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Por Amarte Asi (Chapter 28)

Leeteuk is heading to his assigned seat on the flight and put his things on the head compartment, getting ready for the take off. Super Junior and their crew members is heading to Shanghai today as they will be having a concert to perform and album promotion tomorrow.

He looked at the other members and concert team who's enjoying their time flirting with the stewardess. N
ormally he would join them, but this time around he just couldn't care more. His mind is currently being fulfilled with his thought about his enlistment and other things that worries him.

His worry about his popularity and his fans has started when the company is making the decision for him to enlist this year. As a celebrity, he just couldn't stop thinking about losing his fans and popularity after being idle for 2 years. He couldn't think of spending 2 years without working.

Furthermore, his worry about the woman that he love. Even though Sora had promised to wait for him, but his insecurity makes his heart couldn't satisfy with that answer alone. For him, 2 years is a very long time. With the facts that they are continuing to make their relationship secret, his 
opportunity to meet Sora will be limited. It could be harder than now. 


A woman in a long black coat is pretending to be sleeping on the plane while covering her face with a hat. She’s taking a peek on the man who just takes the seat besides her. Seems like his mind is somewhere else and didn't even bother about her appearance there. She slowly takes off her hat and straightens her seat.

“Anneyaseyo” She greeted him with a smile. Purposely to make him realized about her appearance.

"Anneyaseyo" The polite Leeteuk slightly bow to her. Answering her greeting. Felt a bit weird for him to sit with a stranger when normally he will be paired up with his team members. As he's taking a glance at the woman in front of him, his eyes widened.

“Sora-ya!!!!!” He screamed. Not being able to hold his excitement.

"Syhh!! Don't shout!" Sora giggles while covering his mouth from screaming further. It’s funny looking at Leeteuk’s expression. 

The members gathered around shocked with Leeteuk's scream, trying to find out what’s happening.

“Ya!!!… When did you come???!!” All members surrounded them amazed by Sora’s appearance on the plane. Never expect for such event to be done by a woman.

“I entered the plane earlier with help from the captain” Luckily the flight captain is willing to help her with it. Sora still couldn't hold her laugh. The expression that she saw just now was really an epic. Leeteuk’s eyes are fixed on her, not believing that she's on the plane with him. Together going abroad. Their very first trip abroad, if it can be counted that way.

“Look at hyung, somebody’s just survived a heart attack!” Kyuhyun giving a pat on his hyung back looking at Leeteuk’s expression. He really didn’t expect this.

“Sorry sir, I need to ask you to go back to your seat. We’re going to take-off soon” The stewardess came near them to ask them to return to their seat. SuJu members are moving to their seats with much jealousy leaving the couple by themselves.

“Oppa.. How long are you going to stare at me like that?” Sora giggles. She just made Leeteuk speechless for a few minutes. Leeteuk hugged Sora tightly. He couldn't believe is doing this for him.

“Don’t do this again.. I'm really shocked to death..” He kissed her. Thanking for that woman’s appearance on the plane just now. He couldn’t ask for more.

“Mianhe.. I wanted to give you some surprise. You’ve done this to me once before” She giggles. She knows Leeteuk is feeling depressed with his enlistment now, a few of his members even complained to her. She's doing this to help lift up a bit of his mood. At least for a little bit.

“Now I know how you feel that time” He smiled remembering Sora’s reaction during the event that he's done before. He can foresee his expression must be the same as Sora’s or maybe even worst.

“Oppa, are you crying?” Sora spotted Leeteuk’s teary eyes.

“Anieyaa..” Leeteuk is trying to deny. His heart just touched by his baby princess's event, especially at time when he really need it like now.

“I saw you!” Tease Sora.

“No I'm not.” Immediately he's hiding his face on Sora’s lap. Don’t want to show his weak side in front of her. She’s caressing his hair. She understands his tension. She knows this is the time when he needs lot of support and she's here for that. For him.

“Did you plan this earlier? What makes you suddenly doing this?”

“I've contacted your manager last night and he said he can help me.." She giggles. "We never have any overseas trip together didn't we?" Its a last minute plan. After Leeteuk told her about his enlistment news last week, she can't help it but finding times to be with him. She just want to be together with him. Maximizing their time together before he left for army.

“So our manager hyung know about this?!” He stands up from his seat looking at his manager hyung who couldn’t be bothered with what he says. Leeteuk should be thanking him instead.

“What are you doing? Just seat” Sora’s pulling Leeteuk back to his seat. She smiled at that childish boyfriend of hers.

“You're going to stay with me until we finished our schedule there?” He’s looking at Sora with lots of hope. Sora smiled.

Seeing that smile from her, Leeteuk couldn’t help but to think that he's the happiest man in the world. Having the love of his life making such sacrifices to follow him and embrace their moment together. She just perfect for him. Too perfect.

“Your schedule?”

“I’m taking a few days off...” She purposely cleared her schedule after much discussion with her manager last night. At least for a few days.

“You're making me to fall in love with the new you every day, Sora...” Leeteuk cannot help but to kiss the woman in front of him again. His love towards her and her charms just got him captivated.


They’ve safely landed at Shanghai Airport and seems like the fans that are waiting for SuJu’s arrival at the airport is greater than what they've seen in Seoul.

“Ottoke? I can’t go out with you now or else we might get caught by the medias and your fans” Sora feels a bit worried with that situation as she wasn't ready for this. She didn't prepare for this. She forgot about this.

“How did you disguise yourself earlier?” Leeteuk look at her, understanding her worries.

“I have my coat and my wig with me.." While touching the bag that she'd carry along with her.

“Wear those and let oppa handle this for you”

Sora listens to Leeteuk’s instruction as he then heading to his SuJu member who’s gathering while waiting for the security to give clearance for them to head out to the main gate.

“Eunhyuk-ah, I need your help” He goes near Eunhyuk.

“Help? What help?” 

“Divert people’s attention from Sora. I need to make sure she got out of the Airport without being noticed”

"Dae? How?" He understands Leeteuk's concern but he couldn't get any idea to help his hyung. 

“Ahh.. okay. I have a plan” Something came to his mind. Eunhyuk giggles. Naughty thoughts came to him while he’s heading to Sungmin.

"What are you thinking?" Leeteuk look at him who can't stop giggling. Wondering what is he planning to do.

“Hyung, I need to borrow your Monroe dress”

“The dress? For what?” Sungmin surprised with Eunhyuk request. It’s his stage costume.

“Just give it to me. I’m helping Teukie-hyung” He insisted. The plan in his mind still makes him giggling over it.

“Arasso.. But handle it with care” He said with hard feelings.

Leeteuk then asked one of SuJu crew member to accompany Sora to ensure she’ll arrive at the hotel safely.

“It’s okay Oppa. I don’t want to disturb any of your staff. I’ll make my move on my own from the gate..”

“But I need to make sure you’ll arrive at the hotel safely”

“Don’t worry Oppa. Your member’s help is already good enough. I’ll be okay. See you later..” She smiles while waving at him. Make her move towards the VIP arrival gate. It’s a different exit from the one used by SuJu and their crew member. Thanks to her no. 2 brother-in-law’s daring action, she successfully went out of the Airport without being noticed by other people.


“Where are you? Have you arrived at the hotel yet?” Leeteuk’s calling Sora once they got into their ride to the hotel. He’s worried on her condition for being alone at this foreign land.

“Dae.. Just arrived at my room” She told him while removing the wig from her heads and the thick long coat from her body.

“Have a good rest then. I’ll be there in a few while” He’s relieved when he knows that Sora has arrived safely.

“Arasso..” That protective boyfriend of hers will always worry about her on unnecessary things. She lay down on her bed trying to rest for a while after the long hour flight.


“Did you sleep well?” A soft and sweet voice whispering near to her ears making her shocked from her nap.

“Oppa!!!” Out of nowhere, Leeteuk appears in front of her. "How many times I said don't do things like this.." she's hitting him.

"Mianhe.." He giggles.

“How did you enter my room?” She’s curious how Leeteuk can turn up in her room suddenly.

“This is my room” He’s showing the key he’s holding

“But this is mine..” She didn't understand the situation.

“Of course. Its our room” Leeteuk smiled, naughtily.

“Oppa, don’t jokes.”

“What’s wrong with sharing room? It’s not something new to us..” He giggles. He loves to make fun of the woman in front of him. Somehow his worry about his enlistment has gone with Sora's appearance.

“Oppa-ya!” She’s trying to get the key from Leeteuk’s hand. Leeteuk burst into laughter looking at Sora’s reaction.

“Arasso.. Arasso.. I’m staying next door with Yesung, but I’ll be keeping your key in case anything happened to you”

“Nothing will happen to me. Just give the key to me. You don’t need to keep any..” Sora resisted.

“Don’t fight anymore. It’s my decision.” Leeteuk put the key in his pocket, he insisted. “By the way, I’ll be heading for rehearsal and stage test soon. Do you want to come with us?”

"Right away? Don't you need to rest a bit after the flight?"

"We don't have much time. The concert is tomorrow and its past noon." He looked at his watch.

“Hmm.. Maybe a bit later? I don’t think we can go there together” She knows their fans should be crowding the place waiting for them.

“If that’s the case, I’ll be leaving a car and a driver to ease you to move around. Is that okay?” Leeteuk put the contact number of the driver on the dressing table.

“Actually I’m thinking of hiring a cab. It’s not that hard to get a cab from this hotel.”

“No.. Not cab. You’re a celebrity too. You need to be careful when you’re out there. This would be better for you. You know what will happen if somebody sees you in Shanghai even though I’m not there. Unless, you agree to make this public” He's giving her a hard line policy. He knows, that's the only way he can make Sora to agree to his terms.

“You still didn't give up don’t you?” Sora looks at Leeteuk. At every instance, he will try to find an opportunity for them to make their relationship open to public.

“Arasso.. I won’t ask this anymore until you’re ready. Okay?”

“Dae.. I’ll report my every movement to you.” Sora smiled. She purposely mentioned ‘report’ so that Leeteuk will be less worried on her. She knows her boyfriend can be super protective and super jealous too sometimes. She needs to take care of his feeling so that they won’t fight over those issues again.

“I’ll meet you later okay? Saranghae” He kissed her before going out of the room heading to their rehearsal practice.

“Saranghae..” She looked at him as he’s leaving the room. Started to feel a bit lonely after coming this far...


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