge it. She chooses to ignore it. But today, her heart is screaming. She is not to ignore it again. Not anymore.

Immediately Leeteuk hugs the woman in front of him. The woman that makes his heart calm from all his worries. He’s been waiting for that confirmation the whole night.

"Thank you Sora-ya.."

"I have lots of lacking oppa.." She smiled back at him, even though she had some worry on how she's not at par with Leeteuk, how she feels she’s not compatible with Leeteuk, but she's still thankful to the fact that he's fallen for her.

"I'm your angel.. I will always look after my sky" Leeteuk looked at her. The beautiful face that captivate his eyes.

"Wait.. You didn't sleep at all last night don't you?" Suddenly Sora realized Leeteuk's red eyes.

"I didn't.."

"Wae? You look so tired... And your panda eyes.." Sora's touching his face. Feeling guilty to make him to wait for her.

Leeteuk suddenly grabs Sora's hand and brings her body closer to his. 

"I miss you. Really miss you." while softly touching Sora's cheek.

"Me too.." Reply Sora without hesitation. Without hiding anything. It’s her real feelings. Not for the show, not for somebody else. It’s only for both of them.

Their lips locked together. Unleash the feelings which being kept all these time. The feelings that was always been confused because of the show they're in.

"We will work things out. Don't worry about anything else." Like a man, Leeteuk's taking the accountability to protect his woman’s heart. "I love you..." A kiss landed on Sora forehead. A kiss of respect and love. A kiss for his one and only baby princess.


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