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Unexpected Call (Chapter 29)

"Sora-ya, where are you? You're coming right?" Leeteuk made a call to Sora. It’s been three hours since they started their rehearsal but Sora still didn't show up. He's been waiting for her.

"Mianhe oppa.. I'll be a bit late. Need to settle a few things"

“What is it? I thought you said that you’ve cleared your schedule for a few days to come here?" He's weird. What things that she need to settle in this foreign land.

"I'll tell you after when I meet you okay? Good luck with your rehearsal! Fighting!" Sora's trying to give some courage to him without explaining further on her reasons.

Sora hangs up on the call leaving Leeteuk puzzled. Sora is hiding things from him again.


"Sora ya, I know you said to me you don't want to hear anything about work while you're there. But this is something that I really need to tell you" A call from Sora’s manager came in.

“Waeiyo oppa?"

"Remember the casting that you've gone to while you're in New York?"

"I've got in??" She asked. Excited.

"Dae.. You've got in. You're going to hollywood!" Sora's manager half shouting. He himself excited with the news that he’s telling.

"Really? You're not kidding right???" Sora couldn't believe what she just heard. It is something that everybody in filming industry is been waiting for. HOLLYWOOD.

"No I'm not. This is real. I just got a call from Steven Spielberg himself. That is Hollywood big name Sora-ya!" He know Sora went for a pre-cast while she on vacation in New York, but what he didn't know that its for a such big name director. Even Sora didn't know it.

The happiness that she felt compounded when she heard that director's name. A name that can offer her the fame as an international actress. A base for world acknowledgement in her acting skills.

"But.." Her manager is contemplating to tell her further. Something that will make her bothered, for sure.


"They haven't decided which part you're going to take. So they are coming down here for a final casting" 

"They're coming down? When?" 

"The day after tomorrow. Are you coming back?" Her manager just hopes that Sora will come back. The production team is going down to South Korea just to cast her, it must be for a big role. He thinks to himself. This is her lifetime opportunity which she shouldn't let go.

"I'll think about it tonight. I'll call you later okay." Immediately Sora hangs up the phone. Her mind went blank. She couldn't think of what's right. 


She blankly stares at the lake in front of her. It’s been a while since she's out from the hotel. If she didn't receive the call from her manager, she would be happily watching Leeteuk's practice by now. But that call just makes her steps heavier.

Leeteuk's face appeared making her heart confused. It’s a tough decision that she had to make. With Leeteuk's enlistment that's coming soon, she knows how important her presence in his life currently. But with this lifetime opportunity that she's getting, she contemplates.

She need to talk to Leeteuk about this, she know it. But she also knows that Leeteuk will just let her go even though his heart is telling him not to. Since they know each other, Leeteuk is always there to help her during her ups and down. He always be the one who sacrifice his interest for her sake.  His "Angel" and "Peterpan" name is given to him with reasons.

As she was in her deep thought thinking about her worries, a man approaching her.

"Miss, we're having photography session there. Can we have you to clear this area?" The man asked her politely. She looked at him and then the photography area behind him.

"I'm sorry" Sora look at the guy again half nodded and went to different place. A bit far from the photography area. Didn't realize that she's interrupting others.

She looked at them. It seems that her disguise is working fine since they don't recognize her. But then again, it’s Shanghai, so she didn't expect people there to know about her much other than being the virtual wife of Super Junior leader. A world star.


"Whats wrong?" The male model asked the staff who just came back from the other side of the park.

"Nothing. Just asking her to clear the area as your scenes include her seating place" The staff answered

"Who is she?" He asked again. Interested with that woman.

"A tourist maybe. She doesn't seem like a person from somewhere here. Why you're asking?"

"I've got the feeling that I know her somewhere" He said. The staff laughed at him.

"Are you practicing your pick up line?" The staff cynical. That woman is pretty after all.

He smiled while looking at that woman again from a far. He really got the feeling that he knows her, somewhere.


The photography session is finished and the male model is looking for that woman again hoping for her to still be there.

"She's still there" He told himself.

"We're wrapping up now. You're going back right away?" The staff is approaching him.

"No.. It’s okay. You guys go back first. I have somewhere to go" Immediately he's heading towards that woman.

"Miss.." He greet.

Sora look at him.. "Did I get into your scene again?" She said. The guy in front of her now seems to be different from the one before. Too good looking to be a filming staff.

"No.. No.. It's not that"

Sora looked at the person in front of her again, curious. She noticed that the guy is looking at her up and down which making her feel uneasy.

"You're Kang Sora right?" He's making a guess. It caught Sora by surprise. He doesn't suppose to recognize her.

"Sorry, but I think you got the wrong person" She's trying to deny. Avoiding the gaze. She needs to avoid from people to recognize her or else things will be complicated to handle.

"Sora-shhi, you don't have to deny it. I'm Hankyung, I used to be with Leeteuk in SuJu.." Sora looks at the guy in front of her again. On second thought, that face does look familiar.

"I'm so sorry. I still learning about Super Junior but you seem different now. Because of your hair perhaps?"

"Ya, I guess so. Why are you here alone?"

"Sipping some fresh air" She smiles. "Please have a sit" she's offering the seat besides her. Hankyung nodded and taking her offer.

"You're coming with Leeteuk hyung is it?" He knows Super Junior will be having a concert in Shanghai tomorrow.

Sora nodded. "People shouldn't know though."

"Both of you are getting serious now?" Hankyung is trying to guess the situation. He knows Leeteuk and Sora is joining a show together. He always monitor the members news from a far, but its been a while since he last contacting them so he's a bit lost with their updates.

Shyly Sora nodded again. "We're still keeping it secret.." She explains. It’s a bit awkward talking about this to Hankyung.

"Idols date secretly, you know that right?” He giggles. Sora nodded agreeing. Leeteuk has mistakenly admit that not long time ago.

“Anyway, where is hyung now?"

"Rehearsing..." Sora short.

"Then what are you doing here?"

"Like I said before, sipping some fresh air.." Sora looked at Hankyung.

"No.. I mean, you're here, in Shanghai. I'm sure it's not easy for you to come here without people knowing. But instead of giving courage to your boyfriend, you're here.. at the park.. Sipping for some fresh air?" Hankyung look at his 'sister-in-law'. "Is something bothering your mind?" There's some bitterness in her face. He can see it.

Sora's trying to avoid from answering that question. For the matter of fact she doesn’t even know what to answer.

"You're doing a single activity now is it?"

"Yep.. It's been a while now" Looking at how Sora is trying to change the topic of their discussion, Hankyung knows that she don't want to discuss about it.

"Do you have any plan to come back with SuJu? I'm sure your fans would love too.."

"They are doing fine without me" Hankyung short, then he looked at Sora again trying to ponder what is that woman trying to hide. Notice the glance, Sora started to look at her watch.

"It's almost 7pm!" Immediately she gets up from the bench after realizing the time and trying to look for her phone in her handbag. There's a few miscall from Leeteuk. Her face expression changed.

"What's wrong?"

"Oppa has been calling me for a few times but I put my phone on silence. He must be furious at me now. I need to go.." 

"Won't they be back to the hotel by now? Why don't you just give him a call first?"

Listening to Hankyung's suggestion, Sora started dialing Leeteuk's number.

"Oppa.. miyant. I put my phone on silence"

"Where are you? You're making me worried" 

"Not too far away from the hotel. Are you at the hotel now?"

"Umm.." Leeteuk cold. Frustrated when he realizes that Sora is forgetting her promise.

"I'm on my way back now. Mianhe oppa.."

After hanging up the phone, she looked at Hankyung.

"I need to go now Hankyung-sshi. I'm so sorry for our brief meeting"

"I can send you to the hotel.." Hankyung is offering Sora a lift.

"No.. I can’t be with any celebrities and attract people's attention. People might curious if they found out I'm here in Shanghai."

"You're in disguise right? People won't know it's you.." Hankyung referring to her disguise.

"But you know me.. And they know you"

"Then, I'll make my disguise as well? I wanted to visit them too, its been a while since we last seeing each other" He insisted to send Sora to the hotel. Sora nodded agreeing.

Leeteuk is laying down on his bed while surfing his phone.  

"Hyung, the members are coming later. I'm taking my shower first" Said Yesung. His roommate. Leeteuk always gathering his members before the concert to finalize their plan.

He nodded. Something on his phone is making him frowned.

After a while, his room's bell rang. He opened up the door and found Sora with Hankyung. He looked at her, furious. Wanting some good explanation for this.

Sora shivers looking at how furious Leeteuk is now. She knows he can be scary when he's angry. She's on the wrong side for not keeping her promises today. She'll accept that.

"Hyung! Long time I didn't see you" Hankyung went straight to Leeteuk and hug him not reading the situation. 

"Long time didn't see you too.." He is replying Hankyung's hug but his eyes are glued to Sora.

"Hankyung ah, I need some time with Sora. You can spend your time with Yesung. The others are coming soon.." Leeteuk excusing himself while looking at Yesung who just come out from the bathroom.

"Yaaahhh! Hankyung you're here!" Yesung surprised with Hankyung visit. He went straight to Hankyung and hug him.

"Don't worry hyung, I'll make myself at home." He look at Leeteuk who still look at Sora. Feeling sorry towards Sora but he couldn’t help further. It’s a matters that both of them need to settle.

Leeteuk smile at Hankyung and then he looked at Sora. Grabbing her hand and drag her to the room next door. Sora's room. Silently she’s following him.

"Where are you going? Do you know how worried I am?" As they entered the room, Leeteuk speak up. She didn't even use the driver service that he's prepared for her.

"Mianhe.." Sora looked at the floor. Not being able to say much. She knows she's on the wrong side.

"I don't want to hear any apology.. I wanted to know why.." He held Sora's chin up facing him. Sora still silence.

"Were you on a date with Hankyung? You're planning to meet him right?" Out of nowhere that statement came from Leeteuk's mouth.

"What are you talking about???" Sora's eyes widen.
Leeteuk started to open his phone and show her the tabloid paper's photo which taken a while ago. 

Sora shocked looking at her backview picture with title. 'Hankyung is visiting Super Junior with a girlfriend'

"You're being really careful when you’re with me in public but not with him. Why is that?" Leeteuk jealousy started again. Even though other people didn't know that it is Sora in that picture, but the fact that he knows its her is making him angry.

She remains silence. She couldn't find any words to best explain herself. Her head must be thinking so much just now which makes her forget the situation and got captured in the picture.

"Why are you being silence? Is this true?" his jealousy is eating him up.

"No.. it's not it.." Her eyes meet the floor again. Tears started to come out from her eyes, unstoppable.

"Don't cry..." He’s weakened seeing those tears.

Sora's turning her face against Leeteuk. Not able to face him after all the accusation. With things that are in her mind now, she's confused.

"Do you really think that I came to Shanghai to date Hankyung? Out of all time and I pick a date when you’re coming here? Are you being rationale??" Sora's trying to control her sobbing. She wouldn't be able to face Leeteuk. Her heart is torn to pieces by his words just now.

"I expect some trust from you after all we've been through. But this is truly disappointing. It's okay if you don't trust me since we haven’t been together for long, but Hankyung can be considered as your own brother but yet you accuse him like this?" Sora's gathering her strength to face Leeteuk again.

"Sora-ya.." He came nearer to Sora but unable to continue his word. He lost his words totally.

"Don't you have anything to say? You spoke well just now" Sora's cynical and blunt. Her heart just got really hurt by Leeteuk's accusation and she couldn't hold up her words anymore. His jealousy just became too much for her.

She's looking at Leeteuk waiting for his answer while deep inside she's holding in her tears. Leeteuk look at Sora guiltily. He knows he just went overboard, but he couldn't find a word to make the situation better. He wanted to just hug the woman in front of her and say sorry. But the situation looks much tougher than that. He’s blaming his over-jealousy for that situation that he created. He looked at Sora's eyes. Strong glance came from there, trying to stand on her point.

Sora move to sit on the corner of her bed, trying to compute things that happened today. Everything seems to be mixed up and becoming blurry. She supposed to discuss with Leeteuk on her decision, but looking at the situation, she hesitates.

"Remember when you asked me whether I'm hiding something from you?" Her voice softens.

"Dae.." He goes nearer to her.

"I got an offer from Hollywood" Sora slowly breaking the news. Leeteuk look at Sora, shocked.

"You're just pulling my leg right?"

"Nope.. It's true. I just got the confirmation today. That is among the reason why i'm going to New York last time. And that is the reason why I need some time alone today." She explains.

"Have you decided then?" He looked at Sora, waiting for her to answer.

“I am before. But now I'm not sure anymore.."

"What's your decision before?"

"Not to go.." She’s throwing her gaze out of the window looking at the night view of Shanghai City.

"So you mean now you're thinking of going? Because of our fight?"

"I'm not sure. I'm confused..." She looked at Leeteuk who just made a sit on a sofa in front of her. Unnerved.

"I love you.. I still am, I always will. But seems like your trust, was never meant for me.. Things will be harder in the future... How are we going to survive the next 2 years if we continue like this?" She headed to the sofa and hold Leeteuk's hand. He looks at her, still have nothing to say. She got a valid point there.

"Mianhe.. Really" He's short. His eyes started to get teary. The cute-manly face started to become red. Sora is on her knees, looking directly to Leeteuk's eyes.

"Oppa.. I'm confused. I need a decision from you.." She truly speaks her heart. She can always make a decision on her own, but looking at Leeteuk, it makes her heart being stirred and confused. She knows he needs her now. They need each other to make their relationship stronger.

Suddenly a soft and warm feeling landed on her lips.

"If I speak my heart, I really don't want you to go. But this is an opportunity that you should not let go. We're both in this industry, so we know better what’s best for us." He’s trying to face this stronger.


"My jealousy.. I'll work on it. I'm so sorry for being like this." He hugs Sora tightly. The vulnerable girl looks so cool and firm today. "Mianhe..." He whispered to her ears. Sora nodded. That sweet and deep voice from Leeteuk always makes her heart calm and flutters. She’s affirmed with her decision now.


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Oh, does that mean she's going? at crucial times like this? huhu, u're are getting me curious to the max...;)
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Even fanfics are getting a bit lonesome - just thinking our couple will be separated in a few months.
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There's a few chapter more before this fanfic going to end, so worry not. By the time my fanfic ended, we'll have our supplement of DC episode from MBC. Lets hope they're not trolling us with it again. Huhu..

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Allow me to give you a few words of encouragement. You write well. but have you think of expanding your storyline or characters in the near future? if you do, let me share what i have found in baidu thread. DC fans around the world are fantastic. i think only leeteuk and sora could ignite such high imagining on their fanfic writing. i found a few fanfic with fantastic characters. among them are gangster head leeteuk vs police undercovered sora, from the future sora meeting the ancient time prince leetuek, pop idol leeteuk got actress sora pregnant with twins before enlistment while majority write fanfics like your kind of story line. Ultimately, majority of the fanfics end well. oh yes, vampire leeteuk and human sora were also characterised in an fanfic. what i did not expect was full fledge romance. hear me in milds and boon. so...if you want to venture into creative writing, DC is the right source of inspiration. hwaiting!

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To the author of this wonderful fanfic... You're doing a fantastic job. Aside from checking the forum, i check your site too for updates. I'm so addicted...

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@lenny, i can expand my storyline more but it would be lengthy and boring lol. So i'm keeping it this way. And the reason why i'm stick with WGM storyline because of my imagination over their offline conversation :P

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@gauelo16 it is unfortunately all in Chinese. English fanfics, as far as I know, are those listed in Teukso Soompi first page thread.

my face got red just by reading the romance portions. I cant see pure leeteuk and Sora anymore. hahaha...kidding.

@Lacrym0sa no hurry, and no pressure...just an idea...and of course after DC finishes their episode, you may think about this. :)

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