Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reunion.. (Chapter 22)

"Omma, is this measurement correct?" Sora's cooking the special healthy rice for Leeteuk. It’s her filming day for WGM and she planned to prepare some meals for Leeteuk with help of her mom, of course. Well, seems like most of the meal is cooked by her mom actually.

"Aigoo.. even this you have to ask. Tsk.." Her mom complaining. Her daughter still have a long way to go.

"Appa.." She looked at her dad. Daddy's girl.

"Don't look at me.. I know nothing about it" He giggles. She's being raised up like a boy all this while, so its not her fault as well.

"I don't wanna do this anymore. Its hard.." She gave up. Easily. Cooking is just not her thing.

"Aigoo.. This is for your husband Sora-ya" Trying to persuade her to focus back on her task. At least to learn a little bit of something at a time. Sora's ignoring her mom while looking at her phone instead. Not sure what time Leeteuk will arrive at the house but she's planning to arrived there first. No matter what.

"I don't know what will happen to your husband if you'll get married for real in the future" Tease her dad while tapping her shoulder.

"Just hope her husband is not a picky eater" Added her mom.

"Apparently he is" She whisper. She knew how picky Leeteuk can be with his meals. She look at the rice that she left. Maybe she should really start from somewhere, somehow.


"We'll make it an awkward reunion" Says Leeteuk. On the phone with Sora the night before the filming. Only tonight Leeteuk's able to contact Sora due to his busy overseas schedules and his new album activities.

The schedule for the filming has been confirmed yesterday and they need to plan on how to do this while hiding their real relationship. 

"Awkward? How awkward? The whole world knows we're still in contact even though we're on 'strike'." She giggles, remembering the sentence that he mentioned in Strong Heart.

"You know enough about my withdrawn personality right? Use it.." Can't think of anything else. In reality, even though he can be awkward at times, but in his MC mode, he can adapt to the situation very well.

"If that's the case I'll show my playful and bolder side.." She's trying to think of what personality that she's going to go with in overcoming Leeteuk's awkwardness. They can't be both awkward at the same time. "Hmm.. Lets see how things tomorrow and act around it shall we?" She's nervous. Its hard to try to hide things from the way it is.

"It won't be for long. Lets do this together" Cheer Leeteuk. He can feels the nervousness from Sora's voice. He is too..


Leeteuk just arrived at their Dimple House with his manager after finishing his schedule in the morning.

"She's here" He thought to himself. He saw Sora's personal car at the parking lot. Wondering why is she using her personal car instead of her company car.

"How's my hair?" He asked his manager while opening the door. His manager putting up his thumb, signaling that it looks okay.

Sora's attentively listened to Leeteuk's footstep while hiding on the 2nd floor. Planning to show up in front of him when he entered the house.

"Where did you hide?" Leeteuk laughed. Trying to hide the fact that he's truly surprised by Sora's sudden appearance just now.

"Upstairs" Sora giggles.

"Ahh.. This is awkward" he continued. Sora looked at him trying to read his body language. He's really going to go with the awkwardness as per planned.

Slowly he's taking a sit on the sofa. Far away from her. Again, Sora looked at him while scratching her head. "Isn't this too much exaggerated?" She thought to herself. Even though people didn't know that they've met each other during the strike, but people knows they've been in contact at least. Even in their first meeting, they sit closer than this.

"By the way, I've prepared something" she said while open up the curtain. She's trying to fill in her parts faster.

"This? Wasn't this been here before?" He asked. Stuttered. Again she looked at him. Silently amazed. He can get an award out of this. It feels so real that he's really awkward with her now.

"I've changed the questions a little" She's preparing this before he came. "When is the time you miss each other's presence the most?" She smiled. Taking a glance at him. Wondering how will he answered this.

"Emm.. Early in the morning and on Saturday 5.15pm is when i thought about you the most." He looked at Sora who's nodding to his answer. "I'm thinking about our marriage life a lot since we're apart" He continued. 

"Also when I watch TV or pass by a street or look at pictures we took, I wonder how you're doing" He's honest. Its his real feeling. He smiled while taking a glance at her. Seems like she's going along well with his plot. Her eyes' smiling back at him. Its awkward to act awkward when they are so comfortable with each other now.

"Wait.. You've been working out right?" She suddenly notice some changes in Leeteuk. His buffed up body is appealing. Its only 3 weeks they didn't see each other but his body improvement is shocking.

"How did you know?" He said. While in his mind was thinking, why did she only realized now. He's been working on his body for a few months back.

"It's different. Your body looks different!" She's excited while poking his arms.Showing her bolder side. 

"Do you like this kind of stuff?" Asked Leeteuk looking at the excited Sora. He never discover this side of Sora before even in their private time.

"Yes.. You're so cool.." She said without thinking much. Proud with the improvement of her boyfriend's body. Leeteuk laughed. Somehow Sora managed to get rid of the awkward situation naturally as expected.

"My mom prepared some meals for you" She said while pointing out meals that she had setup on the dining table earlier. It must be cold now.

"Really?" Surprised with it. Didn't know his mother-in-law would really prepare this for him.

"Yes.. I only help on the rice" She smiled. After much hard work of course. 

"You made it yourself? Honestly?" He's amazed. He knows Sora can't cook at the first place and to do this special rice, she must work hard on it.

"My mom been worried about your health lately since you traveled a lot.." She said to him. Her parents knows all the reality of their relationship.

"It's delicious.." Trying to praise Sora's effort while eating the rice that she prepared.

She smiled. Satisfied looking at how he's been eating the lunch that she brought.

"You're not eating?" He looked at her who just looking at him.

"It's okay.. I'm full" She's full by just looking at him eating and enjoying his new body. Unconsciously she's poking his arms again.

"What are you doing?" He's shocked. 

"Omo, ottoke.." Sora's laughed nervously. She must be crazy with this new body of Leeteuk. She's staring at him intensely. Still can't believe her eyes looking at his body improvement. 

Leeteuk shocked looking at how Sora's been staring at him. "I would have been in trouble if I didn't exercise" Trying to make a joke out of it while looking at Sora's cute blushed face. 

He didn't know Sora can be attracted to this kind of things that can make her reacted this way. "I should have build this body earlier if I knew it" He thought to himself. Day by day he discovered a new side of Sora who makes him attracted to her more. She just know how to compliment her man at his best.


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