Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This I Promise You (Chapter 31)

"Oppa, odi seo? (Where are you)" Sora is making a call to Leeteuk. Sound a bit frustrated. Her surprise plan is not happening tonight.

"At my dorm, wae?"

"You didn't go for your exercise tonight?" She waited for him to appear at the gym that he visits regularly, but he didn't show up.

"No, I went to a jog instead" he answered. "Wae? Why are you asking?" He's suspicious with her continuous questions.

She giggled. "I'm downstairs.. Can you come out?"

"Eo? Downstairs? You mean now?" He's surprised. Why suddenly she came here in the middle of the night.

"Dae.. Now.. I'm already here"

"Are you okay? Is something happened?" He's weird. This is unlike Sora that he knows. She won't risk in exposing their relationship to the public at the first place. He knows Sora will try as much as possible to avoid that.

“Anieyo.. Palli.. I’m waiting..” Urge Sora.

“I’m on my way down.. Wait”


"Anneyong!" Greeted Sora once Leeteuk reached her car. Immediately heading to the passenger seat. Afraid that his fan might catch them together.

"Anneyong.. What happened? Why suddenly you came here. At this time?" He looked at her, still suspicious. Somehow she looks extra excited tonight.

"I wanted to see you.. Can't I?" She giggles.

"You're acting weird again.."

"Anieyaa.. I missed you.. Really" Sora with her aegyo. Leeteuk smiled. Cute.

He missed her too. It’s been a few days since he came back from Shanghai but he doesn’t have the opportunity to meet her yet.

"Where are we going?" He looked at her.

"Let’s go for a stroll at Han River... Shall we?"

"Dae??" Again he's surprised. First her unexpected appearance at his dorm. Now she's willing to take a stroll in public area. Something doesn't seem right.

"You should have told me that you're going for a jog today. Maybe we can go together.." She said to him.

"But I thought you don't want people to see us in public?" He looked at her.. Curious. What makes her thought changed tonight?

"That's why I prepared this.." She took out a couple caps that she prepared for both of them.

"This alone won't hide our appearance dear.." He giggles.

"Who cares, I want to spend time with you. That's all that matters" She's pouting. This time, she doesn’t want to be bothered with all those constraint anymore.

"You have something that you want to tell me, don't you?" He's trying to guess. How she's behaving now is still making him suspicious even though part of him is happy with it.

Sora smiled. Not answering.


"They have confirm the role for me.." Sora said while enjoying their walk along the riverside of Han River. She loves to go there when she had some free time. And this is the first time she went there with Leeteuk.

"When will you be going?"Asked Leeteuk. Calm. He's been accepting the fact about her going to Hollywood. He's determined to change. To give the same trust that she gave to him all this while. To believe in her.

"November. After you went to army.." Her hollywood activity making her thinks of Leeteuk's enlistment too. But she’s relieved when her schedule started after Leeteuk entered the army. At least it will not be a burden for her to leave US before Leeteuk enters the army.

"I'm proud of you.." He said to her. Tightening h
is grasp on Sora’s hand. "How long you'll be there?"

"2-3 years. Might be more. Might be less. Depending on how well I do there and my company's plan for me.." She said to him. 2 years. Just by the time when he's out from the army. He thought to himself.
"Remember the things that I've said during the press conference last time?" He looked at her. She looks stunning under the yellow neon.

"Press conference? You mean the one you said that you wanted me to send you on the day of your enlistment?" Sora's trying to guess. She's not there during the press conference neither she watch it on stream. But the news about it all over the media last time.

"Dae..You're okay with that?" He looked at her. He's the one that muted the idea. He's the one that announcing his wish during the press conference. But now, he's afraid if he's the one that cannot go through it.

"I will.. I wanted too.." She's hugging his arms. His buffed arms.

"What if we can't control ourselves in front of the public?"

"I don't want to constraint myself anymore." she said to him making him surprise.

"You mean you want to make our relationship public?" Again he looked at her. His eyes widen. Unexpectedly hearing something that he wanted to hear all this while.

"We're not announcing anything.. But I don't want to constraint my actions anymore.." She smiles. He brings her closer and kissed her temple. He doesn’t want to constraint himself as well. He doesn’t want to act anymore.

"Should we sit there? Sora pointed to the bench near the river side. They've been strolling for more than half an hour. Her legs started to hurt. Should just wear some snickers rather than those high heels.

"Okay.." Leeteuk smiles while letting Sora to drag him there. He just follows her today.

"What time is it now?" She asked.

"12.13. Why?" He's weird.

"Happy anniversary!!" A quick kiss landed on his lips. She knows he must be forgetting it.

"Eo? It’s today?" He's shocked while looking at his watch again. It’s already 1st October. On the same day last year, they first met each other for the show. But today, they are celebrating it in private. Just the two of them. No filming crews, no fighting junior. Just them. Sitting on the bench while looking at the river, together accompanied by the beautiful moon.

"I know you must have forgotten about this.." She's pouting. 

"Mianhe..." Leeteuk's hugging her, asking for apology. It’s not his intention.

"It’s okay.. I know you have so much in your mind now" She smiled. Laying her head on his shoulder. She knows how he's been feeling lately. With his enlistment next week, he's busy settling things for his group members and even for the shows he is in.

"This 2 years, I'm afraid I won't do well without you.." Sadness can be felt from her voice. With new challenges that she's going to face in her new environment later on. She just wishes Leeteuk is there with her.

"Don't worry. I know you can do it." Leeteuk looked at her cute baby princess. Turn her to face him. "Whenever you feel sad, remember me.. I will always be your strength. I'll be here whenever you need me.."

"Promise?" She's taking out her pinky finger.

"I promise.." accepting the pinky. It’s a promise that they should never break.

"I'll come back with pride.." She's determined. She will come back with her being on top of her name. At least, to be at par with other famous actress. At par with her boyfriend's popularity.


It’s a gloomy day. The weather seems to understand their current feeling. All the fans and Super Junior members are waiting for their Leader's appearance. It’s his enlistment day.

A white Audi car appeared. A man wearing soldier outfit and a woman in red came out. It’s Leeteuk and Sora. Both of them came together today. It’s also the day to film their ending episode for WGM too.

"Hyung-su-nim!" Donghae greeted her. Run over her first rather than his hyung. Leeteuk smiled. That dongseang of his, when will he ever be a grown up.

"Let’s gather together for a while.." Said Leeteuk to all of his members. Instructing. Before the camera start rolling, he needs to say something to his team members. "Sora, you too.." He asked Sora to join them.

"Whatever I've said last night, keep it in your heart. Take care of Super Junior when I'm away. And please.. Take care of your hyung-su-nim too.." Said Leeteuk to his team members. He had nobody else that he can trust other than his dongseangs. Sora needed some protection after he's away. Especially after today's episode. He knows there's still a few people who don't like them to be together. He knows the anti-fans does exist.

Sora looked at the ground. She's been trying to stay tough today, but damn it. Did he need to say all of this in front of her?

"Hyung-su.. Are you crying?" Eunhyuk looked at her. It’s the first time they see her crying.

"Why are you crying?" He asked.. It’s not the first time for Leeteuk of course.

"You bad guy! Do you need to say all this in front of me?" She's hitting her man's shoulder. Blaming him for making her cry.

"Do you want us to hit him?" Shindong is making a joke. Trying to diffuse the tense. It’s not easy for them to be separated with their leader who always put their team energy together. It must not easy for Sora to be separated from her lover too.

The filming crew came near them. Ready to tape the farewell episode with his virtual wife.

He looked at Sora, wipe away the leftover of her tears on her cheek.

"Don't be sad.." He said to her..

"You failed me.."She's still blaming him. After much courage that she's trying to collect to face today's filming, he's ruining it in split second.

"Mianhe.." He hugged her. In front of the fans. In front of the medias. In front of the rolling camera. In front of everybody.

"You know this won't make things better" She's hitting his chest. More tears came out. Don't think that she can get away with today filming with success.

"My baby princess.. I won't be there to take care of you, so please take care of yourself. I will miss you.. I will miss our memory together.." He looked at her.

"I hate you! Why are you doing this?” She continued hitting his chest. Crying harder. She hates showing this side of her in front of him especially on his last day, but she can't control her tears anymore.

He hugged her again. Trying to calm her down.. "Syhh.. stop crying.." He's wiping her tears. Feels hurt looking at those tears falling down without stop.

Sora is trying to collect her compose again. She needs to be tough. She thought to herself.

"Will you marry me?" Whispered Leeteuk. Her sobbed immediately stopped listening to the unexpected proposal came from him. Never knew he can pull this stunt in front of everybody's here now. She looks around her, no reaction. They must not hear it, she thought to herself.

She looked at Leeteuk. Wrapping her arms around his neck facing him closely.

"I will answer you after 2 years" She whispered back. Their eyes met.

"Then after 2 years,. I'll come back to claim the answer.." He said to her. Sealing their vows with a kiss. A deep kiss. Ignoring what’s surround them.

Their forever has now begun.....


gigi said...

what a beautiful story,,
i do wish that this fan fiction will gonna be real,,
bdw, have you ever watched the MV Taylor Swift - Ours??
the story is about a girl who welcoming back his man from the army,,
it's suitable for our Sora, 2 years again,, :)

glitterkisses said...

I really do wish that it will happen in real life. That teukso are officially a couple.

Oh noooooo!! They will separate for 2 years, OMG!:|

What will happen then? Is she going to say yes after 2 years?? Will der love is still the same? Ders no third party right, like another lover or something?

Sorry for the sudden request,but can you update it really faster. I'm really dying to know what will happen. :)))



.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

@gigi, thanks dear. I havent watched it. Will try to watch it later ;)

@glitterkisses, sorry dear i need to ask you to wait a bit. I'll try my best to update later today or tomorrow ;)

dee said...

Nice story as always.. Btw, is it the end of your fanfic? :'(

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

@dee.. Not yet dear. I'll indicate if its the ending ;)

Brownn said...

Please, few more chapter before it ended..jebal..:'(

Elvie said...

wahh!! it made me a little teary-eyed! Another WGM hopeful scene! Nice!!!

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

@Brownn, don't be sad dear. Its time for us to focus on their real life :P

@Elvie, thanks darl! :D

gaeul16 said...

Oh my goodness... how i wish that Teukso couple will end their episode like that. That was so sweet. On the other hand, i feel sad about the inevitable end for our couple at WGM. I read somewhere that there is already a new couple to join WGM.
Looking forward to your next chapter... Can't wait!

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

*pressured* haha.. kidding. I'll try to finish one tomorrow. Don't think i can finish it today ;)

Brownn said...

Take ur time..we'll patiently waiting. no pressure..;)

My Kembang said...

crying.... :((

please dont make it end.. just continue until next two years, at least... :D
coz when WGM end, no story bout them anymore... #hate when remember that >.<

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

Hai Kembang. I would love to update if I still get news about them. But like @lenny said, maybe i'll come back but with different set of fanfic. Hehe.. Who knows. When I have lots of leisure time maybe I will :)

Anonymous said...

its so sad.... but i love it!

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

Thanks dear ^^

Cik Baiti Sidek said...

love this!

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

Thanks cik baiti! :D